i used FaZe Jarvis' 2nd BANNED guns in fortnite...


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    i used Jarvis' 2nd BANNED guns in fortnite...
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    Today, fortnite ting ting... and if you are reading this you have to like the video now... you said it.. well thought it... why are you still reading..
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    1. Ice Shark Gaming

      The cover sus

    2. Crystal Davis

      Bro this dumb playing with bots

    3. Jaden Singh

      I am good and dumb

    4. I love my Baby aura

      He didn’t get banned😂 watch the behind the scenes video😂.

    5. InkyIshy

      Hi :D

    6. insane1 not insane1


    7. Ava KS

      God bless.

    8. NotKevin

      8:45 midas taking his daily jog

    9. NoFun4Uツ

      U cant use sniper

    10. Keyshawn Rivera

      8:42 Am I the only one who saw Midas 😳👀

    11. NinjaMaster4Life

      Title doesn’t make sense

    12. Angelo Sanchez

      That thumbnail a little sus😭

    13. nebula is cracked

      how do you keep playing w mostly all bots in ur lobby

    14. Mookie Gamer

      Who else unsubscribed because he always just thinks that a trick shot completes the challenge when he should just get the win with the right guns

    15. Simp YT

      Can't he just play on a second account

    16. Dominic Colburn


    17. Super Bot

      I forgot you played fortnite 😂

    18. Wilbin Perez

      You have good aim.

    19. Wilbin Perez

      You are good at the game

    20. Pluto

      Plz unban Jarvis epic

    21. Gliz

      That thumbnail kinda sus

    22. David Habimana

      So we not gonna talk about the thumbnail??😹

    23. Nxcon

      So we all didn’t see Midas at 8:45 cause clearly he didn’t 😂

    24. Nolan Lankford

      Pls don’t be dumb use code dumb

    25. Purple Face

      KGup is getting really good at theses 15 Sec Unskipable adds

    26. Rizwan Ramirez

      Yo randumb thank you for supplying us with good content thank you so much bro 🤘🏻

    27. IcyPhatBoi

      Why do you have bot lobbies

    28. blaze edits

      In your eyes it’s free content In Jarvis’s eyes It’s free real estate

    29. Frozsty FN

      I thought I was the only one getting on games with bots is that for everyone

    30. SpitSpaz

      When u run out of content 🤣

    31. Michael Field

      how come randumb sweats on bot but doesn't sweat on good players?

    32. Zepidy

      he has no video idea

    33. Noah Landwer

      Free Jarvis he was goated

    34. Wyatt Roy

      Hegfreysr. Wu

    35. Pixly

      It’s 12 pm I was seeing a randonautica video thank you for letting me not be scared

    36. Cole Bruner

      Why is no one talking about the thumbnail💀💀

    37. Clouds _

      haven't seen a vid from randumb since season 10

    38. Damien Lester

      ok i know this is weird but can i try to join your clan

    39. The Punisher

      Bro the combat shotgan is the worst weapon ever!

    40. Kavionon60 FPS


    41. Kavionon60 FPS

      Please randum can you shot out my brother he rlly needs help on yt he is small and I just wanna help him out so if you can it will mean everything to me

    42. Noah Mcnally

      Little did he know

    43. Happy Britches

      99% of you won’t see this but you are beautiful and I hope you have a wonderful day

    44. Galaxy Gamer

      ya yeet hit the dab

    45. itZ_ Alarm

      What type of dog do you have? it’s really cute

    46. Kypix

      Lol he’s a controller player

    47. Isaiah Wright

      That was fluent English man

    48. Focus YT

      It will be gone forever . Until someone sells it for a lot of money on ebay

    49. 1 Šub Beforé 2021?

      Who's been a TRUE fan of “randumb” for OVER a YEAR”😇" (ʀᴇᴀᴅ ᴍʏ ɴᴀᴍᴇ ʙᴛᴡ)📩 🕴

    50. 6Flurries

      Long live Jarvy

    51. Mansa Derp

      Lul imagine

    52. Chris Livingston

      Hi um is your joggers on thedumbshop mens?

    53. subbing to everyone who subs to me

      Literally the 1% people who’s reading... May you parents live more than 100 years with great health

    54. subbing to everyone who subs to me

      Literally the 1% people who’s reading... May you parents live more than 100 years with great health

    55. infinite_ cloudyy

      Add me infinite cloudyy

    56. Hh Hh

      Love vids keep up work use code dumb

    57. Jacob Osorio

      Ayo that thumbnail kinda sus

    58. Gg- Crow

      You gota love the :0 thame naill

      1. da ba

        lol ik

    59. Sxnny_ hn

      I had my volume all the way up and i swear im def now from the start

    60. VI Nemesis

      Love the upbeat music Randumb is a good guy cos he has memes and sweat and is fun to watch

    61. VI Nemesis

      6:38 yes

    62. da ba

      that thumbnail tho is kinda sus

    63. Aidan Shaffer

      Hey ran dumb I was wondering if I can play with you my user name Is ttvAidfue

    64. Tiina Meister

      FaZe Jarvis is dumb

    65. Geovany Ruiz

      Him: if i hit it counts Me: you didn't hit it dosent count

    66. Tac_bearlan

      They ip banded the faze house

    67. BennyDemic

      My man really died to Nintendo switch bots😁😹😜

    68. Onxy Rainz

      Not trying to be mean but Randumb you get BOT lobbies.

    69. defalt t

      Randumb your always talking about people stealing your thumbnail and not giving credit your doing this challenge and your not giving credit to kaz for comeing up with this challenge just saying

    70. Raingo SwAyVy

      Randumb is the King of editing people down


      When did Randumb switch to controller, his aim is on point.

    72. vnoque uwu

      why did i see this video coming-

    73. SC hxvr_yt

      What do h do bot lobby’s with?

    74. Yaboii Slumpskii


    75. Joshmonkey1 Kid


    76. GeckoGamer102

      Just want to say good job. The music choices were so much better

    77. bob !

      Dumb content

    78. Eduards Tips and tricks

      Jarvis tricked the world but what if he was playing double trickedd??????????

    79. Kiran Miller

      Ha jokes on you i dont use scars

    80. Daniel Brzozowski

      the thumbnail gets me evary time

    81. K W

      Faze kaz did this video

    82. Brayden Rodriguez

      Are you ever going back to the one percent house

    83. Emrld Gaming

      Does anyone know how he gets in easy lobbies

    84. Sam Smith

      They banned the whole faze house from playing fortnite

    85. Marcus Garofall

      Bruh you copied faze kaz at least give him credit

    86. YT_SERPANT544

      Why is fall guys a hashtag

    87. I am Tay

      Randumb great content

    88. Tisk 2


    89. Ashley Saylor

      Do more try not to laugh

    90. epicnoobster

      Lmao this guy fell off

    91. EX1L

      The content this guys came up with .-. Smh

    92. AJ is qt

      love the backround music 2:41

    93. Destroyer


    94. william richmond

      jarvy loot= jarvy aim

    95. Raxex Gaming


    96. william richmond


    97. hossFN


    98. Steven Villa

      still dont know why jarvis dosent go pro in a other video game thats not made by epic games

    99. Abuse IQ

      Ur thumbnail = GLIZZY GOBBLER

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