if i die in fortnite i cut my hair... (so bad)


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    if i die in fortnite i cut my hair... (so bad)
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    1. amazinggenius14

      Wait He’s a lefty

    2. Anthony Johnson

      your old hair pissed me off

    3. dweeby szn

      You cheated random the second match after you tried trickshotting the next match at the start it said promoting you as party leader so u went into ai lobbies

    4. Dv Xrou

      Anyone else wonder how he gets bott lobby’s I’m not saying all ogs get good lobby’s but he shouldn’t be getting afk kids 🙄😂

    5. Auxi

      Randumb: i cut my hair Me: looks the exact same

    6. Mason Harvie

      His dog

    7. Janay Davies

      He did it yeah

    8. Prodigy

      I love how Jordan’s sweating on bots

    9. numerous

      when is says you have been promoted to party leader in the beginning of the second game BOTS???

    10. EPICGAMER321

      7:18 your weclome

    11. Diego Fernandez

      But I love your long hair

    12. umar_ 4724

      Do a vid of u using controller

    13. Wilbin Perez


    14. Earl Jr

      you use your mouse with your left hand!?!?!?!?!

    15. Ki tone Asmr

      Bruh he is in bot lobes so that means he is a bot

      1. Diego Fernandez

        So what everyone is in a bot lobby because they added bots to every lobby

    16. Jayden hembree

      Who else thinks his hair looks so much better

    17. Imaan Yousaf

      Hey Jordan how are you doing today

    18. How to tips


    19. Logan Travnick

      Randumb has basketball sized things in the big inning of the vid

    20. Sam Thompson


    21. Marz Gaming

      Who else loves randumb 💕

    22. Anthony Gonzalez

      Bruh it’s not even a challenge there all bots

    23. smellsfishy

      Randumb is secretly ninja

    24. Yagelis Reyes

      She should dye it black 🤷🏻‍♀️

    25. Dylan Smith

      Who misses the days when randumb actually went against good ppl?

    26. GachaPandaGirl

      Why does randumb always gets to play against bots but he has the most wins in one percent I want to play against them

      1. ツSadlyFN

        He has another account that is on switch so he makes his other account party leader then when he's in a game the other account leaves the lobby so that's how he gets bots

    27. Angel Sanchez

      dude you look better

    28. Mohammed Usman

      2:05 Noice Lame Ik someone had to do it

    29. Mr Legit Dazzle

      These vids are pretty boring bc he plays bots. MC server is way way better to watch ( dumbcraft or craftnite or hardcore server(:)

    30. Jayce1437

      can you do a keyboard cam again

    31. Lunarwtf

      Be honest Who’s been a Fan of * RanDumb* before a YEAR!?😇" "ɪ'ᴍ ɢɪғᴛɪɴɢ ᴇᴠᴇʀʏᴏɴᴇ ᴡʜᴏ ʟɪᴋᴇs ᴀɴᴅ sᴜʙ ᴛᴏ ᴍᴇ"🍇

    32. Team Zodic

      Please bring ur hair back to purple and the galaxy head band... PLEAAASSSSEEEE

    33. ldaniplays

      why does randumb sweat so hard on bots and noobs?

    34. Kristi Carter

      Before day cut doe

    35. shadow Amr

      Why is he sweating in bot lobbies no hate btw

    36. John Jenkinson

      I am going to geind

    37. Matthew Matado

      why u try to trickshot ppl when ur not good at it?

    38. Johnasia McKinney

      why did he- nooo i loved ittt

    39. pdy Meho

      How many times did he flick the shotgun 🤔

    40. YT synxz

      Why did it say you have been promoted to party leader dose he play on bit servers

    41. Crxvz

      (Read my name btw)😇

    42. Susan Van den Bosch

      Ur Hair looks better now ngl

    43. QTdismxl

      randumb: why are these people bots also randumb: plays in switch lobbies

    44. Kayden Burris

      Randomb are you left handed or right handed because I see you using your mouse with your left hand.

    45. Faze_ Drizzy

      Don't be dumb be stupid

    46. Roman YEEET

      Bot lobby’s

    47. Karloz Velazquez

      he got all bots in his lobby lol

    48. Mason Pizza


    49. JadenJacob Headlam

      Is it me or is randumb getting way better

    50. G4bin4tor

      Lol imagine getting 150k views for just making a video about cutting your hair

    51. Cuh Vibes

      Stop playing with 🤖 bots

    52. Kylow YT

      Is it just me did he miss the purple pump in the volt

    53. Floridamadesam

      He puts a mobile player on then make him leave the party so he can play with bots

    54. Vanish Period.

      yo lowkey play amoung us with the 1% house

    55. 0_ Seismic_0

      Me thinking randumb nevers gonna cut his hair Randumb:I’m gonna cut my hair Me:no we had the same hair!

    56. OG Turt1e

      Bruh my hair in prekindergarden is way longer

    57. Card Jacker#2

      Ogbrandumb is back he has the same hair from b02 let’s go

    58. INeedHelp

      Do u have a discord

    59. Cutter Cheaney

      Get a perm

    60. RP Wavey

      1% of the people that see this you parents are going to live to 390 years old god bless

    61. SANTIAGO

      No joke your hair looks so fire now

    62. Mythic Snipez

      He left handed

    63. Mythic Snipez

      Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm use code "dumb"mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm formula Hates controllers mmmmmmmmmmm randumb is the best youtubermmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm m m m m m m. M m m m m m m m m m. M m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m mm mmm hair cut time m m. Mm m. M m m m m m m. M m m m. M m m m

    64. Kobackz

      Me: gets full try hard crackhead TTV sweats every round Randumb: gets bots bots almost every player

    65. Toxic_chabs

      You inspire me to make videos and keep pushing thru thanks dude for another great video you’ve Made my day

    66. Itz Vibro

      Doese he play left or right hand I can't tell?

    67. Luke Demers


    68. Saucy_YT

      Randumb how do we now tour not I’m not lobby’s

    69. Omar wolfYT4045

      Anyone notice he gets his phone to get in bot lobbys

    70. Axl M8

      Anyone else see that little you have been promoted to party leader with these bot lobbies he didn’t wanna cut he’s hair

    71. Brecken Palaia


    72. Ethan Jordan


    73. Travi Boi

      Did anyone notice that he got a new headset and mic

    74. NOVA Zemi

      Tysm for reminding me to re-enter code dumb

    75. ZA HANDO

      code dumb

    76. nikipilota

      Why are you playing with bots

    77. Bean

      I wish I played against these kind of people

    78. JADEN :


    79. Nathaniel Governale

      summining justu stream snipers

    80. scar

      New video idea: reacting to fortnite tiktoks 😱😂 love you randumb

    81. Jessica R. Medrano

      I stoped watching randumb because all he does is play against bots

    82. Swift

      Are you left handed

    83. Gaming With Alex

      Randumb said the f word

    84. Glow Toxic999

      This is how many people cried when he reaveled his hair 👇🏽

    85. Dread head Eddd

      How about if you did you go bald now

    86. 77vxlture

      ngl looks great

    87. qwivix -_-

      Y r u always in games with bots

    88. Dylan Duke

      he's probably the first youtube to do a challenge first try.

    89. Alo0nz

      6:33 Iron man: E.D.I.T.H download aimbot E.D.I.T.H: OK mr stark

    90. FliKz-Flappy

      bro you are still playing fortnite thats sad

    91. Chronic L3gend

      How the heck does randumb use his left hand to play keyboard and mouse

    92. ItzCrafty

      Who else got an ad right when he was going to come through the door?

    93. Crxdz _

      I miss ur old hair

    94. Sonia Myers

      Bruh he put Fallguysfunny as a hashtag lol

    95. Levi Roberds

      why would you cut it im disliking because you cut the wonderful hair:(

    96. Jordan Betts

      Yes i old randumb

    97. Gerard Bourke


    98. RJ_vilet

      How can randumb get in bot lobbies on level 169 but I play against sweats on level 50

    99. stxrs

      I loved his hair long 🥺 still amazing though 👑

    100. BGC Fortnite

      It said promoted to party leader and he versed bots the whole time