i only use galaxy loot in fortnite...


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    i only use galaxy loot in fortnite…
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    Today, fortnite ting ting... and if you are reading this you have to like the video now... you said it.. well thought it... why are you still reading..
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    1. Jxckson

      Ran dumb: I can’t pick up anything Me: Sees a big pot

    2. ItsPhishy

      u heard him guys dont be dumb and use code dumb

    3. Nick Przesmicki

      The shot at 10:45 is nuts

    4. hello

      ummmm Randumb you made a mistakke there is also white

    5. 80 Wright

      Can we get a counter on how many times randumb said imagine

    6. matalic_ gamer

      you could side grade the bolt to hunting dumb only for advise purposes

    7. teekie

      My guy leaked the combat in fortnite s4😳

    8. Janie Jasso

      you left the loot llama

    9. Zeinab Khoder

      You left a lama

    10. Jo-Ann Greene

      Still trying to figure out y he didn’t pick the grapple up

    11. ogironman

      at 9:13 there were purple guns

    12. eth8n1 plays fn

      who thinks his face cam is to bigggggggggggg!

    13. Tru1x

      You can use gold cuase its in the middle of the galaxy disc

    14. Mako FN

      Who ever is reading this, God has plan, trust the process 🙏🙏🙏🙏Who ever is reading this, God has plan, trust the process 🙏🙏🙏🙏

    15. YTswazzy l


    16. Addie paddie

      And we thought Ali-A click baits

    17. Flynk


    18. epicbman

      No u

    19. Zxltures


    20. SLEEPY CAT


    21. Jordan Perez

      Galaxy girl

    22. Robert Baffour

      This is a copy to freshs video...

    23. Amanda Norton

      Ran dumb is the best fortnite youtuber

    24. Sue

      But big pots are blue

    25. Cormaryon Washington

      He said there a llama but didn’t get it Punishment

    26. Crystal

      Its either my eye sights garbo or thats a founders drumroll in the thumbnail

    27. Starxy

      I can no longer play Fortnite cuz of the ban😭😭😭😱

    28. DINO_NUGGIES ttv


    29. Apparison Plays

      The galexy girl, I think word get more kills

    30. lol O


    31. FyroAL

      I forgot he was doing a challenge and yelled "why didnt you pick up the grapple" at my computer screen

    32. NightSZN

      He is in squads to vs bots

    33. Decay


    34. Akash Dhawan

      4:09 when the pop off begins

    35. git gud

      can someone tell me what randumbs twitch is? I don't want to miss if he streams tomorrow but I can't find his Chanel

    36. Mimiシ

      Lol note how he did not use that rapid fire

    37. loljuddy

      The loot from ceeday or fearless last vid

    38. Sync3dd

      Randumb is getting tired 0:00

    39. Fish of The Day

      I miss pink ghoul bring her back

    40. Kevin Saunders


    41. Azaan Khan

      best player in one percent after disc

    42. Hugo Kras

      play fall guys please

    43. subbing to everyone who subs to me

      How do u get trash lobbies

    44. DUBBSY


    45. Xunique_TRYHARD

      Faze randumb

    46. Xunique_TRYHARD

      Randumb: i missed Me: hmmmm,

    47. RLXFireFlame

      Hunting is the greatest weapon to ever weapon -Randumb 2020

    48. dibyam Gaha

      strucid chapter 2 is coming

    49. iisxnshxneii

      Ranbumb: the only heals I can use, big pot and splashes Me: What about slurp fish Edit: Lol just saw that he got slurp fish

    50. Ice

      Galaxy girl probably

    51. Joey13x3

      U can sidegrade s purples legendaries bolts to hunt rifles

    52. potato peelers are kool

      God is real. He has a plan for everyone in the world and he loves each and every one of us. You have to keep building your faith so one day you can live with him forever. 🙏🙏❤❤🙏🙏❤

      1. mr.c0sm1c guy


    53. potato peelers are kool


    54. Draco

      If anyone try to bash him for using a campfire remember they used to be blue

    55. Taylor Lynn Gould

      U and fe4rless’s nocope luck is godly

    56. Chris Orth

      am i the only one that noticed that the thumbnail had a founders drumroll and save the world gun

      1. Chris Orth

        i mean it is a sqve the world gun

    57. Zbieram 1tys subów bez filmów

      I collect 1000 subscribers without videos! help? thanks bro!

    58. datboi

      Play fall guys

    59. MlnrGxlaxy

      i have both the galaxy skins but. 10:59 you did the emote from the trailer

    60. Evan connor

      Pls show ur settings in next vid bro and the vids

    61. Cali Amin


    62. Tuck dog Witt

      Play fall guys

    63. Kaleb Jones

      Girl galaxy no cap

    64. Please get me to 1 Sub Before 2021

      To the 1% that see this I hope you have a very good rest of the year cause with everything that’s happening in the world we need to be happy

    65. Christa Hsu

      Bughas World Cup winning loot

    66. Joseph Zanellini


    67. CCP CLAN

      Bro how are u only playing with bots that’s kinda wierd

    68. BTKSmax

      bruh how do u get these bot lobbies

    69. Squid

      use code dumb or i will beat u in every 1v1

    70. Jake Boucher

      What pick axe is that?

    71. Crisis

      What type of pc do you have ? I really want to know! Please answer btw love your videos 😄

    72. The Last Guest Gamer YT

      Literally 99% won't see this but if u do, god bless you, stay safe and have a wonderfull day❤❤❤🙏🙏

      1. Yeeterson Mcskeeterson


      2. Yeeterson Mcskeeterson

        Stop self promotion 😂

      3. Prabhas_brawl stars among us and many more

        Ha I found it so add me pls canned_lullaby

    73. Lucas BS

      Hey, why is the founder drumroll gun in the picture? Me:wondering if the drumroll is back in the game

    74. Siicoh

      Video idea: I tried to get to champion league

    75. Lazy

      galaxy girl

    76. DE_ WOLF_XD

      Why are u not using galaxy wrap huuuuuuh hhhhmmmmmn

    77. TanManL

      Lol he crickbaited with the founders drumroll

    78. Speky 1

      randumb please do some more creative trickshots not just spins on a crash pad pls

    79. Riptide Scizz

      1v1 me pls

    80. G Hhrhe


    81. OhHeyDouble

      Why is there a Founders Drumroll in the Thumbnail.

    82. Austin Cappadona

      Randumb scared of low health og’s scared of the quadruple ramp rush

    83. NR - 06SA 778763 Greenbriar Sr PS

      Nobody Randumb: Showing founders drumroll from save the world in thumbnail.

      1. GCBlitz

        OmG iTs lAzAr BeAm

    84. Austin Cappadona

      My favorite part hellowie everybody and give me the goods

    85. Crispy YT

      Yay I also love galaxy

    86. quacked max


    87. Auxify

      Randumb becomes a nerd

    88. jioq

      To the 1% of people who see this I hope your having a great day/night/morning and you will get through these hard times❤️️❤️️❤️️

    89. Glade Estrada

      Random out reaping the crips

    90. T0d Cake


    91. ETH Dez

      How could the Dumb lose?!?!?!?! That should be scientifically proven impossible😭

    92. W1LD

      How do u get in bot lobby’s. Tell us your secret

    93. Karen

      To the 1% of people reading this have an amazing day🙏

    94. Elijah Castaneda

      He finally got a little bit better lobby but they still bots

    95. shane steacy

      Yo what up I watch all your videos

    96. Jah’Sire Adams

      Aimbot u shot somebody threw wall

    97. slanted

      Top 5 reasons why we watch randumb 1.)Hes Soooooo Chill specially when he dies 2.)Does Not Swear 3.)Good at trickshots 4.)Has good taste in a lot of stuff 5.)Keeps us entartained ;)

    98. Archie Whittaker Edwards

      Ran dumb Isley not me

    99. Xile Cyclone

      How many mobile accounts have u made ur not slick

    100. Dahmari Correa

      Can you use pink ghoul and use purple guns only