BEST *GUN COMBO* in Fortnite Season 4... (you will win with these)


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    BEST *GUN COMBO* in Fortnite Season 4... (you will win with these)
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    1. SeemsKinda SUS

      Dude it's him talking for 1 minute and 30 seconds at the start

    2. miztic

      Oh hey ali a

    3. Alexander Sanchez

      I won 3 games in a row using this guns

    4. TrippyxKenshin

      Ran dumb do be lookin 50 million years old

    5. Off-White-Milk _

      The energy rifle literally has no bloom it requires the best of the best aim

    6. Yuu laing

      It said 6 seconds THIS IS 6VDAYS YT TRIPPIN

    7. XV Diamond

      Why does youtubers get so bot players and i get mongraal players

    8. Isaac_da_child

      I have 30 kills in solo squads

    9. Totally Beast

      Make this the most liked moment 👍

    10. Aaxieee

      but your playing switch lobbys

    11. David Diaz

      6:57 I am disappointed in you 😖🥺🥺😭

    12. snowalien

      I wish I could but no because Apple

    13. Jack Bennett

      combat rlly dont do much damage

    14. Asher Gentle

      Hi 1v1

    15. Bobby Thompson

      there was a purple pump and didnt take it randumb:as soon as he see's it oh combats are better me:bro respect the pumps karrol

    16. RexizZFN

      Oh my gosh I definitely didn't know lol Love your vids Randumb 🤣

    17. Lucas Hartranft


    18. I3Lack Mxlo

      I think the best would be gold pump for the 200s and gold scar or gold tac smg

    19. jefthefish broer van alexthefish

      randumb can you give me a win pls my epic is xd-inferno pls at me

    20. Raid_Lux

      No way he said "Pump, EW." 6:55 No hate 😜

    21. Lil_Ashy

      The pump is actually better then the combat

    22. Anthony Gonzalez

      Those guns are dog

    23. Jackson Cox

      Ok sypher

    24. Marqiz -_-

      Bro he thinks the combat is good because it can spam shots

    25. Velour Xio

      Look at my name

    26. Ian Patterson

      The combat is one of the worst guns, how does that work

    27. amit sharma

      bro combats are trash pumps are better

    28. waxxy

      Uhhhh wut the combat is a pea shooter

    29. Olivia Evans

      Why dose he play duos not solos?

    30. Cody X

      Pump over combat anyyyyyydayyyyy broooo

    31. JonathansRoblox YT

      Doritos and Mountain Dew

    32. JacketedOwl1441 am

      Can u buy me tire 100

    33. Fearless-chaos10

      a grey pump can do more damage than a combat

    34. xd twins

      Don't turn into a sypher pk

    35. Ross Lopes

      if we're both trash can join the 1% house? You got in

    36. a red subie

      lmao so much for your last fortnite vid lmao

    37. No name

      This music is very rexaling

    38. Zestix

      Brush this guy really said pump ew the combat is so much better

    39. Nate Perkins

      Ran dumb no movement Also ran dumb doesn’t shoot down supply drops at stark and leaves mythic in portagort

    40. Dark_Gamer Yeet

      I'm unsubsubbing u called the pump trash even tho in all ways its better then the combat

    41. OG alexxx

      Did you say combat was better than pumps.

    42. noah ezeah

      sos user name

    43. Demurer Rocket64

      Random your trash

    44. Vortex Konman

      When you shake someone down could you please say my switch now

    45. Demurer Rocket64


    46. Demurer Rocket64

      What happened to your old setup

    47. Liam Mears

      Why r u in duos and why is everyone a bot. Are u smurfing?

    48. Khimzi10 0

      U missed a mythic when u were fighting at Tony Stark’s workshop

    49. Landon Hammitt

      iamhell on Xbox

    50. Ben

      Get better wifi that a tip

    51. Levi Guindon

      How come he gets bot games and I get 99 faze sways

    52. Tristnn

      Randumb: Combat shotgun does a lot of damage My combat: 50,50,50,50 damage non stop

      1. Jane Beckett-smith

        Tristnswrld mine does 15 a lot of the time but 50 is the base damage yeah

    53. ଈ

      @ them lol

    54. Sleaqk

      I got ur brand new bandana 😊❤️

      1. Sleaqk

        Im so exites

    55. BR PLAXES

      Kiwis copied this vid

    56. chazzy

      Play arena ur good

    57. ItzHakazu

      i just got done watching hentai

    58. PFUDogs


    59. Arod Phillips


    60. Oxygen 23

      I won a game jester day were the last guy died to fall damage

    61. SCGhi longhorn

      Random should join faze

    62. MrLamaMan

      What back bling is that! 7:36

    63. George Hayes

      Where be da bandana

    64. Nole

      Don’t use the combat its max damage headshot does less damage than a max damage grey tac body shot it’s trash you can’t even two shot somebody at 200 with a gold one but a grey tac you can and every other shotgun you an two shot people at 200

    65. GS Sammy

      Stop using the CHARGE

    66. Maria Eugenia Infante

      Make more strucid videos

    67. Robin Woodford

      Hay keep up the good work my man

    68. Glizzy Pizza

      He gets low views now

    69. ben_the_bop

      Pump and Revolver is op

    70. ben_the_bop

      The 2 worst guns added to and back to the put together making them even worse 😌

    71. Nasser Ali

      Says this while playing against bots

    72. Deadshot

      I was thinking good pump purple tac smg and Stark's energy rifle

    73. annoyingdc 305

      I can't even play it

    74. Ninja SecretVideos

      Pumps are still better than combats

    75. Manuel Quinonez

      Pumps way better

    76. ツ999 ant

      who loves randumb

    77. Its WacK


    78. bowlcut ayden

      Combat is so trash they nerfed it, the blue one does 50 damage

    79. Aaron Tejada

      Stop snitchingg🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️

    80. Pharniel Rene

      Who else miss Pp :(

    81. Anthony Ouellet


    82. Flip

      combat shotgun got nerfed randumb

    83. Quan gaming


    84. Deesher Charliedressher

      Somebody teach randumb the combat this season sucks

    85. Teja Munoz

      Builds around bots 💀

    86. Jake R

      @me Yep this is my life 😶

    87. TREYFN On Keys

      RandumbsKingdumb I am worse than you but I just switched to keyboard and mouse bc I got a PC!!

    88. Fnaffan621 YT

      Use that combot botgun to your advantage

    89. Kevin Delaney

      Randumb: I am such a noob Me: uhhhhhhh wut?!? FaZe Kay: Your INSANNNNNE!!!!!

    90. Marko Komar

      But pump is better

    91. CompassPvP


    92. BlxckJxcks

      The stark rifle is basically just an infantry rifle... I just realized that.

    93. Corrupted bc

      The combat got nerfed

    94. PXNAkils

      bro i wish i could get the merch its fire keep up the grind

    95. Adamjonesi

      Howwwwww does he get so many bots??? I’m garbage and get nothing but sweats especially the first week of a new season. I’m just guessing he plays at 3 am when everyone sleeps? 🤔😂

    96. Max Middleton976

      The Combat Hits For 15 Too Many Times

    97. I’m poor bacon H


    98. CLN Mini シ

      Everyone here that reads this I hope you have a good day and plz go check out my guy cln stremix

    99. panda playz

      Later in the day epic games we have temporarily disabled the stark riffle

    100. delly sandwich