Apple banned Fortnite worldwide... #FreeFortnite


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    Apple banned Fortnite worldwide... #FreeFortnite
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    1. the like man


    2. Nicholas Martinez

      if you got fortnite before the band you can still play but you will be in last chapter

    3. Jayden

      Please help free it, please. I need it,

    4. fam bam

      Bro pls not ps4

    5. xJustinTheChampx

      bruhhhh, i can’t play now. I HAVE ONLY APPLE DEVICES. APPLE IS G*Y

    6. Pepperoni Nips

      I can’t take this shit serious I’m sorry

    7. Richtone 101

      Bruh this sucks. I was going to play to

    8. EliteShockXx

      Who gives a crap.

    9. ItzGeorgePlayz

      I’m Apple I’m stuck in season 3 and it’s banned for me I’m so sad I’m not season 4 :(

    10. SG PLASMA

      It’s banned on android

    11. FXSTY_ WSPP

      Me play on mobile :(screw apple >:)

    12. mystic yeti

      Let me get this straight, they violated apples strores rules and got removed and now they are bitching about it, also that trailer was released after they got ban which shows that they were planning this, they will 100% lose the law suit

    13. ashboy360teengohn

      You can download gedorce on phone an play on there

    14. Alia Thanos

      This is so sad Alexa play despacito I use to play on my iPad

    15. lewis 420

      Fortnight should make a phone that u can only download fortnight...gaming phone for fortnight

    16. Benjamin McNier

      # frick Fortnite

    17. Golden Gamer

      F Apple

    18. XxBritishGamerxX

      No don’t fReE fOrTnItE or should I say FARTKNIFE

    19. Mineplayer 3116

      Apple Is just great samsung they take 10% cause epic divided and samsung agreed cause they aren't greedy I always new android was good

    20. Purciful

      Bruh they banned fortnite on console better refund all my money no cap 😂

    21. Cat Cat

      Tomorrow on fortnite due to an issue we are disabled the following customization all apple related cosmetics

    22. Jeremiah Quick

      I can still download in tho🤔

    23. Ojo

      Justice for gorge floyed No more people out side now Charching at Apple store free fortnite free fortnite Free fortnite

    24. Edwin Hernandez Gutierrez

      We’re is my Mobile gang at

    25. Teppo Rah

      R.I.P Apple....

      1. Gabriel I

        Rip Apple rip epic

    26. uhApr

      ayes let’s go 1000 dollars down the drain :)))

    27. Dasen Gause

      I am on an android device and a few days ago they banned fortnite from the Google play store

    28. Lunasy

      It’s their market, unlucky, you’re not a monopoly you’re a games company.

    29. Spooder Man

      There goes a lot of money. I play on mobile 😣😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔

      1. ur autistic

        Haha your poor

    30. sh0ckaz

      Cant they do the og way go on google or safari and search epic games fortnite and go to the offical web

    31. OU Football

      Of course right as my depression is starting to come back my favorite game just lost my favorite game. Also it wouldn’t load up so thanks for everything thing epic. FU APPLE!

      1. Grandmaster Yoda

        🤦it’s not apple fault fortnite broke the rules and now they pay for it

    32. Noah Hyden

      i play xbox love the game to play during covid 19

    33. Noah Hyden

      i need fortnite phone to play

    34. AVeryBadName

      me a switch player who doesn't even play anymore: LLLLLLLLLLLLLLL

    35. WYN Fire boy

      I am mobile

    36. Cyclone Randux

      Bruh this makes me mad I play controller Mobil that just sucks that just makes me want to sue Apple

    37. CallMeShock

      Microsoft: uhhhh want me to buy Apple?

    38. Games Bond187

      As if epic games isn’t some money hungry company lol

    39. Tommy huh

      Epic has broken a contract therefore there are consequences

    40. Scott and Drew

      My brother just deleted fortnite off my apple because he died when he was playing on my phone comet what you think

    41. Carter May

      fall guys is lookin pretty great if it gets banned on ps4

    42. BLOODZ YT

      So android plp can now play fortnight?

    43. Fad3rest :D

      I may be wrong but didn’t the Play Store Ban fortnite too?

    44. Xtreme

      I’m sad now bye guys last time on fortnite I guess :(

    45. Syncere Hubbard

      imagine if amazon was not happy with whats going on here and just shuts down the servers for fortnite.

    46. xd crisppy

      If it gets banned from Xbox imma buy the disc version of fortnite

    47. Techy eu

      Everybody so hyped about Apple vs Epic even though epic are nothing to Apple

    48. Affan Nisharmohamad

      I am so sad

    49. Affan Nisharmohamad

      Don’t forget that you have phone

    50. qt drxzzy

      people dont care cuz they dont play mobile

    51. ODog Gaming

      I’m so happy that fortnite is banned

    52. SomeWhatNormal

      The thing people don't get is that Epic games is a company and if iOS players make up a good amount of the community and all those people paying money apple is taking 30% if iOS players where 40% of the community apple is taking 30% of what they pay

    53. jsxunders

      what if this was just a hoax for a live event 🧐

    54. Hound

      You're a couple days late mate, better luck next time...

    55. qq. wolfie on insta

      As a mobile player that plays with xbox players and rarely playes on xbox this kinda hurts. Hopefully it gets resolved

    56. Ewan Camelford

      Google won't ban fortnite as people will have to buy their phones to play so they will make loads. It is a free sponsorship from epic basically. Plus xbox and PS4 don't charge extra. Plus I play android :)

    57. Xruzy

      The google play store aswell apparently but galaxy store is fine

    58. speedッ

      F in the chat for all mobile players

    59. Darvin Dildar

      Bro I miss fortnite mobile

    60. Carmel Osefoh

      Fortnite talk shit get hit lol fortnite gonna get destroyed

    61. EmpiresEGG

      This makes 2020 a little better

    62. ab luvs me

      Apple is so greedy they want 30%, instead of 10% for the lower prices

    63. Promise Haze

      Apple deadass is upset that their not getting money when they already get 5.2 mill AN HOUR AND 127 MILL A DAY AND 256 BILL A YEAR

    64. pp fn

      Epic should’ve gave mobile players the update earlier

    65. osminv26

      can you add my

    66. dxvilsz

      I’m able to play fortnite on apple because the tutorials on yt

    67. Liam Sagal


    68. Liam Sagal

      This is apples fault they should add it back

    69. Cryptik Noah

      The 198fn thing is a mimic of apples 1984 commercial against ibm and their massive retro success. Thank you for your time

    70. PR4Y3D

      I’m not sure if you understand this situation fully Randumb basically Epic broke apples TOS and that’s why apple removed Fortnite as it is against there policy so apple didn’t do nothing and epic is the one in the wrong But I still hope they work this out and I’m not on any side I just stating the facts

    71. Jamie Kezer


    72. Jamie Kezer


    73. πDumbpool π

      It’s ok I still got it

    74. quad gamer

      fortnite: lets make v bucks cheaper for our home boys apple: well well look who is this its epic games my enemy i will block you from the app store cuase you took 20% FROM ME for v bucks epic games: wow apple is very greedy apple: shut up loser your gonna lose the fight epic games: are you sure about that apple: yes I AM epic games: 1B+ peopole raided your store ugly loser apple: R.I.P apple epic games: yeah boi we own you now apple: NOOOOO life is cruel epic games: now shut up and give me my company THAT I WON apple: NOOOOO I LOST EVERY THING epic games: HAHAHAHAH samsung playstation xbox android pc: just chillin here epic games dont worry

    75. Mini flux

      Me: what did he say? 👁👄👁

    76. Ramjet 3426

      just get it on pc who the hell plays it on there phone lol

    77. Alex Damascan

      Apple literally has every right to do this its their platform so payments on their platform go thru their app store deal with it everyone considers that apple is committing a crime by removing something from their platform tf why is even legality envolved here

    78. XD_Plut0 1

      Btw epic can’t win they broke terms of services

    79. Timothy Sean 0

      apple is greedy i had and apple phone and they said i had to get new phones for my plan when there's nothing wrong with that phone # FREEFORTNITE

    80. M M

      Me seeing on my iPhone

    81. bread Doodles

      Oh nooooooo now you can’t make ten videos a day so sad😢

    82. Yisrael

      Apple for life 😁

    83. Chris Lopez


    84. Chris Lopez

      I’m apple did I can’t play Fortnite

    85. Ivan Ochoa

      They removed fortnite on all the stors

    86. Charlie Backes

      apple just whant gold apples

    87. Playzxer

      I’m surprised that pc and console players care

    88. cdiddles.

      apple gay

    89. Spex

      Apple has so much money already

    90. DC2 Gamers

      I play on iPad (apple) full time that’s basically what I play on and yes I have a play station so I’m lucky just I have that to wpswitch to next seaon

    91. Playing on 1fps

      I’m so sad I play mobile IOS

    92. Ufp Soccer¿

      Money back if have vbycks

    93. Elias Fields

      I play mobile Apple

    94. Kareem G Animations

      I can just use the galaxy store

    95. Cade King

      If fortnite were to make apple bring back fortnite onto the apple store, it could happen because fortnite is a really big game by itself, adding the fact that epic games runs fortnite is what's. And fortnite has been through so many of these situations, it's unreal. So many lawsuits, all of that. I really think fortnite is coming to a end because of this.

    96. stone cold

      Epic:hits Apple Apple:hits epic Epic:tells the teacher (aka) the law Other kids ,Sony ,Microsoft,etc what :a jerk Spotify:you go epic :D

    97. Livy5858 :3

      Can I buy an android and throw my Apple iPad across the room

    98. Livy5858 :3

      When I play on apple

    99. RuthlessSlayer - Roblox


    100. RuthlessSlayer - Roblox