reacting to fortnite tik toks and trying not to laugh... (super hard)


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    reacting to fortnite tik toks and trying not to laugh... (super hard)
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    1. Itz Diamond

      Ran dumb the super hero one you had to watch a bit longer

    2. Ric4r

      Not funny didn't laught

    3. Jahmari Johnson

      Randumb is a Simp for that girl

    4. Andre Bacon

      Randumb: "if this video gets 45k likes, then ill shock myself every time I laugh" Me: likes the video so its exactly 46k



    6. Double 2

      Do it

    7. LZ Diamoonds

      7:22 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    8. Bennett C

      Was there ever a purple pump I don’t know

    9. Latoya Glasgow

      It means that no one uses it

    10. Silent_shadow-_-

      Les go we got the gowl

    11. MekaBlueGodzilla

      7:23 OMG LMAFO 😂

    12. Zayyaan SchaikHossen

      45K BISS

    13. Ethernn

      “I’m not simping” -Randumb 2020

    14. Xan Agent

      It has 45k likes randumb you best shock yo self

    15. Josh Plays And My Bro

      “Randumb sees his own clip” THATS ME THATS ME”

    16. Josh Plays And My Bro

      “Ran dumb” has there ever been a purple pump?” :me: wtf 😑”

    17. Galaxy clan GC


    18. Carlos and he’s bird !!!

      This got 45,000 likes let’s see him get shocked

    19. Canadian Freak

      It has 45,000 likes random better do it

    20. Dnzvilol

      Bro it’s been weeks when is this hoodie coming in

    21. Brett Benson

      Ur name is gonna be codedumb

    22. Infa_replays

      Name should be nuterbbutters

    23. Fortnite King


    24. Kenny Calderon Lopez

      Yay randumb no simp 1:54

      1. Hit Mace

        Lmao 😂

    25. BriannaDraws -

      I miss the old days when you shot someone and they didnt build the Effiel Tower😔

      1. Hit Mace


    26. AltijdMaikWeer

      how come he get these easy lobbies? lol i want

    27. Luke Wedding


    28. mibraga69

      Was there ever a purple pump haha

    29. Ziezster


    30. Callan 13

      I found two midis Floppers and 4 vendetter fish in one game

    31. Mythicboi242

      Ewww tik tak

    32. Avatar

      I’ll tell you a story when i was playing fortnite team rumble i saw someone with no gun so i spared him and gave him a combat and after a few minutes he betrayed me BETRAYAL

    33. Shrek

      Not funny didn’t laugh

    34. ツDixon

      Randumb you didn’t watch the whole video at 2:32 then you’ll get what it’s saying

    35. Iilxserlogan Bxrnsz

      3:07 I though the video ended

    36. Amanda Grotts

      At the time I’m posting this the likes r at 43k common 2k more almost theres

    37. Zach Lopiez

      Tall boi

    38. Nastasia Rogers

      Did anyone almost click off the video on the trick shot TikTok

    39. Jason Gaming

      Did anyone else try to push to videos that popped up?

    40. Hudson Toth


    41. MissinHeartz

      Does randumb have cooooovid????

    42. More Night ops 456

      ThAt WAs mE. I didn’t ask


      ____ l. l l. l l. l l. l_______ l___________l

    44. Joshua Bacon

      Imagine epic brought back mechs but as hulk buster instead and a bit less op . 🤔

    45. angelica castro

      3:42 I love it

    46. ScuffySZN

      close your eyes and listen at 4:16 lmao

    47. lgurreri


    48. Aidan Brown

      Who else here to see some more terrible content that targets 6 year olds? Another vid that isn’t funny. He makes money by getting 8 year olds addicted to this crap

    49. MistyyOnSticks


    50. itsjustkaze _king

      The girl iconic was foxyy.shes from faze

    51. Jd4910

      Me: thinking he’s gonna laugh Randumb:laughs Me:knew it

    52. Laken Walker

      I swear randumb has had 3.12 subscribers forever... lets change that!

    53. Flip

      3:24 did anyone click the video

    54. Koopa

      at 1:39 randumb asked “ was there ever a purple pump” 😀😤😤 fck 2020

    55. Joseph Stalin

      As a hall monitor i will get an ak-47 and shoot ppl who made cringe fn tiktoks

    56. Xenqxシ

      1:38 yes there was a purple pump

    57. Sloothman

      "You locking doors Joseph" *SCREAM* that had me crying

    58. Chris Mills

      Whered you get that heavy sniper from Thats what she said?

    59. Ondre Ramirez

      who else remembers the big bird visits the red house

    60. BriqFN

      Pov: you clicked on the outro on the other vid

    61. shadowz

      "Thank god I have easy lobbies" Nice Nintendo switch smurf, That's right we all saw it

    62. Simpy

      You know what else is hard A rock.

    63. Porter Parker

      Who else thinks he’s doing these because he don’t wanna okay fortnite anymore

    64. Moses Moreno

      Lol I got banned permanently on TikTok for no reason

    65. bfettvanh gaming

      For 3500.USD you can get an actual Barrett 50 cal

    66. Logan Peterson

      Day one of me trying to get randumb to notice me😔

    67. Rg2baller Games

      As you can see kids this is when you play fortnite

    68. EpicGamer Gaming

      I think he wants to the shock

    69. xd Alex シ


    70. Diney Nunes

      I subed to you

    71. lite Ψ

      Talks about how the lobbies are sweaty 2 minutes later hits one of the nastiest mongraal classics lmao

    72. AVgalaxyy

      How do you people find this entertaining he’s just watching tik toks

    73. Exxofn

      How else tried to click on a video at 3:18

    74. Christopher Dubois

      One of dooms henchman sniped me with the Lmg when i was at the chest on the other side of the basement using a medkit

    75. gabe fernandez

      What is the name of the video

    76. Stuffed

      People killing hentchmen is the same number of the pandemic 😂

    77. Ark and Fortnite combo

      At this point randumb puts no effort to his videos lets be honest

      1. Contender 's

        Tbh kinda true

    78. RiveraXCEL

      I hate when people call you a sweat in games but your just good

      1. Isaac Anderson

        sweats are good

    79. Stephen Pierson


    80. Rake

      no simp September bois

    81. tiko army

      Do more tiktok reaction

    82. Noble Society Fortnite Team l Recruiting

      Good stuff fam, hope you have a good one 😊

    83. Toby Challenges

      2:03 he said he's not a simp now he wants to pay for HER sniper

    84. Imnotcannon


    85. Christopher Hawley


    86. Christopher Hawley


    87. Christopher Hawley


    88. Christopher Hawley


    89. Christopher Hawley


    90. Christopher Hawley


    91. Christopher Hawley


    92. Christopher Hawley


    93. Christopher Hawley


    94. Christopher Hawley


    95. Bella Tallor

      he said im not simping lmao

    96. OG.Cal


      1. OG.Cal

        Take that mr laughter

    97. OG.Cal


    98. emmamuel Salguero

      A good tactic in fortnite rn is impulse grandes and iron mans unibeam

    99. Sparkyyy

      I thought his hair was was paused

    100. ElijahTmW

      the groot one was that reekid? lol