please watch


208 миӊ. көрүүлөр21

    күнү жарыяланды 2 ай мурун


    1. Toxic Angel

      Are u stile in the one pirsont

    2. Bubbly

      u left the one percent house smh

    3. Qracked jupie

      I just got this notification bruh

    4. 8_8

      Does this means he's leaving 1%? Idk im insanely dumb

    5. janjacoba


    6. janjacoba

      Same ly b

    7. Zesty Pepper

      Ok I’m happy for you but you need to stop with the drama man! I get it you had an idea, BUT THEN YOU POSTED 2 MORE VIDS!! Come on I don’t understand

    8. Michelle Zamora

      Don’t be nervous man this is the best day of your life we all know your Murch is really nice

    9. Sphinxavoid031

      I’m excited for you but I’m also confused, does this mean he’s not in 1%

    10. Jeffrey Platt

      clap clap clap

    11. XD zeq YT

      Wow wow in only 15 minuets he’s already got 200 dollars

    12. MystFlicks

      Click bait

    13. Crazykennybop .-.

      Did you leave one percent🥺😭

    14. TheTokyo

      I thought it was about fn again

    15. Kduse Danial

      I am coming

    16. Daniel&abi

      Has he left one percent

    17. Aidangetsdubs

      Did he leave one percent

    18. DarK


    19. aka inaaya

      *just go figure it out* Me a dumbo : I -

    20. Jackzz Boi

      wait so he left one percent??

    21. Devin Johnson

      Is he still in 1 percent

    22. Starxy

      I’m so confused there’s arkh there’s what ever KGup is dumb is and then there’s KGup___

    23. FrozeYourKD

      I thought that he was in 1 percent

    24. RABSMCD

      Wait so u left one percent

    25. K80 H

      so luminosity one percent and dumb house

    26. Batty Fish

      Are u not in one percent then?

    27. SF rocket253 cancel

      did u leave one percent

    28. Kunal Goswami

      Omg congratulations

    29. Offical_armin

      What happend to 1percent

    30. SSG_ icyy

      You left 1 percent??

    31. Hayden Mercier

      Congrats 🥳

    32. Knifo 13

      Love the intro

    33. Diego Piña

      1 more hour

    34. T0b3TV

      He was telling us the whole time, he is litterally in the room of the dumb house which is ehat the announcement is

    35. Anthony Vlogs

      Did you leave 1%

    36. Ishmael Diaz-Anderson

      Txns and Tydens and Plasma I noo

    37. melissa king


    38. wolfy poo


    39. wolfy poo

      Leafing LG?

    40. YaBoiKolby17

      uh its 9 PM and the vid isnt up

    41. Steeples


    42. Alpha nugget

      Where at

    43. Jacob Garcia


    44. eli leviner

      Who is here after 9 o’clock

      1. Big Daddy

        Me it is 9:35 EST for me rn

    45. Joaquin Lopez

      Umm you later

    46. xplosionFN

      Bruh it’s 9:00 what’s happening

      1. Cole Captain

        @Imran Mirza i dont know either

      2. Imran Mirza

        I’d don’t know

    47. Mathew Green


    48. Oliver_skii

      It’s nine 0’ one

    49. Weston Kershner

      It's 9:00

    50. Parasite Twoface

      KGup is dumb

    51. Jacob Shemtov


    52. Maribel Dominguez

      Its time... Its 9pm EST...

      1. Maribel Dominguez

        He said EST

      2. Maribel Dominguez


      3. Maribel Dominguez


      4. Alpha8713

        No, it's 9pm EDT. Either we have to wait another hour, or he screwed up the time.

    53. Kyran Cowper

      One more minute

    54. FerrousZ Vo

      today is my birthday and its the same day as ur company dropping🔥

    55. Fazetop34

      I just went on it it’s almost 9 o’clock and it says KGup is Dumb

    56. Errois

      I didn’t know Kybo and qtclaps watch ran dumb

    57. PawzDark

      9 mins until the announcement pog

    58. SoloKlipz

      Who's waiting for him to upload

    59. wnter

      A few more mins

    60. NeNe Games_YT

      So happy for you bro! U deserve this!

    61. TacooTV

      When are streams back

    62. SuchNoob21 On Switch

      Les go randumb

    63. Fortnightgamer36

      You can do this!!!!!!

    64. Andrew Carwile

      Hey keep with the grind

    65. The Rising Symbiots


    66. sparkle jb

      so happy for you MR.DUMB

    67. Yusuf habib


    68. OBslice24

      Happy early birthday btw (Fun fact it’s his birthday Tommorow so it makes sense never mind his birthday was yesterday

    69. MykicardAU

      Is he making a PC Brand

    70. TXFitsToEasy

      Is it going to be a livestream or a video

    71. Sxne.

      two hours :)

    72. Itz KSUArceo

      I’m so excited

    73. Faze_ savageTTV

      Nice bro congrats

    74. Carson Lacy


    75. Alfa xh


    76. tigrr FN


    77. Dominic Pajkic

      Are we just gonna ignore the two baseball bats in the background? Ight

    78. Renegade Destroyer

      He sounded so depressed

    79. Senpi Korra

      I love you bro are use your supporter creator code every day

    80. Alton Lettsome

      Let’s go. Happy for you bro

    81. herb v

      You probably won’t read this but I love you vids and can’t wait for next vid 👍

    82. Cortez Tumbs

      Congrats man keep up the work

    83. Jamess

      Let’s goo

    84. Winston Rich


    85. Son Ge

      I man so happy for u bro

    86. seb_is_goated

      These intros just keep getting weirder!

    87. Player Snipes

      Use code Ninja

    88. nytroxcity

      big yes

    89. buisnessboi37

      Let me just cry. You’ve made a whole clan

    90. Emmett Unicycle

      Let’s go only 4 hrs

    91. Aman Ahmed

      It’s faze

    92. Reborn sin

      Can’t wait man no matter what is ur fans and I got u ✊🏿✌️❤️

    93. loreal walker


    94. it's orange juice

      U joined the water tribe

    95. Paddy McGoo

      Good luck Man U got this!!! Dream big

    96. Matt

      anyone else think its a keyboard company

    97. Faxx RL

      Wow verified people

    98. Codys


    99. ItsMe_Chaco

      When u drop ur company is my bday

    100. Joe sue me

      at 2am for me big sad