The New Fortnite Update Is Broken...


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    the new fortnite update is broken...
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    1. Squid Gaming

      This is unreal

    2. Fortnite God!!

      I’m level 121

    3. XxXboxxX321 Yeet!

      If you leave the game on a mobile device you won't level up so you keep using the same account and yes the account has to be under level 10 if you wanna play against bots. Its the same for Nintendo players

    4. XxXboxxX321 Yeet!


    5. XxXboxxX321 Yeet!

      Wolverine can heal himself and revive himself He can spawn in Slurpy swamp and weeping woods. Use battle lab and turn on experimental so you can see were they spawn and think how you can find them in pubs. You can't survive fall damage with his spining effect but you can survive fall damage when you do the air dash. You can also jump higher if you look up and do the air dash.

    6. Kxrim is a qt

      Why does randumb always get bots in his videos?

    7. Clapz Buddy


    8. 003 SHADOW

      You said that dummy was your main and you never wear it

    9. Aiden Galvan


    10. Noble Gaming


    11. Naruto !


    12. Tamika Smith


    13. Eddie Gamer boy

      He plays with to much bots

    14. Nuggt Ψ

      Give vbuxks now

    15. TigerQueen27

      You are crackedddd!!!!!

    16. Preston Games And Art


    17. Nicholas Brinson

      You should try to get all the Super powers

    18. Linda Belle

      I need lesson for sniping

    19. Anakin skywalker

      “You can ban people from playing customs” Formula:hehe boii

    20. Pain

      Storms mythic deflects bullets tho

    21. Chill Man

      For me the revolver is so good and it's so underrated i think

    22. Casey Margraff

      it fells good to be back to watching randumb

    23. TTv Beetle juice

      My friend Said that in your clan

    24. DatBeastKidd

      To everyone who's reading this: Have a safe fall and may your dreams come true! My dream is to become a successful KGupr!

    25. Why just send it

      Red to obey to lg to this your doing great my guy god bless 🙏🙏

    26. Samantha Smith

      my entire life changed with the help of, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*

    27. ThinStick34 Gaming

      The storm ethic is terrible no one likes it why do you say does 1 million damage

    28. Gabriel Rodriguez

      You should make a video where you could only use mithics

    29. Help Me Get To 1k With No Videos

      To The .01% Of People Who See This Stay Safe And Hope you Well

    30. Chase Kungl

      Ran dumb is the best KGupr

    31. Noah Thompson

      Stop playing bots

    32. ArctiisFN

      Randumb: Storms ability is trash! SypherPK: Lemme stop you right there

      1. maritza neri

        hahhah fr tho

    33. Trizyy Yt

      Hi shout out pls

    34. Cassuperhero

      Randumb: im gonna trickshot him(does edit course).

    35. NGC Ty

      If your reading this plz know that your going to blow up and make it up their and you will be known bless up💜💜🥇👋🏾

    36. Avi Haimovitz

      If he heart I’m going to poop myself

    37. Just Seemly

      He cut his hair, he smiles when he plays fortnite, the only thing left is for him to play solos!

    38. raheem sterling

      I stopped my work with the help of, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*

    39. ToXin sins

      I hate updates just cuz whenever I play I have 800 ping if a 1 family member is on there phone BTW never use frontier also the smallest update their is takes 1hr a season is about 34 hrs

    40. Ian Deighan

      why das he get bot lobby he just play with out bots it makes it less fun watching

    41. Vss - Hype

      Reply RandumbsKingdumb the new fearless to bots if you see this

    42. Tomi Onamakinde

      You should do a among us video with one percent

    43. Kaden Schmidt

      You just don’t know how to use it

    44. Challenge bro's 107

      Dumbs way too good for these bots

    45. Karoutoz YT


    46. speedッ

      Randumb should react to WAP 😂😂😂

    47. Tony is mad ahaahah

      Have a good day peeps hope your wishes come true! Read my name

    48. SG Cazey


    49. Ninja

      👀Good video dude👀

    50. Range Btw

      Thor: I smash those Iron man: I beam those Storm: I do nothing Doctor doom: I set them or fire Stark henchman:I aimbot those Me: look at my name

    51. Big PandaLove

      You need to learn how to strom ability first lol you was using it wrong lmfao

    52. aiden irwin

      He's smurfing and still talking trash to the players he kills… :(

      1. Zye

        Welcome to youtube lol Hey it would mean a lot if you checked out my chanηel.

    53. Ninja

      👀Good video dude👀

    54. Hassan Aris

      Look at shyperpks video on the storm

    55. TimeDime

      6:35 what’s that music called?

    56. Salted Popcorn

      Who else gets the music from happy days

      1. regii_

        Salted Popcorn hi


      To the 1% of people who see this have a great day/night and I wish you all the best stay safe and be grateful for everything in your life❤️

    58. Theo:brawlstars Gameplay

      Your aim was so good

    59. KevinDark Shadow

      I wish I could 1v1 randumb

    60. WOLF Shatoe

      Its not good

    61. Bboy

      so many bots in ur games

    62. Bolade Olasehan

      Your so good you got into bot lobbies you bot

    63. Faze_ Drizzy

      Dont be dumb be stupid

    64. force Brody

      aquest joc està fotut

    65. ZEBRA1153

      Could you make a video without edited it would be cool to see how to play without edits, Love your content!



    67. scythe

      Randumb get verified

    68. Coopizzle

      Title: The New Fortnite Update Is Broken... Thumbnail: The New Thumbnail Is Clickbait...

    69. The pandemicslogan

      how tf can yall play this...its messing my sight up!

    70. Denis Torres

      Why is he always in bot lobby's

      1. Denis Torres


    71. 1 sub before 2021 ?

      read my name

    72. John Mendoza

      Bruh my 8 year old son went from noob a couple months ago to winning back to back solo br 🤦‍♂️and I played for a while before I got my one and only solo dub

    73. Mess Up

      Why is there so many bots

    74. Epicgamer1

      bruh i literally forgot he existed

    75. SWXRDZ

      1:36 let that sink in

    76. Zyro

      Pc aim assist?

    77. Zyro


    78. Mr Moski

      My mum said if I can get 260 subs by today she will buy me a gaming setup I always wanted one

    79. Chris Jukes

      i wanna see dumb vs sypherpk

    80. Dr Awesome


    81. lakezy

      Pls hit 50k I miss customs

    82. Han Dae-wi

      Ahhhh yes this game depression

    83. Nexon nite

      When u use rhe scope ar while in cae and zoom in u get the first person view

    84. MrFishy


    85. Julian Sonnenschein

      dude you should have givin them the win

    86. Jax drinks Water

      Are you still with jaritos

    87. V&G Film's


    88. Jordan Gaming

      and of course its unlimited 4:39

    89. Radgaming11 Otis

      Here at 71,612

    90. Sxpreme

      try to go into the storm and stay there fir ehole match with the wolverine ability

    91. jose ramos

      it is usefull to make people die to fall damige

    92. Fortnite Sweat

      This is how many times randumb said little bot 👇

    93. xMukui

      Fake softaim.exe

    94. Ghost maple


    95. Santiago Janitorial Service

      Worverine is so hard to find

    96. Jaycob Mojica

      you can yeet people of building and make them take fall damage with storm powers.

    97. Logan Chavez

      Anyone else thinks its funny that he sweats on bots and in the customs he says "no let him live" its funny

    98. N1cholas1717

      "Be Honest who else is thought they were first" “¡ᴍ ɢɪғ₮ɪɴɢ ᴇᴠᴇʀʏ🅞ɴᴇ ᴡʜᴏ ʟɪᴋᴇs ᴀɴᴅ sᴜʙs ᴛᴏ ᴍᴇ”

      1. Shinobi Duck

        I smell cap 🧢

    99. Graham Mytom


    100. Antonio Smith

      claim your HERE BEFORE 1MIL