Among Us but you only have 1 word...


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    Among Us but you only have 1 word...
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    Today, fortnite ting ting... and if you are reading this you have to like the video now... you said it.. well thought it... why are you still reading..
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    1. Tommy M.

      Everywhere we look, this game is...Among Us.

    2. speedッ

      this was seriously the funniest video ever

    3. point

      Yes tags are fall guys and fortnite plays among us

    4. Xreen. S5

      At least some credit to faze rug man cmon📛

    5. ToXic GloW

      no one: youtube: 1 view 2 likes

    6. Firstname Lastname

      I do not think this was one word challenge so far

    7. Adler

      Duck duck goose lol

    8. average player

      i was playing among us and i won

    9. Spacegames0929

      I know a loophole word_word

    10. Zr0- Flex

      Yo randumb were you playing among us at 11:00 pm at night

      1. Zr0- Flex

        That randumb said can I give my phone number so we can play more among us but I didn't knew my phone number and u check it out what was my phone number but it made me leave the game

      2. Zr0- Flex

        Idk i think was a fake

      3. Zr0- Flex

        Because I met someone with the name randumb in among us

    11. Sikes YT Ya boi

      Me doing that being imposter:sus

    12. glitch trap


    13. intro132

      Just a suggestion put the imposter games in the description and crewmate games

    14. Jazzy Huisman

      10:32 my discord was opend and i was whating this vid whating for my friend to repie so i heard that disc sound then i had hope for a sec but then i saw it was nothing, than another disc sound came and i had hope again but again...... it was from the vid :.(

    15. erjuul

      GANDHI 🥺🥺🥺

    16. Jaylen animation

      best impostor

    17. Jaylen animation


    18. solo kid J.

      I saw red vent *me gets voted out*

    19. Stellar Auxi

      Txns needs to chill

    20. YT BaconPlays

      1:29 that's literally highskys voice

    21. fibbz


    22. Landon Barnhill

      iaam in school

    23. Kolton Owen


    24. Josue Rivas


    25. Couve Faryyxx

      I'm glad to see you playing with ghandi again. I want the red house back

    26. Dylan Peters

      face cam placement sucks

    27. Caleb Purviance

      duck duck ..... goose

    28. Macik Boi

      Lazarbeam punching the air for this vid

    29. Caleb Reyes

      This is randomly funny

    30. tRu3 Gunner9

      Da way is amazing on how u gus sugood

    31. Asian Noodle

      3:41 someone said the n word

      1. Elite_Eliasツ

        I think he said “he sticks his big a$$ head in”

    32. Viper Boy

      Lol I have to try this but it will never work well

    33. Jacob Jara

      Yo faze rug did your one word thingy lmao

    34. Caleb Groff

      Why did you copy mau

    35. sonic


    36. Devin Kelly

      No one: ...... Plasma: Cap

    37. TryingToKillMeYT

      Let’s appreciate Txns name on the third round

    38. brett gleave

      Ran dumb is two words

    39. CoCo Playz

      Hi bro luv your vids

    40. BillyPlayGames

      Where the credit to mau

    41. Joakim Grambo Tangen

      Just a tip, you should have your camera on the side of the screen, just a tip form a fan👌

    42. RankedShadow

      Oh my god it's been almost 2 years since I've seen randumb I didnt even recognize him

    43. keith blackman

      the # arent even about the game they are fortnite and fallguys

    44. vMeriq

      Imagine stealing from mau

    45. Zee Boi


    46. slapshot88nick

      Wut happened with 1 percent

    47. Infusion_ice

      I’m pretty sure In 8:00 something he said 02 ,he kinda messed up there 02 are numbers,not words

    48. Rebel

      In fact every time they said “oh two” they were saying two words

    49. solaricee

      Everywhere we look, this game is...Among Us.

    50. Muffinityy

      plasma Plasma PLASMA

    51. Muffinityy

      sus = super ultra smexy You have to learn that

    52. Izaak Avalos

      Totally not stolen from vik not at all

    53. cameron brazil


    54. Cesar De la cruz

      your bed is so high

    55. JPREZ Hannifin

      Pls don’t think I’m dumb but was duck man ducky

    56. Jacob Alvarez

      white is sus

    57. SharksharkIdy

      Randumb Among us with 1 word What i would do redsus

    58. Flapcryptic

      Did you get this from Mau and tweak it?

    59. Franksie


    60. Dylan_13


    61. Lxthal_potato

      You should play with mr fruit

    62. skwepy •

      why do i hear a moan every second

    63. spooky FN

      Why are the hashtags fortnite and fallguys when u are playing among us

    64. Jaimeandres255 Jaime



      1:00 I e oo i eooo

    66. Controller Edits

      Is it me or is it that I was pressing play again while watching this lol

    67. weeb101._

      " "

    68. Mason Krueger

      Bruh megaphone it's a axe

    69. ᏦᎬᏒᏁᎬᏞ_ᏢᎾᏢ

      Self report then lie ez win strat

    70. Youth baseball clips

      bro on your instagram story. when u posted ur code i joined but y’all kicked me haha.

    71. Nindo hehe


    72. Mags10k

      i love gandhi

    73. Grant Wayne


    74. V3XTROUZ

      I love that it says fall guys when it’s among us

    75. lewis tpk

      At least give credit to mau when you take his vid

    76. Ramogi Otiende

      was duck man ducky?

    77. Cloudzy2x

      People in this vid are the only people who can make me laugh at a KGup video.

    78. Seb23 vids

      its funny when randumb dosent give cre dit to the original but always asks for credit

    79. youtube clutch

      Your editz are. Awsome

    80. Idalia Cordova

      Rielief moaning in the background

    81. Xxotic Fishy

      God bless have a good day *hugs*

    82. stepsis Iron

      Wait is kacz g g g ghandi

    83. AreAyeWhy

      Pls do more vids with crypt

    84. Jason Hayes

      Plz upload on r&umb

    85. Ewoken

      No Credit Mau

    86. Toican

    87. lucid.

      yes Gandhi

    88. Dulax Yt

      Play the right way

    89. Sal Gang

      stop uploading among us its boring

    90. WhatDoesRigzPlay?


    91. WhatDoesRigzPlay?


    92. Stud Randum

      can you please shoutout my cousin usk stocks idk if he is still in usk so maybe just stocks

    93. Tim Karpenko

      wtf the tags are Fall guys, Fallguysfunny, fortnite? That is sus

    94. Drell_kappalott

      duck man

    95. Monke Pls

      This guy shamelessly copied lazarbeam -_-

    96. Geovani Lopez

      No shoutout to mau ? He came up with the idea

    97. Feranmi

      Uh credit the guys who had this idea

    98. Card Jacker#2

      Og’s Remember Red Ghandi/Game Ghandi

    99. Michael Sullivan

      Kinda copied Txns lowkey...