the *NEW DOUBLE PUMP* in Fortnite Season 4... (so good)


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    the *NEW DOUBLE PUMP* in Fortnite Season 4... (so good)
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    1. Bookie

      does he realize hes playing with bots ??

    2. Subhan Taj

      Keyboard player: hits 33 lazerd!!! Controller player: 33 33 33 lazer

    3. Rhyan Payne

      R.i.p frenzzy

    4. Lizzy Terborg

      Um no

    5. sino hobz

      him saying double pump him having one pump

    6. Jaylin Peden

      you can side grade a charge into a pump

    7. DontUseAnymore

      Whys the hashtags fall guys

    8. TMR_Youssef


    9. Tophatman Hay

      I love you videos you are a great person:)

    10. Noah Playz Cold


    11. Yn jay_ The man

      He said n word time stamp is 6:45

    12. Yn jay_ The man

      He said the n word

    13. Bo3pro Aka


      1. Bo3pro Aka

        I met to say the n word

    14. TreyGaming fortnite

      He keeps saying he’s going zone when he keeps fighting😂😂😂😂

    15. Razkk

      whoever sees this becomes successful wish u good luck stay safe have a good day or night

    16. Ron Cartwright

      Can you add me m'y name is messyguy22

    17. flink Motion

      I just droped a banger 😈

    18. flink Motion

      Im underrated btw 🖤

    19. SouYung

      Literally 99.99% won’t see this but if you do, god bless you, stay safe and have a wonderful day

    20. SouYung

      Literally 99.99% won’t see this but if you do, god bless you, stay safe and have a wonderful day

    21. SouYung

      Literally 99.99% won’t see this but if you do, god bless you, stay safe and have a wonderful day

    22. Im Dumber

      People this is how many people thought it was double pump. ⬇️

      1. Im Dumber

        No one cares twinkel twinkel little bat get out of my little chat

      2. Im Dumber

        He copied my my name omg he a hacker

    23. sauntur


    24. ky raps #lit like fire

      Do 1 second too loot

    25. Vinson Smith

      Epic seeing this, "oh there having fun with that? LETS REMOVE IT!"

    26. iCrank-_-

      Anyone else notice how his shirt is inside out?

    27. Alex Bentick

      amm am inda better than him with it -_-

    28. Michelle Livesay

      Y are you being a girl

    29. Angela Nunez

      Did he say the n word at the end

    30. Martine Eilam Castillo

      mega sweats on the bot

    31. Rex Sanchez

      The carbon-based metal comes from an airtight room, burns the air with fire, then turns into carbon dioxide, carbon dioxide is 60% denser than air, so it puts more pressure on the metal, making it denser. it's worth trillions of dollars, you can study it yourself.

    32. Cant guard monty Gaming

      mom look its ninja

    33. Mr Beast

      Every vid he tries to trick shot but can’t just stop

      1. BOC emp1y

        OMG HI TIKO lol fake tiko

    34. Carson Wolford


    35. Isamar Cortes

      Is he even playing kinda sus

    36. Saqline Pantho

      Bot lobby

      1. BOC emp1y

        now that’s a damn fact

    37. The cool man

      pov you going down the commets

    38. عبدالله عبدالعزیز

      تكلم عربي

    39. IS

      Better aim then controller players 🤣🤣🤣

    40. nug

      someone come chill wit me on xbox - add: nxgtz

    41. nug

      someone come chill wit me on xbox - add: nxgtz

    42. nug

      someone come chill wit me on xbox - add: nxgtz

    43. The D-sender

      That server is worse than my switch servers.

    44. Qweetley RBLX

      It says double pump in the title but he only uses one pump

    45. Kai FR

      I R R R E L V A I N T

    46. Nozzwyd

      “WHO ELSE HAS BEEN A FAN OF BEFORE SEPTEMBER??”🦠 *(read my name btw)*

    47. 100 subs with no videos challenge

      read my name

    48. zx Nightmares

      guys plz pray that i get a pc i play on a laptop and i get 40 fps with the lowest possible settings 😢

    49. Russ Jonathan

      Yo play war zone if ur bored

    50. Benito Burrito

      How does randumb get ais he’s goated

    51. swerv krizik

      I thought ghoul trooper was banned

    52. Ana Q

      God bless whoever sees this Jesus loves ya 🙏🏽💛

    53. Lynette Ballesteros

      What are you put down do you mean bro are use your code every 50 hour runs now but I still do it why

    54. Erma Stidmon


    55. Lì RÓDŸ

      Anyone see the tiredness in randumb eyes 👀

    56. Jeffrey Britiingham

      Plz bring back spectating videos

    57. NPT Maverick

      You could put 1 and then the Chinese character for percent

    58. NPT Maverick

      Hey. Ik how you can get the percent thing in your name

    59. krt skrt

      Imagine getting pinned by randumb

    60. Elijah Davenport

      this guy said the n word r

    61. Optict Min

      I’m so happy just got his bandanna

    62. Danny

      How dose he always get bots in his lobby’s

    63. Chris Sforza

      I watch your vids every day

    64. TのQ4 および4デナール

      randumb where's ur discord

    65. GrazyHits

      Make a video when you play 24 hours arena (8 hours is good to) ly

    66. Logan Witherell

      I quit Bc someone hack my account and I had aerial and I was upset

    67. YTHyperMan I

      There’s a fire outside my house

    68. AdamPlays YT_TV

      Yess i am finally ealry

    69. Fox On 60Hz

      Can I tryout for 1%

    70. Respexct_MaRq

      I know your hairline is receding, it's okay...

    71. Matthew Lee


    72. Angel Vazquez

      Click bait

    73. TheFlyingCow .-.

      Nice vid, might try the revolver pump combo.

    74. Silent 4s


    75. One million subs With no vid

      I’m going for a world record bois look at my name

    76. Alec Peterson


    77. Pluto

      When Randumb goes sweaty me: WHAT IS HAPPENING!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    78. Junebug MT3

      Why aren’t you in faze :)

    79. Latonya Warner

      Dang you was sweating on a ai's

    80. TTV Kaden


    81. The king records

      Video idea : punch streamers with hulk smash pickaxe and title it i punched streamers

    82. Sherley Sippy

      I just got clickbaited wow

    83. Elite Fearfull

      PC players always complain about controller players having "aimbot" look at his aim from accross the map

    84. Disco

      Box fight with friends is a good vid

    85. Anti Alpha

      Me who has been doing this since season x even to say revolvers better that deagle

    86. Eclipx Wavez

      The ending was so anticlimactic

    87. Eclipx Wavez

      Randumb new double pump method Me it’s just a revolver what you mean double pump 🤨🧐

    88. Syn Flicc

      everyone: playing pc and console for chapter 4 me: realizing fortnite on ios is gone :(

    89. Not Freezy Nite


    90. Z3ROPING

      How many wanna bet the charge will get vaulted for launchpads

    91. Sethy Boi

      Video: Pump And Revolver Title: 2 pumps Me: *inserts now hol up... Wait a minute... Something ain't right meme*

    92. DaWeezys

      revolvers are good when fighting players who dont build

    93. 1k subs with videos challenge

      Read my name

    94. Pokémon A1R

      When he said he was thirsty for kills I got thirsty for water

    95. Gamerboy23

      There is another way to do double pump with only one pump

    96. Harry Misog

      It makes no sence because Fortnite already not fun

    97. Clinton Conley

      Honestly, KGuprs that ask for likes at the very beginning of a vid are so annoying

    98. Bram de Graaff


    99. FalzeNexu

      Click bait again

    100. and I oop sk sk sk sk sk

      Give me your lunch money