how many kills can i get in 1 hour of fortnite... (shocking)


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    how many kills can i get in 1 hour of fortnite... (shocking)
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    1. Griffin Bradley

      7:09 * *car materialises* * Randumb:WHAT THE FRICK YOU CAN GET CARS?!

    2. Zinxo

      54 kills

    3. Mr O

      He no get lama

    4. R3SPECXX ツ

      what happened to ur new name ?

    5. Rosemarie Greene

      You are my favorite 1% person

    6. Aggro Zyro

      Dumb boy

    7. Thegalaxy GAMER2412


    8. Katherine Howson


    9. Rachel Byrnes

      60 kills and in 60 minites

    10. HelloMyNameIsChar

      No one: Not a single soul: NAT EVEN A PIG Not even.. wait why are you here

    11. Noah Mason


    12. Nathaniel LunaLuna

      I did a challenge where I only used the guns that you used for this vid

    13. LIVE 4 WATER

      rabdumb how do you keep getting bot lobbies (dumb lobbies*)

    14. OP_RIFTYZ

      Lol euro is on every video I drop nah JK euro 1v1 dm me for a time

    15. Raid_Lux

      7:02. What the freak?! You can get cars!!?? 😂😑

    16. quitsa FN

      You guys smart and cool

    17. Grayson Stanley


    18. Cg Clan


    19. bugardi1

      Soft aim

    20. St3v3n is a Qt

      I thought u left 1%

    21. The TMB

      How do get bots

    22. Abrar alenazi

      why the thumbnail say 84 kills!! when its 68

    23. Mark Ennis

      how do i get bot lobby’s

    24. Julian Livecchi

      Apparently a golden pump is nothing to him 7:22

    25. Chase Hourn

      How do we get into the bot lobbies?

    26. Kyle Hoddinott

      60 kills in 60 minutes

    27. fhd defxz

      114 kills maybe

    28. adrian jose

      i love u Jordan Schneider use code dumd dont be dumd use code dumd

    29. Ben Kissel


    30. Ayanna Claybrooks

      I thought 129

    31. BlxckTxrnado

      Yo I’ve been wondering what happened to nicks?

    32. E Armstrong

      Hi didn’t get the llama

    33. Shreyan Murari

      y dose he not take the ironman guantlants

    34. Kiran Sheikh

      Literally no one: Randumb: “destroying” bots in bot lobbies

    35. Endrit Avdyli

      please someone tell me how does he get on these bot lobbies plz

    36. Euro

      Who's your favorite member in 1%

      1. TtvCaleBtw 2109

        Ran dumb easy

      2. Invert Fn


      3. Seth McDonald


      4. Chase Bage

        Nick and Razz

      5. Wesley Whitaker


    37. BigBoiBoomer

      I think your going to get 60 kills

    38. Gareth Arendse

      Randumb:says they got destroyed Reality: you just sprayed them with a are

      1. Gareth Arendse


    39. OneNightSnag

      He should have done this challenge on controller

    40. Mr Monsteel

      can randumb play real lobbys

    41. MasterWubz

      Fun Fact: All of the games took he played (combined) took exactly 50 minutes and 22 Seconds, which left 8 minutes and 56 seconds for all of the match ques, judging by how he said he had a minute left...

    42. TheFunnyCommenter

      Rip OG ghoul

    43. Lancer_ FN

      Do a picaxe only challenge

    44. Lancer_ FN

      Randumb equals a goated fortnite player

    45. Ivee Ψ

      Lmao, he's in a bot lobby. He goes on his switch account, and then makes it leave the game

      1. Lucky On XR

        Naw we didn’t know bum

    46. Subbing to everyone who sub to me

      Literally 99% won’t see this but,god bless you stay safe and have a wonderful day can you react to my first montage btw ? Pls 😈💜

    47. Subbing to everyone who sub to me

      Literally 99% won’t see this but,god bless you stay safe and have a wonderful day can you react to my first montage btw ? Pls 😈💜

    48. Subbing to everyone who sub to me

      Literally 99% won’t see this but,god bless you stay safe and have a wonderful day can you react to my first montage btw ? Pls 🥺

    49. Louie miller

      I think you will get 120 kills in 1 hour

    50. Ben Hesselbacher


    51. Omar Jackson


    52. InspiredTree173 !


    53. Join my discord

      Just imagine random’s edit bind was alt then his reset is f4

      1. Gareth Arendse


    54. Cesar Roberts

      0:45 umm so am i the only one sus about that?

    55. Alex Adams


    56. reality Iz among us

      How do you still get bot lobbies

    57. Dec Clarke

      What happend to controller

    58. Saying Hi on every video

      How does Randumb always have super charge

    59. Da Fishy

      Hi I’m the guy from Amung us

    60. EliteSpam_YT

      KGup is getting strict with these adds

    61. Lefee


    62. IG SiNe

      Why does randumb not play in his on lobbies he finds a way to get in bot lobbies and he say get destroyed

    63. UnNeccessaryGod99

      Randumb: Today were gonna be playing in bot lobbies Me: No way, really!!

    64. 1 Bolt

      how do you get dumb lobbies?

    65. applejack.

      How do u get bit lobbies

    66. Caststover Is good


    67. Gavi Kaur

      When randumb kills a bot say's destroyed lol

    68. Gavi Kaur


    69. Amanda Pullen


    70. DarkGamez

      My epic is awesomespider999

    71. DarkGamez

      Can we play together sometime

    72. Jared Sportz


    73. Samuel Lane

      Me: OH RANDUMB POSTED Also Me: forgetting he only does bot lobbies

    74. Logan Pool

      Yo Randumb buy me a new controller.

    75. GBR_1993

      Yo Randumb buy me a new controller.

    76. sumbula86

      60 kills in 1hour =1kill every minute what a coincidence

    77. aquaring ding

      imagine being good at the game coild not be me

    78. Common Kyle

      I ordered the txns merch and then my mom said how long will it be and you never answered back sus just sayin

      1. Common Kyle


    79. real_g0att


    80. Aiden Nelson

      I'm guessing 100 somthing

    81. Henwie

      You cracked

    82. Brittian Holle

      I got 36 kills

    83. clarisa escalante

      I think 73 kills

    84. Iman Fahmy

      Is it weirdd that I guessed 59 kills

    85. gaming alfons

      Yo randumb, idk if u already have readen this tweet from spooky glex, but he tweeted this : All OG Fortnite skins will be available to purchase in the itemshop soon, ghoul and skull trooper will be available for all players who purchase it they will be granted the OG style. No more exclusive OG skins for players as everyone will now have access to them. That means that ur ghoul wont be exclusive anymore :(

    86. Owen Lewis

      You are the best KGup in the whole world

    87. Kiyoto

      I think about 60 kills

    88. Sewfy


    89. Ellie playz

      U should do wayyy more vids. Anyone Agree😜

    90. challengekings YT

      Do the same thing but then on controler

    91. Oscar Wagner

      Love the vid! ❤️ It would be even more perfect If you had a timer over your facecam.

      1. Nancy Ellington

        So true

    92. Tim De Gusseme

      58 kills i think

    93. sarah yaseen

      randumb:we are doing bot lobies because i get sweats also randumb:gets ais in every vid

      1. gaming with jey

        What lobby he play in

    94. Basso 8

      Randumb you get bots anyway and you still can't get 20 ur a bot

    95. 1 sub before 2021 Challenge

      *To the Early Squad Reading This: Sending Virtual hugs to everyone who needs it. Always stay safe, read my name 🍃*

      1. Advay Udgirkar

        Ok self promoter

    96. Fe4rless's Grandpa

      How Many Kills can i get in an Hour? Randumb: 82 kills!!! Me: Ha i get 4! (read my name)

      1. UnNeccessaryGod99

        So annoying

      2. UnNeccessaryGod99

        Just stop kid

    97. RAGE Skash

      Sorry random purple skull and pink goul aren’t ganna be rare no more

    98. jake playz fn

      Hey it was my bday on Wednesday and I got one of you're tshirts❤

      1. jake playz fn

        @UnNeccessaryGod99 wat the?

      2. UnNeccessaryGod99

        Gnarly dude

    99. Joanne Reyland


    100. The Epicgamer

      Randumb:bot lobbies That one crystal in salty: lies I say lies