i finally played controller after 3 years of fortnite on pc...


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    i finally played controller after 3 years of fortnite on pc...
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    Today, fortnite ting ting... and if you are reading this you have to like the video now... you said it.. well thought it... why are you still reading..
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    1. FabianSE

      This dude literally made a hole video playing on switch

    2. Midnight ツ

      I wanna 1v1 you while your on controller cause I’m trash at the game lmao

    3. Karthik Pothula


    4. Karthik Pothula


    5. Karthik Pothula


    6. Karthik Pothula


    7. Karthik Pothula


    8. Corrupt Speedy

      Thank Gosh it hasn’t reached 100k

    9. Faze Sucks

      I ply pc and console and mobile ( well used to ply mobile )

    10. Faze Sucks

      He’s good for trying I’m a controller player and when I just got a controller it took me months to learn

    11. Justin Olson


    12. Zenz

      For better AR aim switch to exponential

    13. CHRoniC CrUncH

      I will sacrifice my life for Pakistan

    14. Mixer Vortex


    15. Kairo Martinez

      I'm on switch and I'm as good as you am pc

    16. Melissa Jimenez

      He watch to much anime

    17. Nathen Bailey

      At least he is not playing on xbox...

    18. Earl The Guy


    19. Rool

      Claim your here before 1 million views here

    20. Arc Xyn Ψ

      plot twist:guys do u know the glitch that if there is someone that's level one and its prob a new acc and if u ready up and ready up also in ur sec account u go in bot lobbies because it only count the second account rank only which they are new so bot lobbies

      1. Arc Xyn Ψ

        Girl: Ah, finally, this is the moment! Boy: Will you ever leave me? Girl: Nah! Boy: Do you love me? Girl: Yes, A lot! Boy: Have you ever cheated on me? Girl: Are you crazy?! Of course not! Boy: Do you want to kiss me? Girl: Every time I get the chance! Boy: Would you ever hit me? Girl: Why are you even asking me this?! No! Boy: Can I trust you? Girl: Yes Boy: Darling Girl: Gasp no... Boy: Will you marry me? Now read it backwards love❤ and hate💔

      2. Arc Xyn Ψ

        btw hear this

    21. Obey Danger

      Dumb video

    22. LachyHD

      I pray your parents live more than 100 years, And that you are safe and happy😄❤ Would you mind helping me by subbing to me, It's my dream to hit 1k🔥🔥

    23. Dylan Janavicius

      What’s with the Japanese subtitles

    24. Gabriel Decarlo

      randumb instead of being on controller if you get 100k dumb people to use your code in a week than switch for a month

    25. new channel

      Hey random can I play a match of fortnite with you on controller plz.

    26. TarikTube

      Nobody:....... Literally nobody:......... Randumb:100k likes in 1 day switch to controller What randumb is thinking: formula Formula: bro that’s a controller player

    27. Gabriel Villafana

      Pls play warzone

    28. Gabriel Villafana

      I do but who plays fortnite

    29. Cy Cold

      i can help u get better at ps4 and give u good setting for u

    30. Eben Fernandes

      The disrespect fir nintenfo though

    31. Devon Yang

      Use L3 to use edit mode and r1 to edit and also use 50 for your x-axis sence and 48 for your y-axis sence sorry if i spelt things wrong

    32. Devon Yang

      "Where is my aim assist" It has specific settingsssssssssss for aimmmmmmm assust UnU

    33. Brody Murray


    34. Omar Roqaiti

      I got bored watching this controller bot sry

    35. Aggro Otaku

      Randumb: shows ps4 controller in beginning for the bait Also Randumb: uses Xbox controller in game

    36. MasterK8000

      Games are fun on controller😌, but on pc it's just boring and sweaty😕

    37. Andrew Meidinger

      Randumb: is scared of a John wick Also randumb: is wearing pink ghoul trooper

    38. Galxy

      Me watching this and being good on switch 👁💧👄💧👁

    39. Revised Blaze

      You should do a handcam

    40. Perksy

      Little does he know you can’t play with Mobile Players 🥱💀

    41. Outcast Smh

      So who likes controller and who likes K&M

    42. Isaiah the god

      Omg aim assist

    43. Gordon Ramsay

      xBoX EWwWWWwwWwWwWw DiSguStInG

    44. The Demigorgin

      Do Xbox

    45. Goku is ultra yt

      Im Sonicrun_8ball pls pls pls

    46. Goku is ultra yt

      Pls add me

    47. Lucas Beaudry

      he shows a PS4 controller but he is using a Xbox controller... lol

    48. Michael Sullivan

      Ps4 is better

    49. Crazel

      Randumb you where better than me when I started controler

    50. Outcast Vinny

      You se contller is hard to aim

    51. Carter Williams

      Keep up the good work

    52. Br0k3n Gh0ulZ

      For once I’m better than randum I’m a controlla player

    53. Br0k3n Gh0ulZ

      Goon builder pro easiest settings

      1. Br0k3n Gh0ulZ

        Go on*

    54. Misty Wayne


    55. Juniel Gonzalez

      How did you die to that red knight he sucked I would clap both of his cheeks

    56. Trzy

      Y does he only on aim assist

    57. Anonymous 22 7


    58. Anonymous 22 7


    59. Anonymous 22 7


    60. Anonymous 22 7


    61. king JP

      Why is a on the screen but you're playing on play station

    62. evanon60fps

      Yo love the vids bro I've been here since season 2

    63. Galaxy

      Remember there is no aimest cause of you guys dude👿

    64. Mulier Fortem

      Ran dumb can I help you I play on Xbox I really goated I’m also turning 11 on October 9 it’s a dream to play with my favorite KGup

    65. Imani Mullings

      You put up ur white controller and I look across the room at my white controller and look back😂 had to make sure he ain’t take mine🤣🤣🤣

    66. Drift A X bomb


    67. Bid Bingo

      Man called the red knight a good player

    68. Adiv Aslam

      You are a disgrace to controller players but it is fine.

    69. Bid Bingo

      I 100 percent he thought he could go on controller and just beam everyone

    70. Jt Money

      Tik Tok page

    71. Jt Money

      I don't know what to do but when I took top page it showed that some one of my favorite KGuprs she might have got shot

    72. AnexFN

      I can tell this is the new editor 😏

    73. 𝔸𝕟𝕘𝕚𝕖 𝕍𝕚𝕓𝕖𝕫

      Randumb : shows ps4 controller in the beginning Also Randumb: uses Xbox controller while playing 😢

    74. jahminick madden

      He had a PS4 controller in his hands but the screen shows Xbox controls

    75. Ultra Beyblade

      This hurts to watch 😂😂😂

    76. WHEYLAN CG

      Imagine holding a ps4 4 but playing Xbox lol 😂 use code dumb

    77. logan clarke

      he is using an ps4 but it shows up as a box (pre recored?)

    78. Doggonedude Gaming

      Randumb: am I dumb? Me: your name is Randumb...

    79. Garrett Trout

      If ur a cracked console player and tryna play trios, DM ME ON INSTA!!! GTrout47

    80. DARK Quackers

      Randumb I am a cracked 11 year old switch player

    81. Bailey Te Huia

      Somethings weird didnt u have a ps4 controller at the start of the vid

    82. Oliver Jones

      Where’s the aim assist you can’t pick up a controller and become leteshe

    83. ibomurtezi i


    84. ibomurtezi i


    85. ibomurtezi i


    86. ibomurtezi i


    87. ibomurtezi i


    88. Logan Reiher


    89. King Rajae


    90. Dragon


    91. Dragon


    92. Dragon


    93. Dragon


    94. Dragon


    95. LbrophyArt

      * Ago no nattsu *

    96. FT_DJplus 1

      My guy the crater has been here since season 3 chapter 2

    97. Aanda Hall


    98. Soggy Lip

      My guy really just said “3 years of PC” smh... PC and KB&M are extremely different

    99. GoldFeatherWolf

      randumbs better at controller than me and ive never played anything but controller XD

    100. Alonzo Rickard

      The dumb people not liking to see him worse than he is already