I used CEEDAYS FINAL UPLOAD weapons... (so sad)


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    I used CEEDAYS FINAL UPLOAD weapons... (so sad)
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    Today, fortnite ting ting... and if you are reading this you have to like the video now... you said it.. well thought it... why are you still reading..
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    1. Landon Warner

      do frl4is

    2. ッVyperr

      Do fe4rr

    3. art

      do my guns when i uploaded

    4. Retro _Uzu

      Honestly in memory of Fe4rless, you gotta do his last video if possible.

    5. Santiago Hinojosa Tome

      Next video fearless last weapons

    6. VisionX

      he said solos but really played bot lobby’s

    7. Bucket Head

      Fearless or daquan

    8. TTv Snipezz

      Next do fearless

    9. Aron Funes

      wow i love fishing that hurt

    10. x Zolf

      2:16 “gay play” AYOO RANDUMB😳 kinda sus

    11. Jobo Music


    12. The Me-Di-O-Cre Panda

      Jeez dumb your trashing these children

    13. Ilano corriz

      Do daquan


      me being confused when he said all these weapons are the same its just that its midases drumgun but wait there both midases drumgun

    15. Lil FittsTenper Btw

      Where’s Minecraft

    16. Awon Warren

      I used CEEDAYS FINAL UPLOAD weapons... (so sad) Ceeday typing.....

    17. Louise Pleasance


    18. Dylan Schuman

      You should do nick’s because he quit fort

    19. JFJ

      The sweat is why i quit fortnite, i dont know how people deal with it

    20. {Code}Name_Exitz

      Pls do fe4r next

    21. Kam Dyn

      Do fe4rless

    22. RMH-YT

      Do it with fearless

    23. Angelique Rimmer

      yea do it

    24. Gam1ng W1th Gabe

      do Fea4rless i miss him and this would make me reminsece

    25. Team LIT

      Who else realizes that he edits his vids so much better (btw randumb come back to craftnite plzzzzzz

    26. Liberty Egxxotik

      i think u know that we all want fearless' loot

    27. Monica Bustamante


    28. maximus mancini

      I have been subed since 2018

    29. Ttv earbudboi


    30. Reverse-Kaos

      Nobody: Jordan: sweating on AI’s

    31. cxlturs


    32. Not Nick

      Use fearless guns he hasn't uploaded in a while

    33. Eddy Spaghetti


    34. Its GAMERT

      Fearless Is next

    35. Its GAMERT

      Feries is next

    36. _.tuhrell #

      i see why he has no mats

    37. MrPoeticPotato

      Do jacksepticeyes Fortnite loadout

    38. Theking Ofsmg


    39. Daniel Nasseredine

      Hiii love your vids keep it going

    40. Hunter Able

      He really said he don’t have a long rage when he got a sniper 😂😂

    41. joel hanna

      Do fearless Pleaseeeeeeeee

    42. Wish XD

      weres one with FEARLESS😥😭😞😢❤🥀

    43. Penguin'os

      Make him wear pink ghoul and every time he kills someone he has to say "Halloween already passed"

    44. slxeepy


    45. Chase Pollock

      Fe4less please!!!

    46. carlos#19

      I think he has a new editor

    47. DxrkSniper

      do fearless

    48. von buggin


    49. Barneyaka Fortnitegod

      69 shield!

    50. Klelz

      Do fe4rless plz

    51. SGS Clan

      Do Fe4rless Pls

    52. Augi plays The llama king

      Do fearless

    53. Tv Michael T

      Use code dumb

    54. yddub kid bruh


    55. iNfectious

      do fearless

    56. XD Rapidspice 841

      When is the next dumb craft

    57. Marionette Scars



      First of all you never do the subtitles or transitions Or zooming into characters

    59. G-Man _fugitive

      Can you do fearless

    60. Slxpz69


    61. EZC Supreme


    62. RFCSkirtZ


    63. Eyad El-Iskandarany

      for next vid can u plz use fearlesses last guns

    64. Ghxst_Sik0

      Did anybody notice how dumb used a new edit style

    65. Nathaniel Montes

      new challenge: try not to voice crack 10 seconds into the video

    66. JJJoesh

      Nice headphones

    67. JacobTM

      Do this but with Fe4rless’s layout. He is another big KGupd who stopped uploading

    68. fwery



      If you say zombies 1 more video

    70. axtro_agsecret

      Do fearless we miss him

    71. Fulxsh Dobe

      Don’t lie who’s been a fan of randumb since 2017? Iᴍ Gɪғᴛɪɴɢ ᴀʟʟ ᴍʏ sᴜʙs Fʀᴇᴇ Sᴋɪɴs Jk

    72. Troys vlogs


    73. savage phantom

      Video idea: used fe4lress last video upload weapons


      Literally to the 1% who's reading this, God bless you , stay safe and have a wonderful weekend

    75. JThX Icey Kiwi


    76. Spirit

      You should do fearless next

    77. Esmeralda Cazarez

      Him: i have no mars /Also him:builds randon everywhere

    78. Mister Whip

      Do fe4rless

    79. Lyonga Ghogomu

      do fearless

    80. Ikonik Ironik

      This is how hard you need to sweat to win a game nowadays

    81. Candyce Collier

      Bruh how many 69999999999999999999999

    82. Eli Ras

      Do fearless next

    83. CKP Youtube

      BRO... do fearless next

    84. Candyce Collier

      Me seeing 69 shield and knowing what’s gunna happen

    85. FN_k

      did u get an editor??

    86. Briden Blaine

      If you ever see this I'm a really big fan and I love your videos keep up the good work

    87. Lucca Ayala

      Did you get an editor because the editing looks different and if you did it it’s sick!


      am i the only one that has noticed that randumb got an editer

    89. Brady Walker

      do Fe4rless

    90. SF Spoons

      every time the last person dies and he jumps off to trick shot he says " oh that would have hit" (lol)

    91. Manzanocis gaming

      🔥🔥🔥🔥 u deserve more views

    92. Crxck3d YT


    93. L3 Sand

      Do fearless

    94. aka-saucy

      Fearless PLEASE @Randumb

    95. DarK Clan


    96. M4L x Sky

      Do fearless next

    97. Daniel

      Anyone notice either he got an editor?

    98. Brendon Jacob


    99. logan ivy

      Fearless last uplode

    100. Steven Ponce Amaya

      Please do fearless