Using *GOLD VAULTED WEAPONS* in Fortnite... (BEST LTM)


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    Using *GOLD VAULTED WEAPONS* in Fortnite... (BEST LTM)
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    1. CSF Storm

      I love your videos

    2. Kai Confrey

      One great thing I wish they would bring back (vending machines)

    3. Lazar-_-Jawad

      If your phone is real hold Y to make ¥

    4. Digby Nice

      His ENGLISH (not British) accent is kinda peng doe

    5. vlu42


    6. William Benoit

      dont be dumb be stupid

    7. Vgn_Xotiic

      Claim your, " gold ticket" here

    8. Brendan Williams


    9. XFieryAssassinX

      He said he hasn’t done a solo squad vid in so long yet every vid he does is in squads by himself lol

    10. Jayme Sharp

      Your a terrible toutuber

    11. Subing to anyone who subs to me

      Only one person who likes this will one day be a billionaire- “Good Luck” also read my name you wonderful people :D

    12. Subing to anyone who subs to me

      Only one person who likes this will one day be a billionaire- “Good Luck” also read my name you wonderful people :D

    13. Subing to anyone who subs to me

      Only one person who likes this will one day be a billionaire- “Good Luck” also read my name you wonderful people :D

    14. Chase McCaulou

      Play wagoner

    15. unknown ?

      The combat is ass

    16. Debbie Nix

      The am

    17. Orbit

      Randumb: "I still don't have a shotgun." Viewers : THERES A SHOTGUN THERE

    18. Soba FC

      My dude new wifi is really good

    19. Aqua TonY

      Can I tryout for 1percent?

    20. Quwi

      Randumb:I miss hunting rifles Randumb this video:I hate hunting rifles Exit:didn't you say you love combats why you always lyin

    21. Bir4dYT


    22. Andrew !


    23. Jordi Fonseca

      Bro y he didn’t get hunting

    24. Not_Clipz 1

      Try to get me to 1k

    25. Christian Degeneffe

      I’m not breathing till u respond

    26. Rim

      Me : scrolling through the comments seeing people say "Who's been a fan of randumb sense season 1" Me I've been struggling trying to hit 1k subs hopefully that can happen

    27. Jacob Buss

      You should do squad fills!

    28. sk_justin

      Can i 1v1 u???? Reply to this if yes


      I love you dancing I wish we could play

    30. Syonix

      i love randumb

    31. Kush Anand

      you should do justxn vs randumb even though randumb will prolly win

    32. Bryson Fannin

      You have 3 channels randumb r&dumb and one percent

    33. Mylove Acosta

      "omg i hate that thing" picks it up

    34. xavier williams

      i wish random can doante back to that offbrand tim the tatman guy that was epic man

    35. NotZxnx -

      I remember he played strucid

    36. Brody Hicks

      How do u get such bot lobbies

    37. Brandy Morris

      make a dis server plz

    38. Daniel Alfonso

      You ran pass a hunting rifle… at the start at lazy lake

    39. Iso driblez

      Controller player

    40. AlfZy Oof :D


    41. ArcWasFound

      Randumb should switch to roblox since his most popular video was a strucid video (roblox)

    42. Bryan or Simpy


    43. Gmanof05

      Right when he shot I got and ad

    44. Eastyn Breuer


    45. Priscilla Martinez

      Scars aren’t valted

    46. Momin Kamal


    47. pimpe plays

      Yo where is fall guys I see that you don't have content for it

    48. zozix1k

      Randumb:I hate this thing Also Randumb: commences to pick up proximity grenade launcher Me:.......BOI

    49. The game lord 69

      why is there fallguys funny hashtag on a fortnite video? lol.

    50. FaZe Fl1XS

      Faze Fl1XS

    51. Humaira Bourne

      Plz cut ur hair!

    52. Dylan Dixon

      your videos or nice

    53. Skars42Nite

      If ur bored of fortnite try apex legends or valorant They are actually really fun games ( :

    54. Dániel Major

      Am i the only one that saw the hashtags with fsll guys?

    55. YoBoy Nick


    56. ChickenReep

      can you tell me your brightness and color blind settings, they just look so cool.

      1. Exo メ Psycho

        Tritanope 8 or 7 are his colorblind settings

    57. Emp200sOnly

      Hi Jordan Schneider

    58. Halo ii

      '' that was really dumb" DoNt bE DuMb UsE cOdE DUMB

    59. RektSon

      "are shotguns litterally a thing" Randumb passing a combat twice

    60. Cj Not cool

      How are u going to say that you want hunting rifles back but when you saw one you didint pick it up and you chose it over a guided missel Launcher

    61. RektSon

      Its called solid goldddd. Unvaulted weapons and goldd\

    62. Logistics

      Do a vid on how to get into bot lobbies

    63. ENVY Pringlz


    64. Nicolas Thivierge

      Do ducky’s duck hunt in craft nite pls pls pls theres 100 diamonds on the line

    65. Dewan 1

      Randumb: Don't be dumb use code dumb Me: Don't be dumb be stupid 😁😁😁😁

    66. MG NARUTO



      Fun Fact: I'm last

    68. marshall porter

      don't be dumb use code stoopid love your vids keep up yhe good work

    69. i am a bot

      Fun fact: You are not in full screen right now

    70. Fade Doorknob

      I dropped 19 yesterday and I’ve never dropped 20 I was so sad

    71. Galaxy Lxgie


    72. Adamuz Primez

      When he said don't be dumb use code dumb he stopped bcs he was thinking about formula saying don't be dumb be stupid 😂

    73. Jason On Alt

      randumb 10 kills : bro i have a INSANE amount of kills randumb 25 kills at end of game : i could of done better

    74. ZiScOnAtOr

      Bully: give me your lunch money Randumb: no give me yours! 275 headshot

    75. Appa ඞ


    76. Andru Robinson

      Epic changed the way the deagle look in chapter 2 season 1

    77. BRXDY

      Ight Bet

    78. Nate Piano

      Why did he # falls guys wtf

    79. TheOneCow

      Y did u put a fall guys hashtag

    80. Trxyyツ

      Btw nice accent 0:28

    81. Shadow_Brxdy

      cam spamsL2 likes it from that one vid where he won

    82. Murphy editsシ

      It was the same Ltm solid gold as we all had

    83. JES KES

      These are the people that think solid gold is the best LTM in fortnite 👇

    84. Frownti

      I know the boys got me on getting 100 subs

    85. Mohammed dholkawala

      I am just waiting for someone to say "anyone after the pandemic "

    86. -LaZy-


    87. TH Hussain

      That title tho.... so extra lmao

    88. SnipezAU

      Them 59 dislikes u naughty naughty

    89. Get me to 1k subs so I can brag at school

      Scar isn’t vaulted tho

    90. clix 2.0

      Randumb please reply i love your vids there good content pls reply

    91. kriss kaczmarek

      Can we play

    92. Gross Sprouts

      Do squad fill

    93. Help a nine year old boy get to 100 subs

      To the one% of the people waching this hope u enjoy day and stay safe

    94. Steven Wells

      this dude plays against all bots man

    95. Eli Dunn-Lewis


    96. Here’s the tea Bob jenkind

      0:00 helloie everybody

    97. der hallo


    98. Lost Kristian

      Literally 99% of you won’t see this but God loves you so much. Hope you guys have an fantastic day! (Please read my name 🥺💕)

    99. Aaron Brookhouse

      Me sitting here thinking it was going to be called “old but gold” thinking there’s only vaulted weapons that are gold just to get disappointed 😂

    100. Umxr

      I love the deagle, I will play that mode just to get that gun