my response...


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    my response...
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    1. Xtru

      Omg finally moving on with the easy boring content

    2. Riley Arnold

      I am posting on my chanel

      1. BryanFishy


    3. Gazzer

      when is randumb gonna get verified?

    4. Team Uplxft

      my response

    5. Leoporst Mokkoop

      Ran dumb looked sleep deprived

    6. Bryson Fannin

      You get the chuck from the lunch money you steal

    7. K- Pacz channel

      Can u try valorant please randumb

    8. Gab Crespo

      I wish I can go against bots

    9. Extreme Snipz


    10. Extreme Snipz

      I have of mearch

    11. LaYz

      You should play HYPER SCAPE

    12. CJ

      Why he look so old???

    13. NEO Asphalt

      Astrend btw

    14. Xotiic Vogey

      I 100% agree with u, u are the one putting ur own money on the line so people can feel good and happy. Then when someone griefs it’s ruining other people’s chances. Love ur vids man

    15. MC

      Why do people care don’t grief there is no point and if the creator don’t want to do something then they don’t do it deal with it move on Jesus 69 in the clan tag ❤️

    16. Blnkz_Out Yt

      Has anyone noticed sniper shots are way more delayed everytime you snipe😶

    17. Jay Greenhough

      How do you ban them?

    18. FN Montage

      Roses are red so yeah

    19. olivier

      It's called a PC burnout UPC is getting old buy the $10,000 PC last much longer and it's much better

    20. Shadows LC

      That is good pls keep back to me!

    21. Soonada


    22. Beam_Sw1fty

      Fun fact: Randumb was born on his birthday

      1. speedッ

        No shit

      2. speedッ

        @Evader DL its sarcasm u 5 year old

      3. Evader DL

        isaac on 240 fps so why are you telling a fun fact 🤣

      4. mazisaac

        fun fact: everyone’s bored of fun facts

      5. John Cusumano

        Wow really?!

    23. Onyxel

      Disc shouldn’t be allowed to be in 1% he ruined it all

    24. Kory Hinterscher

      Don’t grief

    25. Callum Low

      Make a discord with 100 loyal people to play in it

    26. shane morgan

      My kids feeling are hurt because he lied.

    27. LilShawty_XD

      Is it just me or does he look really tired 😕

    28. LilShawty_XD

      *Randumb sees a bot Randumb: Gosh your cute

    29. Gordon Ramsay

      Hey Jordan I realize your away from your setup or it seems that way and vids are premium status content ngl

    30. The LEGENDS

      I so agree with you much love ❤️

    31. Silver FC

      This is how many people have been watching Randumb since the obey days

    32. StRaUxX


    33. chines food

      all true

    34. Armaphillo

      remember the time when randumb and tmartn made 5k together at a magic game in 2017

    35. Sir Peyton Chege


    36. stepbro tokyo

      These kids go into customs hoping to earn money or meeting their favourite or one of favourites gamers and ppl just grief for no reason it’s not fair and it’s selfish

    37. Adam Dietzler


    38. Moi Villafan

      4:09 when he starts playing.

    39. William Dooley

      not to be rude but did he look a little off in this video?

    40. The Gomez Bros

      Randumb what would you do if your account got hacked

    41. BeanBen

      Wow I never thought of it this way (btw I don’t grief if u think that)

    42. anaisfierce

      Randumb your camera quality is the worst out of everyone

    43. GET_BOPPED_ 911

      Congrats to 1M in percent

    44. zombiegam3r

      I have to play fortnite on 1000 ping

    45. Tuck Bro

      go back to no green screen

    46. Cold Sniper YT

      i am so glad that u stopped u and nicks are the only people that i watch rn bc u don’t do customs thank you u made the right choice brotha

    47. `notjakob`

      randumb you should do a video where you react to your first ever youtube video !!??

    48. Blazer

      I 💯 percent agree I are so right

    49. Blueknight 28

      Your my fav and your correct

    50. illusionNito

      Random made a good point

    51. Steve

      pls switch to controller

    52. Mayhem

      randumb: we give out the money randumbs video: speakibg of

    53. Julian •_•

      What are your computer specs

    54. Exotic Bot

      If your looking for a fun game to play random, try Tom Clancy‘s rainbow six siege. It is a hole lot of fun

    55. logan donahue

      ew! 7:58

    56. trick5ter033

      tell nicks to play valorant

    57. Raheem Hussain

      good response

    58. Br0k3n Gh0ulZ

      Y r u active? Lol

    59. Yxng Y4nk33

      I'm a fan and it's my dream to join a clan and I wanna join one percent I'm a cracked ten year old and on fortnite I play Minecraft pls reply

    60. Warren Brown


    61. Red Rage

      Randumb ur right I completely understand u and ur opinion thx

    62. Rasheed Grant ?

      if randumb were to die his last words would be use code dumb dont be dumb

    63. buddy boiii


    64. buddy boiii


    65. Gabriel Huff

      I would take 1 dollar over 20

    66. YTF1ame1

      Can i join 1%

    67. T v

      I bet you all the dislikes are from the banned players

    68. yes eric

      when people complain about not getting enough money have they not realized that he is using a number generator it’s called luck smh

    69. Donna Cross

      Randumb try switching ur DirectX version

    70. tim storey

      Why was he l2 spamming

    71. TheReal Khalil

      Damn facts he just spittin facts

    72. Saul Marin

      A inspirational quote from randumb: it’s mines 😂

    73. syverse EX


    74. galaxy-cat 456

      Y did you make me do that

    75. Harold okolie

      only 1% of people will see this but... this is how many people thought this was a joke. (funny right?!)

    76. Clarify Zaps

      Literally 99% of people won’t see this but if you do god bless you and have a great year

      1. Laila Razik

        When its 2020

    77. LoganFilmz


    78. Xxvortex

      Randumb cut ur hair bruh

    79. Pranav Venkatesh

      While it is true that some people are deciding to grief, it's usually not because of the fact that they want to make a career, it's because they want their 10 seconds of glory when a KGupr they enjoy watching reads their name.

    80. Jonathan Castro

      petition to make the strucid 1 hour

    81. Rxflects

      Randumb you look exhausted i think its right that you take a vacation bro.

    82. The goat Moth

      One percent are the coolest human beings

    83. Fungus

      I have to play on 20 fps

    84. Nicole Tortorelis

      Im not trying to hate or anything but can u pls play against real players and not make a level 1 party leader and go in duos and make him leave the game it would be more entertaining to see u play against sweats

    85. TTVLit_LightYT

      finally you stream on twitch again!!

    86. AWaKen Sydney

      you should go back to no green screen. just my suggestion i just prefer it more ✌️

    87. Jordan Merriwether

      Just do it for fun then, stop giving money away

    88. Rehan Ali

      U look tired

    89. NBA White boys

      Loyal fans get this video even me i stream on twitch and the same thing happens to me BTW I’m NOT shouting myself out

    90. Triston Durbin

      What is you insta and snap

      1. Triston Durbin

        @Randumb What is your Instagram. Please answer me.

    91. Dylan

      f for 1%

    92. Gabriel Galarza


    93. SansThePro

      Randumb do be looking pink tho 😂

    94. xJNT

      haha fortnite weirdos

    95. The Seven Deadly Sins Meliodas

      Ran dumb please play hyper scape I would love to see u play hyperscape

    96. Santiago Garcia C

      i rispet your disicion

    97. 1k subs before 2021 challenge

      “WHO ELSE HAS BEEN A FAN BEFORE AUGUST?🎣” “¡ᴍ ɢɪғT̶ɪɴɢ ᴇᴠᴇʀʏoꪀᴇ ᴡʜᴏ ꒒ɪᴋᴇꇙ ᴀɴᴅ sᴜʙs ᴛᴏ ᴍᴇ”🥮

    98. Arx1kage

      Random: Everything feels delayed Also Random: Has 50 ping and a disconnected symbol.

    99. Straz

      play fall guys