i only kill super heroes in fortnite... (so hard)


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    i only kill super heroes in fortnite... (so hard)
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    Today, fortnite ting ting... and if you are reading this you have to like the video now... you said it.. well thought it... why are you still reading..
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    1. Jhadane Mitchell

      9:16 report him for aimbot

    2. Sir FightsAlot

      When randumb doesn't find a bot, "oh he's really good"

    3. Atomic 1

      Holy cow ransoms luck bro the llamas


      Beg brane

    5. Mike Karnas

      Did know one notice that mystique isn’t a superhero

    6. Imaan Yousaf

      Hey Jordan how are you doing today

    7. Oscar Jennier Montes

      So hard😳😳

    8. implayingvideogamesxd

      dude he literally gets so many llamas my god

    9. LG BinDzz

      The intro do good

    10. Default102 3

      Randumb is so Read more

    11. YoCollin

      I’m loving the new intros

    12. Johannes Wetzel

      Love the intros

    13. WAKE VTOL

      Randumb please play with me I need 100 wins to get in a clan

    14. AIM2GAME2010

      Ngl Jarritos are good

    15. Eggy Addessi

      hi randumb i just tried jaharitos there so good and i just wanted to say thank you for making content

    16. ItsnotIsrael

      He actually took a sponsorship

    17. Camo

      Another youtuber thats bouta become a billionaire😔 Life is fast 😢

    18. Tyler Blubbins

      I had a Jaritos watermelon and aw I fell in love with it 😩

    19. Tyler Blubbins

      Yo I love the intro❤️👏😆

    20. The Boofid Cousins

      Saw that upload 😐

    21. Josh Kutz

      Anyone else realize that he got 5 llamas in 3 games

    22. Adyn Parker

      I love his new intros

    23. Fernando Isidro Hernandez


    24. Focus

      Intro is Fire

    25. life Question01

      Funfact Garitos are really good

    26. MrLlamaGod

      How to get easy lobbies

    27. 42 Spectra

      Bruh plasma coming to 1℅ gone be 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    28. Red Blaze

      Are we not gunna talk about the Intro

    29. Matthew Martinez

      Man got sponsered by Jarritos, thats the least expected thing ever

    30. Cameron Hayes

      Didn’t get the llama

    31. The Legends

      Copying Dream’s intros I see...

    32. Jaymonplaysgames


    33. ClazeCooky_YT

      What is this intro

      1. ClazeCooky_YT


    34. Landon Ovalle

      9 17 is my bday

    35. Shebb Shdndbd

      I watched when I wasn’t feeling good and I feel good now

    36. Landencool3

      That intro is nice

    37. Joshua Lillibridge

      how many llamas is he going to find

    38. Julian Pacheco

      Do a sniper only

    39. Qaxo_5 Yt

      Who is better at finding llamas randumb or mccreamy

    40. DuBZ-_-DuBZ Z


    41. Sam Thedford

      My guy is king of finding llamas

    42. Kenny Calderon Lopez

      He got so many llamas

    43. Hydro_reflex

      How he found all the lamas in the game

    44. Julian Eubanks

      It’s so easy to get llamas now

    45. Eric Taylor

      im ur biggest fan :)

    46. Drip_05

      Bro glass bottles hardly pay when you recycle.

    47. purppz

      video: *is about fortnite* video hashtags: fall guys funny, fall guys

    48. Gamerboyzay120

      Can you play strucid for a video

    49. Tsm GorEgo

      As XX

    50. Avrie

      Another banger intro

    51. Fade Doorknob

      RANDUMB if your still looking for an editor ask Anthony pit his edits are great

    52. Ryuuji fo gingy


    53. Retro _Uzu

      bUt ISn'T dEAdpOoL a vIGilAnTe

    54. Realistψ

      I hate when he says someone’s good and he turned off cross platform play just to get into bot lobbies and I just laugh because if he played on his server he would’ve been so good by now and the kids he calls sweaty can’t even do a sing me thing it’s crazy

    55. Figure Heaven

      The pink ghoul trooper is maybe come out what is your Forts on in coming out

    56. GFL Sacred

      Intros tho

    57. Ghost3k

      Did anyone realize he got 3 llamas in one game

    58. Konan on YouTube

      He’s views are going down

    59. speedッ

      anyone not really liking the face cam?

    60. Prime

      Dude thw intro that was soo 🔥

    61. Aiden Henson

      Who else thought he said Doritos the first time

    62. Menno Playz

      That intro is sick

    63. Shark 256

      jarritos good asf bro I buy them when I go eat tacos at the flea market

    64. Yapper Gaming

      Am I the only one loving the new intros?

    65. FN XWAZE

      Deadpool is a superhero

    66. Люблю Себя

      Ну ты и машина

    67. Micah Shaver

      I lived in Mexico for three years and I always had Jarritos

    68. Blake Saputo

      Just sayin Harritos are the actual best drink. Ly dumb and harritos

    69. Tamara Gardipee

      Look at the into tho

    70. Debbie Smith

      I tried this it was so hard😡😡😡😡

    71. Liam McKivigan

      the intro is sick

    72. GAMER BTW

      I knew about the drink before u I think

    73. lil-PS4-boi

      I can’t wait to see what randumb dors

    74. chickenone666

      The intro?

    75. Xsaiy 22

      Mexico soda

    76. Nolan413

      Why is no one talking about the intros they are actually fire

      1. Lil soowoo

        Nolan413 there are a lot wym

    77. R3grets

      llama every single game

    78. Myntaix

      The secret is he is getting married...

    79. Nico’s Gaming

      Randumb how do you get bot lob plz tell me I need them for my vids

    80. isaiah molina

      Randumb i literally had a dream last night where i met u but u had your white hair

    81. Dresden Jones

      Form a couple months ago:jaritos sponser meh. Form now: me no care lol. Jordan gimme.

    82. William Benoit

      Bro your intros are fire keep it up

    83. Ryan Bedezi

      What's with the intro idk

    84. KillinKlonez

      The easiest way to do this challenge is playing the game as soon or doing the challenge as soon as the new season comes out somebody’s gonna be wearing teal one

    85. TXFitsToEasy

      Why is he doing so many random intros

    86. 1T.Clipzz


    87. Pz quaked

      i really liked the intro with the countach it was cool

    88. Sleep Later

      Bro you haven’t been looking to well lately😕

    89. cb_dark _clan

      Intro sick ngl

    90. Mateus Luiz

      Nooo you faild myastik is a super VILAN not a hero

    91. Bryce

      nice intro

    92. Salamanders In space

      Why the hashtag fall guys instead of fortnite

    93. SenetForSenate

      He is doing something with txns

    94. GhxstXIII


    95. ItsMrSamPlyz

      09 17 2020 9PM EST

    96. Cyclone

      one time I found a llama on both sides of a bridge

    97. Falcor836

      Why is fallguys in the tags

    98. xXR3D3LIXIRXx

      They are real players he's just playing Nintendo switch lobbies

    99. GS Nexton

      Only people who didn't come from tiktok are worthy of liking this.

      1. red


      2. Gamer Goat

        And it’s facts

    100. Euphoria FN