OG Fortnite Skins are COMING BACK!?... (goodbye rare skins)


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    OG Fortnite Skins are COMING BACK!?... (goodbye rare skins)
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    1. LAZAIY

      Please bring back the OG styles they should be because that will make epic lots of money and will make the community happyy

    2. Hunter Locklair

      I can't wait I always wanted the og styles I'm so happy sorry ogs and randumb that it's reterning

      1. Fabian Mercado

        I want those to I want og ghoul so much a love the colors🤪

    3. DaBaus98

      I want og ghoul style because i started in season 1 and never got ghoul or skull because my parents said they didnt want to spend money on a game that wont blow up

    4. Shameka Anderson

      My name legendary7414

    5. Griffin Bradley

      i want og style because i just bought it :)

    6. Tristan


    7. Josh 637

      Epic Swift637

    8. Patrick Koosees


    9. Slopelol

      The thumbnail looks soo clickbait

    10. Cal Gene Plaatjies

      My epic is ENZ Kodex im a South African player i play 220+ ping and i barely get gifted skins so ya it will be great if i get one from you

    11. PlaZma


    12. PlaZma

      i’m not gonna beg imma jus put my epic which is 1plazma1

    13. MrFreshBoy

      It might be because fortnite doesen't wan't us to buy account's and get scammed...

      1. MrUnboxerMan

        It’s because of that exactly

    14. formula ya


    15. Light 235


    16. iShai

      My theory is not just a crash grab its to end account selling for good.

    17. LiteralPotato

      It’s only a matter of time before renegade raider comes back..

      1. Fear less

        Lmao, keep that energy bro, epic isnt even release Skull OG style 😂😂😂,

    18. Val Uh Ree

      Hi! I hope you're having an amazing day. My epic is TikTok Valuhree.

    19. Nikola Svilokos

      Epic is :cepi_1977

    20. Graffiti X


    21. Tonypro1245 Goulart

      My epic is thonypro1245

    22. The Boys

      GJ_Money is me epic *)

    23. Mindy Dow

      epic is neiswender207

    24. Terry Fife

      rip creamy

    25. Tobias Strifeldt

      Only green style

    26. Finn Worsley

      Don’t worry randumb you still have black knight

    27. KrazyKitty : 3

      Who knows if these styles will come back. Epic never confirmed anything if they’re coming back but if they do then pffft epic will make a lot of money


      epic id: Aax_Shervin_xaA

    29. Tony Lopez

      Nah skull came out today

    30. Fear less

      Well it didnt comeback

    31. Mister4life Me

      My dumb lord the epic is misterforlife

    32. NOT PLEXY

      It’s cause not many ogs don’t play as much and they don’t want people to buy accounts no more

    33. Aiden Thebeasttt

      I bought the skull trooper today it didn't give me the purple thing

    34. Fz Your_Goose

      Epic games:how bout we bring back skull trooper an not the og style yes isnt that a cool idea fortnite community Everyone who loved the og styles: but why

    35. Shock 92og

      Yup but not og variens

    36. EmilyFN


    37. Jexonmanferdoralover Heiman

      My epic is : Jaxon is back

    38. L Eldredge

      BracedHalo9 please help me with some skins

    39. Sssniperglock

      Awww now we have to flex all are og skins edit:oh wait just whear the season 2 skins

    40. Savyy

      elquemendo2 is my epic

    41. Craz Freezy

      Fortnite sus vote him out

    42. NFNC nfnc NFNC

      TTV_B2M add me

    43. Mustafa Abi

      Is this confirmed?

    44. F I V Ε O ユニーク

      Welp finna be broke

    45. Fudgeyyy

      My epic is Fudgeyyy69

    46. Jonathan


    47. L2 Square 912

      use code dumb if u love your mom and give dah skinz square_square912

    48. Ryan Santos

      epic: akaSandytoes

    49. fishbonecoochie

      I have pink ghoul and skull I hope they don’t come back out but if they do I hope we get a new style 😁

    50. Yeet Forever

      Also I have heard that they may make a new og style of ghoul and skull trooper which is a rainbow variant

    51. Melissa Levy

      Please bring back omg goal trooper

    52. Astro on 60 FPS

      Epic: Kryptic Astro

    53. the Lc BOYS


    54. God of Yeets

      I think they might bring them back but not the og styles

    55. Sam Brown

      My epic

    56. Sam Brown

      Fate baller7563

    57. Austin Roberts

      Plz add me randumb my epic is Austingoat35

    58. XXX_CLAPS_XXX -_-

      My epic is durrellwafer-dj2

    59. Mason Mann


    60. Æ Dubz

      i have og skull and im crying in my bedroom right now

    61. Jose Maldonado

      They’re bring them out bc of account sellers

    62. Nerfmy AimPlz

      No please I have both

    63. Josue Andrade

      My is Airbornepig15

    64. Wavy


    65. ZaXn - Hackz

      Tbh I dont think renegade and aerial because that was in the season shop in season 1. Season 1 ain't coming back so I dont think it will come out. ( I hope it doesn't )

    66. Sam Albert


    67. Charlie Sutherland

      I’m level 193

    68. Azeah Nitro

      Pizza my user is Mombie6745

    69. Azeah Nitro

      I just want green goul trooper

    70. Aaron Whyte

      My epic is: ifurmadrelax

    71. BlazeNoodleMan

      I have blue team leader which won’t ever come back

    72. MBA_ mohamed

      I just found out that you build buttons are the same as mine can I play with you please my instagram is x_mohamed.05 I play on a trash pc but it’s worth it playing with you!

    73. Fastest Killer

      if you somehow read this then my epic is fastes_yt

    74. OoF Dark

      What if instead giving OG style to everyone ... they remove OG edit style from OG’s

      1. OoF Dark

        Nsser _82 ik I was just saying what if that happened instead

      2. Nsser _82

        That’s dumb

    75. 360Wayz_Yt

      Yeet my epic is 360WaYz_YT

    76. opru 0pru

      epic ilyas2playz

    77. DaDdY_ KeYzシ

      Imagine Randumb on zero ping

    78. Little B

      Im not dumb i use code dumb EpicID:littleb5144

    79. Christopher Michael

      My epic is blue_galxy or 5000chrisman plz me plz..🥺🥺🥺

    80. Baby J


    81. Emmett Hagaman

      Blacklab157 epic username

    82. Leo Rocks


    83. Fade Xnvy


    84. erratic abhi

      my epicc is erratic abhi yt

    85. Virtul

      They better not think about touching phone promo skins *Not my precious Ikonik*

    86. Teia Moss

      Plz can I get Skull trooper my epic is Teia moss

    87. Itz_Flixzz

      1 like= refunding to come back/linking accounts to come back

    88. Smerky

      I been watching since you were in Red i love watching your content its the best hope u notice and my epic is Smerky loves you

    89. 200 subs with 1 vid


    90. DeathStalker 662

      My epic is lilSavage569 And if you do add me you may need to look for either DeathStalker662 or the lilSavage569

    91. Wolfys

      Rip OG ghoul and Skully User:Deathstar_xx

    92. ilyyAaron

      ilyyAaron is my epic

    93. DuSK x PG gamer

      My epic is purion daddy

    94. Fishy Brother


    95. Densley Louis


    96. Joseph Griffin

      I’m PAR Flush and I don’t have any of skins so please pick me

    97. FaZe Benjyfishy

      My epic is TTVCOWBOY073383

    98. Acat127

      Acat127 is my fortnight use your name

    99. verox

      they are bringing them back to prevent account buying and selling / sharing

    100. Yordania Reyes

      I think they should bring the pink goul and purple skull but a different style for the og again

      1. fishbonecoochie

        I have them and I agree