*NEW JETPACK* in Fortnite... (SO GOOD)


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    *NEW JETPACK* in Fortnite... (SO GOOD)
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    Today, fortnite ting ting... and if you are reading this you have to like the video now... you said it.. well thought it... why are you still reading..
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    1. Karishma Balgobin

      He fights god teir players, hes insane jarvis!!

    2. Swervezy

      not plaing solid golg has full gold lodout lol hovering over

    3. Asher Lindskog

      Finally you hit another shot.

    4. Isaac Solbrig Kroner

      Hmmmmm... Maybe i should use code dumb?

    5. Edward Taylor


    6. not salty

      Who else is here bcuz he said he hit the shot in his latest vid

    7. ッswayIsVibin

      0:43 he got jet pack

    8. german chapa

      Notice the thumbnail has a sniper dealing 1000 damage😂

      1. german chapa

        No hate just pointing that out


      hi im dumb

      1. LD PREDATOR

        me sixty nine

      2. LD PREDATOR

        many hours later

      3. LD PREDATOR

        me five

      4. LD PREDATOR

        me four

      5. LD PREDATOR

        me three

    10. Turrow

      Please stop playing fortnite and play cod or something with the crew

    11. Im2Cracked500

      U always play with bots💀

    12. Dixie


    13. Rage aløt

      Get a win with no kills

    14. Jacob King

      Yo randumb you should do more solo squads, I enjoyed all the action

    15. Jeffrey Loera

      i wish i got your lobbies man 😭

    16. Nighbot

      0:32 yo nice aim assist 👌👌👌👌👌

    17. Ulisses Ortega

      Random i charge my phone and unplug it when its at 69

    18. E J

      I alredy have the defalt piax

    19. Xelion

      hes doing a solo sqaud instead of a solo duo!

    20. Xelion

      why is his backround music so dramatic when nothing dramatic is happening at all lol

    21. TeMperZ

      You literally play against bots lol

    22. Natasha Dmrs

      can you do squads fill that would be funny 💩💩

    23. Dixlet ツ

      is it just me or is he not verifed on youtube anymore? rip randumb :(

    24. Josiah Santos

      Who else is a huge fan of Randumb?

    25. I got u fam

      the fact he finsihed the match in 8 minutes 😲😲😲😲

    26. Dieguito el chingon

      Is it just me he move back to the 1 percent house


      Randumb: uh oh scary Me: shiver me timebers

    28. Mateo Koro

      i just watched randumbs pokemon vid and it got 19 dislikes and this one got 49

    29. Ryman Castillo

      Also I wanna 1v1 him

    30. XX Nuke Town

      At 0:19 there was numbers what does that mean?

    31. 1God4Me

      plz post minecraft papa

    32. Trent Mata

      Love you

    33. B.williams


    34. Exo Cox

      What do you use to record you videos for gameply

    35. Lime Dream

      jordan i think youre in a bot lobby...

    36. Patricia Gonzalez


    37. Ryzd Homie

      This jetpack is way worse then the old one

    38. Crypitc_ Mikhail

      I found a jetpack at holly out of a chest

    39. ttv playzz

      Will you ply craftnite pls

    40. Omar Saad Ramadan

      its the end of the universe randumb didn't say the holy word (hellloe)

    41. new channel

      Hey random can you play one match with me in fortnite

    42. Mason Rodriguez

      You know what I just noticed randumb only gets bots

    43. Camden Boeninger

      Why is he sweating so hard on bots😂

    44. STX chimp ッ

      You need to make a montage with your Trickshots

    45. Henry water

      Is he back at the 1% house

    46. imツbtw 1

      hes making his own match by typing 157315-13n85-y8320 in the game

    47. Shelton Fumo

      Why does he say theres no content on Fortnite but still uploads Fortnite videos everyday

    48. vxHypnotic

      I heard people get likes for saying random words so Chair

    49. SPR Neo

      You might not see this god is coming back warn the people and can I get 400 subs

    50. KickZ


    51. Fatimah Haseeb Ahmed

      When I played today I went to stark industry and found it first chest then died XD

    52. Donut Dog

      Dear randumb You need to have the op house do youtubers final win

    53. Jack Baker

      Random getting bots in me getting Tfue wannabes

    54. Owenz

      Let's start a petition to end skill based

    55. Tevin Strachan

      And 1v1 me and i got jetpack easy

    56. Tevin Strachan

      Can yoh add me

    57. Vix is sad


    58. AquaZ

      why all his lobby bot lobbies??

    59. Andrew Eschmann

      You finally hit it good job 👍🏻

    60. Patrick Maalouf

      You are versing bots

    61. nøt r3x ləl

      bruh this ain't fortnite no more 😩

    62. Zane Bradley

      In the killfeed his name was 'New Name 76' No wonder everyone was bots. New account?

    63. edxstus


    64. Aqeel Stemmet

      I want more cod

    65. fantom zip

      How did you got in the bot lobby ? Pls tell me I am tired of sweats

    66. Piggery YT

      The plugging is acc getting annoying now stop

    67. Depressed mr crabs

      Fortnite is getting better by every update👍👍👍👍

    68. Euro

      The new jetpack is really gooddd

      1. Alfie James

        @Rxspectz okay

      2. Rxspectz

        It really is good

      3. Alfie James

        So is your sister

      4. Hello YouTube I’m dumb Conroy

        Your every where in Lachlan’s vids muselks vids fresh lazar

      5. Fatimah Haseeb Ahmed

        Yes sir!!!

    69. Saianova Gaming

      Its not meant mean but the videos are getting kinda boring idk their all the same :/ maybe upload arena anyways ur still a good youtuber

    70. Voltic_ Psycho

      Most of his kills r AI

    71. msty


    72. Brett Gallagher

      What happened to his second account on KGup

    73. Dumb Donkey

      It’s not just u

    74. Ryan Feo

      You were the goat at advanced warfare! I’m glad you got the recognition you deserved. Look at you now!


      anyone notice that he is using default pickaxe and not one of the 100's of pickaxes that he buys and has

    76. Takaradope Yt

      Fun Fact: Faze Kaz is 22 years old

    77. iiam23k _

      Randumb makes enough money he don’t need 13 channels🤦🏾‍♂️

    78. ads123 4


    79. Rufio Corbeil

      You know there still is silver boy mythic

    80. Alexis1

      Use code VB34M on the fetch app so u can get 2,000 points scan receipt first it will mean the world to me

    81. ForgetSplash

      Randumb background music do be hittin different

    82. Cutie Thorn

      Why did you hashtag warzone and call of duty

    83. Marcos Mollinedo

      I am using code dumb and I got my 72th win by using your code yay

    84. Sammiethedoggo Treats

      What if in my first two games I got one out of a normal chest at salty and one at doom as floor loot

    85. Raid_Lux

      I ain't never seen two pretty best friends. Always one of them gotta be ugly.

    86. Donovan Castile

      It is not rare I got 4 in one game

    87. Jomerica

      Wht headphones r those😅they look nice

    88. Evan L

      They got rid of double movement because a lot of people were mad when the figured out that bugha was using a exploit for it

    89. Capz ay лол Ω


    90. Trashyboy trashyboy

      ur in duos

    91. Jynx Eclipse

      Ahh chapter 1 the memes the fun gameplay Now: Everybody is a sweat and it is crazy


        Yeah the sweats should just stay in arena

    92. Nooni Brock

      The way this dude says squads lmao xx dont be dumb

    93. Bro time

      Nobody: Randumb: you got rocked

    94. xz MDK

      What region do You play on ?🥴🥶😭💯

    95. Bro ballers

      Wdym that trick shot was fire 🔥🔥

    96. IDK Puff

      I think he had to whip out King Spectate and that is why it’s duos

    97. IDK Puff

      Brings a new meaning to clipbot...

    98. Ace

      Watching this in school just for u bro🤩🤩

    99. Yillian Barriere

      And also I'm a big supporter from this chapter

    100. Yillian Barriere

      Including randumb