Joined The Dumb House!!!


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    Joined The Dumb House!!!
    @One Percent
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    Today, fortnite ting ting... and if you are reading this you have to like the video now... you said it.. well thought it... why are you still reading..
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    1. No's On The Beat

      Join plutonium 🥺

    2. diante

      Wait so he left 1%

    3. Itz B1urr

      Can anyone tell me what’s happening with him and one percent

    4. Synatamii

      Can i collab with u To make on of the dumb logo's My Instagram Is Syphoncodm Twitter Syphonfnm Dm I wanna be one of the Dummies :)

    5. Katie lougoon

      How many houses has this man been in holyyyyyyyy

    6. Zachary Southard

      Are u still in 1p

    7. Void Silence

      What happened to the one percent house

    8. Cristian Munoz

      What happened to one present

    9. RX Warrior

      Can I join lol

    10. Negro Blanco

      Lesssst go

    11. Ashton Moffatt

      “Off whites” just some shoes 🤣🤣

    12. CameronAdams

      Why don’t you just recruit those people to 1%...

    13. deoxis playz

      My grandpa died on the 17

    14. Jaden Gallegos

      Iove you guys all

    15. Common Kyle

      I’m getting txns sweat shirt 🗣👃👮🏿‍♂️💂🏽🦹🏼‍♀️

    16. tanya Sims

      Random looks horruble um sorry its not the look

    17. HTB_Slxme

      did he leave 1 percent

    18. OculusLuc

      I’m dumb

    19. Caleb Clemons


    20. Zyro FN

      1v1 me

    21. Nada mazen


    22. Renegades Electricscooby

      I came back and his hair is so different

    23. lewis 420

      You should let the main people who win in the customs....blow this up so random could see

    24. Mikail

      So he was in LG then one percent and now dumbhouse

    25. mInTy_HeBbI 08

      Why did u leave LG?

    26. Blyvs8124

      I started season 5 I am good at fortnite

    27. Blyvs8124

      And I play fortnite

    28. Blyvs8124

      I'm 18

    29. WoW RyZe

      Randumb should drop his own shoe brand

    30. Elite Juopuy

      what about 1%

    31. Ethan Pilcher

      Is he still in one percent

    32. Sir Mongoose

      he really said by one percent

    33. YJZelo

      Why is there fall guys tags😂😂

    34. Sf dragracer200

      This man made us get 3 awesome face reveals 😂

    35. Gary Watson

      Cut that hair

    36. Carla joachin

      Did you leave one percent

    37. ClapXz

      Imma say one thing change your haircut

    38. Faze Sucks

      Wow let me guess randumb made the dumb house

    39. Aaron Rodriguez

      Soooo.. randumb basically told these guys they can live in the house gave them the keys and said your welcome

    40. Stel Koutsouras

      Don’t be dumb use code dumb

    41. SVW Clan

      Let go

    42. Luke Leslie

      The red house all over again

    43. Landon Brooks

      Let’s GOOOO

    44. Justin Hall

      You did not leave one percent tho right

    45. 10FLICK

      Is he still in 1%?

    46. Ben Rijis

      I was about to type before I watched this video and say did you leave one percent

    47. XRayGL

      Broooooooo what happen why is randumb in a new house😞😞😭😭😤 oh he is in a new clan awesome but I kinda what randumb to make some gamer videos and outside videos too

    48. Hybrid Shah

      I love u bro, keep it up, and good luck with this

    49. Flame

      So why is this the riskiest thing you’ve done

    50. Craig adams bfe

      I paid for merchandise the day #1% started and i am still waiting for it to be delivered????????

    51. Craig adams bfe


    52. Leason Hoi

      Remember Strucid

    53. Imaan Yousaf

      Hey how are you doing today

    54. kash money boy awssome

      The universe is dumb

    55. Hamzahabout

      Irrelevant no one watches you

    56. Jaman 223

      Yes good job

    57. TGS snipe yt


    58. Hamzahabout

      Worst youtuber EVER

    59. Diego Martinez

      ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ i love it I'm a bug fan

      1. Diego Martinez


    60. ThE 0nE123

      What happened to your views yikes

    61. Rain Tfue

      What happened to 1%house

    62. earthtager

      Hair cut

    63. Champion 28

      You left 1%

    64. Logan Aldous

      Honestly such a nice house would love to meet you guys and join the randumb house looks awesome

    65. CrownTheWolf

      Did you make a new clan/team

    66. Aiden Ortiz

      I already bought some merch

    67. Shadow_ King1576


    68. ᴢʏᴘʜᴇx1シ

      In the next 3 weeks he will start a new house dw!

    69. Fodayz シ

      Good luck

    70. RidgeonThePigeon

      I miss your old hair

    71. V1rtal just


    72. GhxstXIII


    73. Allocate 1

      2:02 “Just some shoes”💀

    74. Username

      Can you please do a shoe collection tour or something pleeeeaaase?!?!?!?!

    75. Kofi

      "just some shoes" me wanting a pair of off white 1s forever :(((((((((((((((

    76. Kaden ORourke

      Stop flexing bruh. my car costs more than your house.

    77. WonTheStrong

      Damn I wanna duel randumb in yu gi oh

    78. WonTheStrong

      I only have a xbox

    79. WonTheStrong

      Damn ur pc is cool

    80. Frankingstin Dracular


    81. L2_Electric


    82. Flix Is Vibing for lifeッ

      did you leave 1 percent?

    83. Ellerbizle

      what happened to 1%

    84. arise koazzy

      This house is dumb.

    85. brady on 30fps

      Lets go

    86. Itz ElMago

      Tydens finally has a new house after his house fire

    87. Sy Flem

      Randum deserved more

    88. PG_ GHOST

      Randumb remember [69]

    89. icarrybots

      is the dumb shop youth or men’s?

    90. christopher Flores

      Can I JOIN PLEASE :p it me dream

    91. Holden

      Start doing cod warzone videos please I’m tired of fortnite

    92. Desiree Rblx

      What about one percent what happend

    93. Kryptic oli

      What are you in LG,1% now dumb

    94. Cal Doran

      Is he still in one percent

    95. Noah Kain

      Are you still in one percent

    96. Cate Tafur

      R u still in one percent?

    97. Fisher Pope

      Show us your baseball swing

    98. ToxicXalio

      Let’s be honest Tydens is going to explode the house someway somehow

    99. Stxdyy

      I’m so confused did you leave 1%

    100. Icee Clan

      Less goo