i spectated the weirdest players i've ever seen on fortnite… (awkward)


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    i spectated the weirdest players i've ever seen on fortnite… (awkward)
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    1. Karol Mendez Mercado

      You get the worst lobbies ever

    2. Justin Argueta

      My screen is black for a second 😱

    3. 100 Hour Gaming

      Randumb if you get a real win you get $100

    4. Iqovzz on Controller

      Random was piping off lol

    5. Dan Solas Outdoors

      i was doom add me on my ollte account at williame0089

    6. Sisq_oldprojr


    7. Ethan the Green-Doge

      imagine having 10k likes and 100 dislikes, randumb how do you do it

    8. Fardous Egal

      Bruh that’s me ...

    9. Tony Vigil

      Dude you literally get the easiest people bruh, why don't u drop a 30?

    10. ツTru_Flex

      Randumbs lobbies are the type of lobbies I want

    11. Flake

      Anybody else noticed he placed #100

    12. Alfiewhy

      Try play on controller for a week good vid idea btw

    13. Velocity Clan

      Fortnite is so dumb

    14. Kush GUPTA

      Randumb: Plays in bot lobbies Me: Plays with Bugga in my lobbies

    15. Stephen Miles

      The weirdest video i have ever seen

    16. torchz

      immmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm back

    17. killerzombie 364

      Play on middle east server for better players

    18. G-Fuel Snortter On 60 ヘルツ


    19. Khloe Clicks


      1. YungPaul2010

        What about it

    20. Advengers_ z

      Hey randumb I leave when I die because being a ghost is SOOOOOOOO BORING

    21. Avery Goble

      once i spectated a person named memelordhahahahahayoucantgetthenamenow he deleted his account after getting reprted he was my fren

    22. Soar Nine

      Do more Minecraft

    23. Paxton Manley

      In area there is no ais.

    24. Cool Right?

      what happend at 7:45

    25. Rjp623


    26. Lisa Larson


    27. Andrius

      Man american servers are just another thing

    28. Damian Bond

      I have only played as a ghost twice and it was to see how many buildings I could destroy

    29. RLX Cranks

      omg took forever for someone to win

    30. Bradley Ratliff

      I hate the zombies

    31. xXtoxic TrendsXx


    32. Sky Shot


    33. Opp Dropper

      Fortnight is dogshit I quit as soon as they added fortnightmares

    34. narrorater _

      i am only 6 YaErYs old

    35. Miles Bowkerr

      Can you do more among us please

    36. cyberman 1375

      i was the 137,666 veiwer..

    37. Ghoul

      Pika pika= hiiiiii

    38. Buddy chill

      The weirdest thing about this is that I got the exact same Raid shadow legends two times in a row...

    39. Classic Awesomeness

      Pls play crafnite again

    40. Michelle Reece

      He messed up he said no ghoul trooper if he sees this because he wore skull trooper

    41. Senical

      How do you get so many bots

    42. Try Cowley


    43. Try Cowley

      *Randumb is daddy*

    44. Try Cowley

      _Randumb is my father_

    45. Try Cowley

      -Hey Randumb hows it going-

    46. TIKO FAN

      imma cop that new playstation router

    47. Barb Smith


    48. TIKO FAN

      im dumb i use code nicks

    49. HB Reflex

      do squads and if that squad wins ive every peron in there squad 100 dollars .

    50. alex 331h1

      fortnite is still alive?

    51. Krypton_ Brendel

      Shocking video try not to laugh? Still waiting

    52. JD Costino

      Y would they add this it’s so dumb I LITTERLY only play am creative

    53. Abubakar Salim

      My lobby’s r filled with sweats his are full of bots

    54. disguised bear

      randumb: try to play overwatch keep the videos up

    55. best gamer

      Every time I go on solos it'll be sweaty

    56. Ashley Gibbs

      Dumbcraft!!! Do dumbcraft!!!!!!!!!!!!¡!!!!¡!!!!!¡!!!!!!¡!!!!!?¿??!!!

    57. blitz bruh

      dont be dumbbbbbbbbbbb

    58. Vide-sync

      Okie, this is for u, Read this messege until the end, its adorable. I sent an angel to watch over u last night, but it came back. When i asked "why?" the angel said "Angels dont watch over angels." Twenty angels are in ur world. ten of them are sleeping, nine of them are playing, and one is reading this messege. god has seen you struggling with some things, and god says "its over." A blessing is coming ur way. if u believe in god, send this to fourteen friends, including me. if i dont get it back, i guess im not one of dem. as soon as you get five replies, someone u love will surprise u... not joking. pass this messege on. please dont ignore it. you are being tested and god is going to fix two big things tonight in ur favor. if u believe in god, drop everything and pass it on. TOMMOROW WILL Be the best day of your life. DONT BREAK THIS CHAIN. SEND THIS TO FOURTEEN FRIENDS IN TEN MINUTES. ITS NOT THAT HARD. NO GROUP CHATS (I had to UnU)

    59. Marissa Norman

      Bro I’ve been watching u till chapter 2 season 1and u are gooooooooooood

    60. shungite ,

      Bro fortnitemeres is so broken I got 40 kills

    61. Watermelon Boi

      Don’t be dumb use code dumb

    62. i king

      Im i good at fortnite?

    63. Fetching Sand


    64. myst_magic 23c

      I've never seen sweatier lobby's no wonder he promised to never play solos again lol

    65. Mygane

      People are either insanely trash or insanely sweaty it's just so annoying

    66. Wassi

      When did you start playing? 👍 : Season: 0 - 6 💬 : Season: 7 - 14 My videos are inspired by Ceeday’s and Fe4RLess`

    67. Matthew Ehrlich

      Where is AnotherDumbPodcast? (Copy this so he can see plz)

    68. Nicholas Hartaway

      Is this the most chaotic spectating video or what

    69. JADEN :


    70. SportsFanGoat Bk

      Enjoyable video

    71. Landencool3

      Try and win with only the loot from the Jets that landed on the map

    72. PxintFN

      Weird names... New name 69 👇how many time randumb blinked

    73. riivervixenn

      thanks god for the content 🙏🏻❤️

    74. The painting Girl


    75. Connor Westbrook

      Hope you are feeling better

    76. Vanish Tox

      That edit at 7:33 great edit

    77. Lost Kid

      You should do it with Dous

    78. Nitrix yt

      This is why I dont play fortnite anymore its just AI and getting abilities.

    79. RecklesssFN

      No one: Nobody: Not one person: Randumb: did some one say spectating video!

    80. Fade Doorknob

      Minecraft plz


      i remember i was the lastt person alive v 23 zombie and i won with 45 kills

    82. Aravind Parakkot

      I used code dumb by buying pump it up and blinding lights

    83. Charlotte Harnett

      Do duo

    84. Abel Arredondo

      Tell me how when he actually wants to play he gets in the most sweaty lobby’s in the world but when he spectates he gets in boy lobby’s

    85. Avxry Licking Battle

      I haven’t watched you in forever because you don’t upload Minecraft anymore and I don’t watch fortnite anymore

    86. Greg 200 Pumps

      Ur Name should be Dummy Is Dumb or Dumb Is a Dummy

    87. Farooq Salah

      Let's be nice the new name is randumb

    88. Rainbow Sige

      My account got hacked

      1. Rainbow Sige

        I had og skull recon renegade ghull

    89. Nintendo god.

      Randumb stop exposing ur aim bot

    90. Team Envo

      (Literally to the 1 % that see this god bless you and stay safe during these times 👑 I’m struggling to hit 1K)

    91. Fe4less Rock

      Bruh fortnite literally copied cod smh

    92. Huxley Fine

      6.9k likes LOL

    93. luvtotk

      play a different game please

    94. Aleksandros Dar

      Did again Epic games copied apex legends? Plot twists :Apex last year added a mode with shadow and legends if you day you became a shadow if you didn't now

    95. EzClapz_56

      I wish I had your lobbies

    96. Dixlet ツ

      i would give the money to the guy who won.

    97. Ryze


    98. xroese

      I don’t think you understand how annoying and hard it is if your fighting people and ghost at the same time. I mostly die to only ghost now😅

    99. Daniel Alfonso

      Am idea for content: Do this challenge:If you die to a zombie you have to eat something spicy 🌶

    100. Sheriff bags

      Who else sometimes calls them ghosts and sometimes calls them zombies?