I used FE4RLESS' LAST UPLOAD weapons... 😭😭😭


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    I used FEARLESS' LAST UPLOAD weapons... 😭😭😭
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    1. Fusionpro

      do a video where u play Arena on controller

    2. Fusionpro

      This is My YT=Fusionpro

    3. Absolute Poggers

      This is what we call original keep up the the good content

    4. Big MaC1665

      He’s good but fight real ppl 4 once

    5. Imdrix ꙰

      At 2:18 did anyone notice he hit the default 143 headshot white and did not die

    6. ItsJeqi

      U should've played his last guns but also with his editing style

    7. Tiszon Sketo

      Do Ceeday

    8. Crafty Cadman

      No it was actually a grey pump and grey smg

    9. Carlosboii123

      2:43 that’s me every time

    10. Unseeable clan


    11. Josie Garcia

      I thought he was only allowed to use pump, burst, and sniper. But in the beginning he used the combat and scar. ON REAL PEOPLE.

    12. Jaxon Stanley


    13. Tucker plays

      he dropped a 50 bomb dang

    14. Tucker plays


    15. Xotic1k

      Fearless has a new chanel it's called FearlessV2

    16. mintyFn

      Do Jarvis

    17. Troy Newell


    18. Michael Ceniceros

      Did you see the damage for white 2:16

    19. omar almelegy

      We need fearless back

    20. SKULLYZ TV

      2:40 Randumb goes full try hard mode on poor little Ai but he doesn’t do this on good players

    21. ConvixFN

      Sway only dropped 64 your pretty close

    22. Jose Rodríguez

      I love how he casually gets 56kills and isn’t even surprised

    23. Frosty_Tomatohead

      Much love to fe4rless

    24. XxKrankerXx

      Bro why u use the scar

    25. shayan Humayun

      56 kills omg

    26. Matt Norman

      Joogie gang where u at

    27. johnny uribe

      Made me cry in the first 5 mins.😭😭😭

    28. Stimulus Clan

      I want fearless to upload again your vid are the best pls upload pls

    29. thick kay


    30. Sweaty BoomerBTW

      do it with me

    31. Noah Walker

      He was so good

    32. The Geno Man

      Did no one notice mr dumb hit the bot for 143 he didn't have shield

    33. Qwact YT


    34. BFC StormiPwl

      “When the world needed him most, he vanished” :( Edit: Nvm hes back, watch lix’s video

      1. MC- Master

        Can u pls send me a link or tell me the lixs vid.

      2. The Crazy Animals

        Nice avatar refrence

    35. Crafty Cadman


    36. vlog maria hotgirl beautiful

      *Here is your “here before 1 million views” ticket.*

    37. Howard Powell


    38. ꧁༺Jess༻꧂

      fearless if you are watching this pls upload :( btw we all miss you

    39. Andrew Tasker


    40. petra lasbaher


    41. Kai Confrey

      The bolt action is really trash for no scoping😂😂😂

    42. Kai Confrey

      All of them guns were in the game In this video

    43. Fisherシ

      If FE4RLESS uploads again I’ll start playing again

    44. Fishy boi

      can I just say even bigger brain if he side grade the scar

    45. xd Radboy

      Fe4rless 🥺😭

    46. Young hockey sniper Kossler


      1. Erica Lueptow


    47. jaxon rempel

      Rest in peace for fearless

    48. faze renegade

      your first fornite video weapons

    49. vlog maria hotgirl beautiful

      Fun Fact: There are more planes in the ocean than boats in the sky

    50. Semiツ

      Imagine fearless comments here and replies to on of us

    51. Matthew Couturier

      Ceeday last upload loot

    52. MD_VOIZ

      I am waiting for mines

    53. X_Mr_tomato___ ___

      To all these kids saying come back fearless your making us worry blah blah blah Stop he’s just taking a break

    54. Logan Lewis

      Ninja please

    55. Dodonuts


    56. william richmond

      ceeday pls

    57. Echo464

      Do it for daquan

    58. Winchell Jorge

      Do with Daequan’s last weapon load out

    59. Darthkillerbruh

      When you spell Fe4rless name wrong

    60. joshua isn't a simp

      Do it w daequan next

    61. Cheater Uzl

      Basement house in salty

    62. Cheater Uzl

      Ik y’all saw that 143 white and he didn’t die

    63. yajahira garcia


    64. CrossedGraph 357

      Dude I miss Fe4RLess he was such a legend and so good :(

    65. Angel Guerrera

      Stop using people for likes

    66. Zap

      56 is crazy holy crap

    67. Zer0 FN


    68. MJCobz


    69. Lurky

      That was a ran-dumb moment

    70. MAOZ MAOZ

      No one gonna talk about how he writes fe4rless

    71. Captain Marshall JR

      play arena cuz you play with bots

    72. ArclighT666


    73. IG_Gl1zzyhut

      he should use faze jarvis last game loot

    74. Dark Knight

      Wjat happened to fearless

    75. RAZE:Yuyo122 :0

      O hope fear comes back


      Do one with JD courage

    77. Jacob Giddis

      Randumb: I hear shoot Me: dang quarantine isn't just getting me


      Bot lobby

    79. Zoomy

      Why did he stop? Will or when will will he return?

    80. Riverrz

      Do Daequan plzzzzzzz!!!!!!

    81. 88redpanda8 Is my epic

      My record is 52

    82. Sizzle

      When i saw fe4rless i clicked

    83. RNG Galaxy

      Why’d you put a three, it’s a 4 in his name fe4rless

    84. Staqx Frozty

      Just looking at 56 got me scared to play fn mares

    85. Trent Udovic

      That's disrespectful you spelt fe4rless wrong

    86. IzEzzy Rodriguez


    87. IzEzzy Rodriguez

      Y didn’t you side grade lol Love you randomb

    88. F3ARKlay

      Do Ceeday pls

    89. LO5T e-girl

      Nicks last scrim winners wepons ayeeee

    90. Sophia Jones

      Where is the shock TikTok video I have been waiting

    91. Antonio Rivera

      Dysmo last fortnite vid!!

    92. EyIsQt

      I think we all agree we need fe4rless back

    93. bud marvel

      Pls do ceeday

    94. Anthony Garcia

      Fearless is comming back he needs a username thats it

    95. Alma Hernandez

      Can you do myth

    96. Kazir Jones


    97. Choppa _

      Do ceedayy

    98. Alex

      Imagine FE4LESS sees this 🥺

    99. Holo RebootFN

      Randumb: Kills more than half the lobby Also Randumb: I used FE4RLESS' LAST UPLOAD weapons... 😭😭😭

    100. Seif Hamamsy

      Joogie plzzzzzx