How to COPY skins in fortnite... (SO COOL!)


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    How to COPY skins in fortnite... (SO COOL!)
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    1. Fayyad pro

      *how to get the emote*

    2. ʟɪʟᴊᴏsʜ

      Imagine if she had an ability to copy any emotes

    3. qusai ayman

      How can I get this emote

    4. Erica Henderson

      Plot twist he can see through things now

    5. Chris Mas

      1 20

    6. msty

      4:28 this fight right here is y ppl hate fn

    7. JAggy PHIL

      Hey Jordan you can be a Stark henchman with Mistique

    8. Pizza Gamerist

      7:12 and they talk about controller 😂 💯

    9. Ryan Ogg

      Oohhhh it’s a pepper !!!!!

    10. TG Ac1d


    11. Marcelito Rangel

      Hi i just suscribe and i love KGup videos.


      Random has soft aim

    13. tk softy

      Took to long to pop the big pot lol

    14. Monica DeHaven


    15. FOOTN1TE #1

      What if u find a renegade raider?

    16. Gameingwithaimbot

      so we not gonna talk about the bot lobby

    17. Joanna Herbert

      I’m a kitty kitty kitty we’re u at hahahahah that was a good won randumb Ayo guy don’t be dumb use code dumb

    18. Bjarki YT

      Genie:Your wish was granted, you got good aim🤣

    19. itz key

      If you don't hold your pixaxe out it won't run out

    20. sweat clan

      For a second I though u were using amibot lol

    21. KoolManShiloh

      how many times he reloaded his gun 👇

    22. Faqtッ

      No hate but I actually think randumb using soft aim

    23. Kirsten MIller

      How many times had he said cool ⬇️

    24. Coach

      How is everyone he plays awful??? So many easy kills

    25. slimeplayz

      This video had 420k views nice

    26. scoobyツ

      ayyy yuh

    27. Hunter Wilson

      am i the only one to notice he’s been playing in bot lobbies lately?

    28. Sawyer Fuller

      I play on ipad and I am in the old season with all the mythics

    29. Rameen’s lab

      | 卂爪 卂 卄卂ㄒ乇尺 | 卄卂ㄒ乇 ㄚㄖㄩ尺 ᐯ|ᗪ乇ㄖ丂 |ᗪҜ 山卄ㄚ 乃ㄩㄒ | ᘜㄖㄒ 爪ㄖ尺乇 尺乇卂ㄥ ㄥ乇ᐯ乇ㄥ丂 ㄒ卄乇几 ㄚㄖㄩ 卄卂ᐯ乇

    30. Mason Cousart

      what r ur lobbies dude

    31. bwlbo

      love the hashtags

    32. Lazy Swayvey

      Man got bots now soft aimbot smh

    33. Saxon Farmer


    34. milk plz

      the whitest guy ive ever seen

    35. Sml

      382,602 views 32 k likes 297 dislikes

    36. Jeanelle Sampong

      Randumb only if my aim was better Not even 10 minutes later my aim is cracked

    37. GLTC Swarx

      Bru pay to win

    38. YourBiologicalDog

      Randumb: Hip fires at long range “I WISH I COULD AIM”

    39. hrick sengupta

      Randum: I can’t hit any shots! Me: the whole vid is u shooting people from 100000000 miles away and hitting them

    40. Vocal On Sticks

      Random hacking in frenzy?

    41. Forthun

      well i don't say it has anything with me liking your videos, but... Ya boi found someone

    42. Vocal On Sticks

      I already new this your late but ok...

    43. Elian.

      "Im a kitty kitty kitty where u at" bars!!!!

    44. Cade Chetty

      Love the intro 😂

    45. 2muchChris

      I love how he gets straight bots getting 20 kills each game he plays but when I play my first game of rye season all I get is sweats! Is there something I’m not doing right?

    46. Dâve

      Becoming rare skins with new emote

    47. Stellar Auxi


    48. Kxrma Dxnt care

      Randumb litteraly goes against non players

    49. xre on 60fps

      All floppers are just regular floppers just so you know.

    50. Ni'Jerion Davis

      Shorts where cool 😀

    51. JB Time

      Soft aim

    52. S1 Roblox games and more

      I’m a kitty kitty kitty where you at lol

    53. Back Flip Boys

      Steel forms renagade

    54. xd CLIPY

      Join the boys

    55. Maki

      Randumb you know the floppers will become the normal one when u pick them up but only the diffrent flopper colors

    56. xd juicyclap

      Is it pay to win?

    57. uly es

      Imagine going into fashion shows now

    58. VxdeLF

      You can do this with stark robots btw

    59. 100_ Brycegeeg

      Who is here in 2050

    60. Diar Begolli

      play tournament

    61. Tb jolly

      You can last long if you don't shoot reload and swing your pickaxe

    62. Luke Hepburn

      He is in not lobbies

    63. idk_simply _me

      I used cod dumb and became dumb uwu

    64. Alpha Mythic

      how long till it goes away

    65. help btw

      randumbs aim is better than mine and i play controller wtf

    66. nguyendinh phuongvinh Funny

      air fryer

    67. Big Josh K

      Hits him for 21 “oh he’s so weak”

    68. baby Ot airpod

      renegade raider in ur game randumb: * *Puts Mystique* * also randumb: * *kills renegade raider* * STILL RANDUMB: * *DOES THE EMOTE* * everyone in the game: * *2 RENEGADE RAIDERS OMG AHH* * the kids: * *A PFPFPFFPFPFFPFPFPFPFPFP WHAT! OMGGFGGGBCJS WHAT THEHEH HELLLL OMG* *

    69. RCT. Hallow

      imagine killing a renegade raider and doing the emote then take screen shot damn

    70. Tegu 365

      A new meaning to identity fraud

    71. Raid_Lux

      Randumb: Why Is Everyone Hiding From Me. Me: I Don't Know Maybe Because You Have Over 15 Kills And Also Hitting Every Shot😂 8:20 No hate

    72. moe ఌ

      can u please buy me tiers!

    73. Brendan Boz


      1. Faze Bird san


      2. Faze Bird san

        bro stfu it’s a gamer

    74. ツBotz

      I’m a kitty kitty kitty ur a bot woof (not to u)

    75. Maxwell Ashton

      My Favorite 1% Member is Randumb! Who is your Favorite 1% Member!

    76. colossal fish898

      Can you transform into stark bots :)

    77. Xtinct _Xello

      8:19 random turn into the meowscules you where fun to play with lol

    78. Donovan channel

      Jarvis got banned but not randumb????

    79. Trap Clan


    80. Echo Is DooDoo

      I hate that when you move you lose it

    81. ASMB Moji

      8:29 ummn FaZe Jarvis in the building

    82. Brecken Palaia


    83. Smidge

      Who else has been a fan for over a year (Read my name btw)

    84. Smidge

      Who else has been a fan for over a year (Read my name btw)

    85. Smidge

      Who else has been a fan for over a year (Read my name btw)

    86. Smidge

      Who else has been a fan for over a year (Read my name btw)

    87. Cam Johnson

      Wow he's using fall gut hashtags

    88. Itzplex

      Go in creative and do it

    89. Dixie

      So what if you do the emote without killin someone

      1. TrixyCocoFishy

        Jolt Dixie idk

    90. Fishing with Will

      Randumb: was he so weak Other player: 100 100

    91. Bigdipper3600

      Who ever reads this God has a plan for you. Stay positive and strong..❤🙏

      1. Idk ?


    92. Esteban Vinasco

      How do u get that emote?

    93. Team RTK

      Who ever is seeing this look at my name

    94. Julian

      This is how many times he said sick l l V

    95. ayy bruh

      He can just do the emote again for it to be longer

    96. Bluejacket Atm

      Do you watch dragon ball super


      Ofc getting all the botts for ez high kills and vids but I get hard ppl and also in arena

    98. Vast Aquarious

      Idea: trolling people on my alt account with mystic

    99. chewchewchocobar

      Don't be dumb. Use code dumb.

    100. Aspen.

      yay upload