cheater hits sick trickshot on fortnite...


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    cheater hits sick trickshot on fortnite...
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      If you go on your mobile device and go to the epic games website and log into your account when you change your name you can make you name 1% RANDUMB



    3. ITzSoapy

      I post similar content to this video , and I’m and quite good at it ! I hope to reach more viewers with my videos. Hope you all have a awesome day ;)

    4. Kelly Cornwell

      I know you hit it but I want to do a fat L | | | | |______________

    5. Maria Eugenia Infante

      Play strucid

    6. Mohammed abdulla Janahi

      soon your the cheater? And also the hell is this combo it's trash

    7. Giah Jaison

      You get bots

    8. Lethal Blitz

      Sorry I’m late randumb Also wanted to say I can’t play with any of my friends because I play mobile :(

    9. VibeZz 247

      Bot 🤖

    10. Ruben Helderweirt

      Another 20-bot ehm, 20-bomb game

    11. ninja kleoj72

      Click bater

    12. ninja kleoj72

      Fastest w

    13. Edomiyas Fikre

      what happend to the spectataing videos

    14. Edomiyas Fikre

      spectating video

    15. the Scottish banana

      Wheres the cheats bro

    16. Marco Valencia

      I am still going to do it

    17. anthony serrano

      Yo those bots are insane

    18. YTgamerz TTV

      bruh did you guys notice that hes in bot lobbys

    19. YTgamerz TTV

      deez nuts

    20. Florence Kwong


    21. Ryan Attaf

      You dint say 10 top btw

    22. Tyrese Smith

      All bots what happen to fortnite 😔

    23. CAP Sparkzee45


    24. AIM Effxct

      How do you get in bot lobbies

    25. Heath Foden

      Yo dude have grown so much good job keep it up always have been a big fan and always will be

    26. Christine Harrell

      9:13 your welcome 😃😃

    27. Scuff Kid

      I I I L_________

      1. Scuff Kid


    28. Jaycee Rocket

      I hope random sees this and heats my commet hi

    29. FrostyDean YT

      When he uses the same face in 3 thumbnails

    30. Caryn Stroshine

      It’s so sad that randumb said it was a cheater that hit the trick shot when it was just him he is clickbaiting on an extreme level

    31. Blessed Three

      dont be dumb use code dumb ...

    32. Subscribe bitch

      Pov: your scrolling through the comments when hes doing his intro

    33. System Failure-

      40 ping holy

    34. Sonny WALSH


    35. YouTube CHARBY

      Am I the only one who thinks pros/youtubers always get into bot lobby’s

    36. Ramos

      I’m so happy that he got his green screen back 🤗👍🏽

    37. Jhumar Ablang

      Is it me or is randumb getting bot lobbies

    38. Mr. Ash

      He gets so amnny bots its in sane how many he gets with his level

    39. Brekken warner


    40. Gwb wrestling N

      Y don’t u pick the drum gun up are u ok😂

    41. Marc The Shark 727

      7:43 that music is familiar... hmmmmm.......

    42. Ricardo Neri

      He is the reason why fortnite isn’t fun no more

    43. kayden_banks 2007

      Are you in a bot on lobby

    44. Elite Forces

      Me: being early and thinking I was 1 minute early KGup:1 DAY LATER

    45. rafiki richards

      i knew you were gonna hi because of the intense music

    46. Prank dude

      so who was the cheater ???

    47. Raxasour

      Fun fact: most facts aren’t fun

    48. buttpie

      Him: that aim was terrible Me: bro you just headshot him twice..

    49. Switch King_yt


    50. mxnrooster101 _

      If you had fortnite predownloaded before they banned it you still have the game you can’t get if you don’t have it after they banned it

    51. Shxdow FN

      Stop sweating on Ai bots

    52. Botted BTW

      y dont u do solos huh

    53. Botted BTW

      mobile difficulty

    54. POKEboy- ON top

      That are all bots

    55. Landon Berry-street

      No one wanna talk about randumbs lobbies

    56. vJayy

      “Who clicked on the video and came straight to comments?😂” (OMG M thanks for commenting on my new video😎🌟

    57. Brenda Mitchell

      Mobile lives matter! 🙂

    58. Altamash

      why does this title sound weird

    59. H q z

      If you’re reading this, all your dreams will come true, you’re an amazing person and have a great day/night. My dream is to have 100 subs, I’ve been struggling to get there! ✨✨💯👀

    60. 21 Axo


    61. Austin szn


    62. Stephanie Wasylishyn

      randumb sweating on ais

    63. Stephanie Wasylishyn

      apple was trying to bann fortnite

    64. Mr. Posh

      All of those players are bot

    65. julian alcaraz

      That’s not sick u just didn’t have content BOTS

    66. I cant burn fire

      Bro randumb is fighting bots and hes so scared but hes not scared of sweats -_-

    67. X-SunnyGaming-X

      Randumb-OmL FiNNAlY i hIT a SHOt The peep he was snipping- oML hES a SWet \

    68. ツBZ fn

      I am a mobile player and I am so sad that mobile is gonna get ban😢😐. Although I am not a pro player but playing in mobile is fun🙂

    69. Tony Stinson

      take king spectate out ur lobby so u can play real players

    70. Mineplayer 3116

      Type the fattest l nah type the fattest w W

    71. Jacob Burnett

      Randumb look stoned in the intro

    72. Abdul Hadi Qureshi

      How r ur lobbies easy

    73. Astral Xployts

      Ohhhhhh he’s going on level 10 lobbies,I don’t got a problem with tho bc there rlly weird sometimes and there hard to find

    74. Flxpzy FN

      Why do u use bot lobbies

    75. wfe

      y are u going for head bops if u wanna see real shots look at my ig arrive.xeza

    76. Kieron Palmer

      Get good and stop going into bot lobby’s with your mobile account in lobby

    77. Jessica Lando

      Randumb:what are these people doing me:have you ever heard of bots?

    78. xd Red

      Exactly why i love Microsoft

    79. Ethan Steffen

      randumb hit a trickshot song from frozen comes out for the first time in forever

    80. ChristmasKitty CooolCat

      Roses are red, violets are blue, we just got click baited and Randumb got some views

    81. Sleezy I0S

      When random finally hits a trick shot

    82. DankX

      He is useing bot lobbys that’s y he is playing duos

    83. Ballista

      Why does randumb have bot lobbies on a season 1 level 200+ account

    84. Robert Galvan

      I’m a mobile player so rip for my fortnite career

    85. Lgd-ALPH4WOLF-


    86. Z3NFN

      Keep up the good work! i watch your videos everyday!

    87. Malaquias Valdivia

      Who else is here just saying he is a God at fortnite

    88. eugene slapz


    89. Playstaion Bro

      randumb you have a moustache

    90. Jamie Suchara

      hey man, I've been here since torq randumb. your my favorite content creator. Keep up the grind! ly

    91. Dylan Boyes

      What happened to the good old spectating videos


      Does anyone notice that his video say "cheater hits sick trickshot in fortnite..." BuT WhErE Is ThE ChEaTeR?1

    93. JBL_hotsaus

      Mobile CC's can use Nintendo switches as mobile devices (the highest models have touchscreen)

    94. Mostly Ludic

      He literally has soft aim tho

    95. Zaria Cook

      Kayla I am Kayl kayla ReaI love you

    96. SimPle Zax5

      I love Microsoft

    97. Pluckey

      Anyone else knows he's gonna hit when the song gets louder😂still enjoyable

    98. DFD Bot

      Btw: HE’S the cheater that did the trick shot

    99. Adam Kelly

      So who was the cheater exactly clickbaiter

    100. dfielder90

      I still give a fat L