how i cheated in fortnite…


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    how i cheated in fortnite…
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    1. Gabumeister23

      where is the cross hair

    2. Averie Thibodeau-Cannon

      You should play without a crosshair

    3. Shaezer Hockey16


    4. Shaezer Hockey16

      Oh ya my friend does thar

    5. Hue


    6. Destrex_Vex

      randumb didnt use code dumb so he got a migrain

    7. Melike the big boom is cool

      4:30 isn’t he supposed to be family friendly

      1. Spirit Games

        he said hawck *STUPID* yes i am 6ix9ine jk

    8. Immanuel Defeo

      You almost have as good aim as controller players have

    9. Masen Hart

      Randumb: Dont be dumb use code dumb Everyone: I used code dumb

    10. SmackzYT

      He was a consul

    11. Jenny Marta

      Did anyone else realize if he let those guys reboot he would have do the challenge


      Ooooooo you cheated you should get banned

    13. Yaboii Slumpskii

      Why do you play duo solos

    14. Jacob Knowles

      I get migraine s 24/7 and it painfull take care randumb

    15. Coyote Has cough cough

      Randumb listen you don’t have to make daily or what ever uploads if ur feeling sick doesn’t matter take a day off

    16. Samsoor

      My Stream Is Starting Soon! Come And Join To Be Early! On KGup!

    17. Snake Piss

      How do u upload this😂😂 u literally play bots bro. Such a weirdo, horrible at the game

    18. Cmpa Rafa

      Can you do an updated settings video plzzzzzz🙏🙏🙏😭

    19. Verlixty

      *wait that’s illegal*

    20. Joey villacis

      How come he plays not lobby’s

    21. Mygane

      Why do you take the f*cling Tommy gun? Legend for shooting a vid w/ a migraine Code dumb

    22. Vxlture

      How do you get in bot lobbies

    23. Salt Tex

      Randumb:I have a migraine Me:this is a good video

    24. Yessir Plu

      Don’t mean to be that guy but why is my aim better than him with keyboard and mouse on PS4??

    25. Jacsmooth 11

      It’s ok I hope your migraine stops ;)

    26. Jacob VanNorman

      4:01 if tiko watched this part Tiko: *:0*

    27. Bob Micfarkle

      Pepe the frog

    28. DrawSketchGamingYT

      1v1 streamers with 0 views and if they win you give them $100

    29. Actorate

      We can tell that he has a migrane

    30. todoroki broski

      Bh is better

    31. Pl4yin wit Fire


    32. Kimbo

      i watched this video with a migraine and i suffer from them all the time, so i feel your pain

    33. Ben Brown

      It hurts me to watch people grab the grap and not drummy

    34. Zoe Mason

      Ngl,I hoped he wouldn’t get the 20

    35. Text Code

      I got JA-Baited :(

    36. Christy Vance

      You probably won't see this but I have the same type of game play as you

    37. trycolor

      u dropped this 👑

    38. Adam Al-Lawati

      Jarvis 2.0

    39. Lukxify


    40. Bixit 1

      Randumb why do you crank against AI’s

    41. Crypicz AU

      The keycard was right there🤣

    42. trixnx


    43. buzz_kitz

      still pumping insane videos with a mygran your insane keep up the good work

    44. PKL Vortex

      dOnT bE dUmB uSe cOdE sTuPiD

    45. midnight _unt

      I have migraine but 10x worst and I’m 11 and u just would rather die so props to him ha a goat

    46. DEEP

      “OMG! A lama we have to save it!” :kills the lama...LOL

    47. yuo


    48. Flame Productions

      You spelt we’re wrong (Lol yes i know it’s only by a apostrophe and he had a migraine)

    49. Benjamin Navarro

      having a MIGRAIN, and playing a video Game is the worst thing you can do for your migrain

    50. Zaden Ellingson

      Yes or no anybody else call wiihplash a Lamborghini

    51. Dora The Explorer

      Randumb do o/o for a %

    52. Sukhman Parmar

      How come he is always in bot lobby

    53. Swiftz On yt

      U play in mobile lobbies

    54. hi_123bcynot

      hitting a trickshot doesnt count bc its not 20 kills but his rules i guess

    55. iiCloudy

      Theory: Randumb is only in duos because he uses king spectate to get bot lobbies HE ALWAYS HAS BOT LOBBIES

    56. Quixz

      "eyes of a hawk" lmao he walked passed a launch pad

    57. ᗩᒪI ᗷᗩᑎᗩᑎᗩ

      This is click baiy

    58. ilymore x3

      manz came back with a whole Optimus prime

    59. Carrot Man69

      If you use code dumb you become dumb

    60. Dan Thanh Nguyen

      hi randumb i liked the video please heart this

    61. michelle maddison

      Who knows that randumb is on nintendo switch servers so there no point has so gonna get 20

    62. orange ball

      It's my bday

    63. JSTGaming 2

      Migraine randumb= carked

    64. ITZ AIZ

      Why I don't watch fortnite videos early 1.all the comments are from self promoters

    65. Kamila

      He mist a lunch pad

    66. ItsKjSzn

      Stop cheating before I go full Jarvis mode

      1. ItsKjSzn


    67. Story0fjayy


    68. Smertz


    69. Mark Schokker

      Whoop whoop another yt er on some clickbait

    70. DuckityTheDuuck

      Someone made a 1% hide in seek map I don’t think you will see this but if you and the rest of 1% play it I would love it if you do it’s code is 436153633845 also I hope you feel better

    71. PEACH-_-80 Ps4

      Bro if you have a migraine don’t film vids till you ok we’d rather you be ok than not be ok if that makes sense

    72. Hybridplay Jimenez

      I have a miagrain

    73. Scary Turnip

      Big toes

    74. Ryan Rushmore

      My guy got a migraine but all he wanna do is make content for us, shout out to him cu migraines r the worst

    75. NOT Rinse

      Oh no he got a migraine

    76. Vrantikz

      Don’t worry Mr dumb I use code Dumb and I get migraines all the time

    77. Dexter Brown

      Wait so what was the challenge?

    78. madskillz 2722

      U know fortnite watched this video 😂

    79. BIS

      Hope everyone has a good day

    80. Desolate


    81. Ufp Soccer¿

      👇 that is all his shots that he hit

    82. I_play_ fifa

      8:24 his voice do be sounding weird doe

    83. Patata Spezzata

      Damn i got migraine and i cant even look at light when i have it. What a legend

    84. Harley Cox

      What key board do you use and mouse?


      MrBeast in 2050: “I just payed off the US debt”


      Everyone, literally everyone: "Chandler sucks at challenges" Chandler: Haha Island go brrrrr

      1. charli309

        Bruh this isn't a mr beast video

      2. Justin B

        Put this on a mr beast vid wtf

    87. Romona Azariah

      It means he wants to be friend's

    88. Derp ducko

      I love ur content and the fact that even with a migraine u still thought about the fans that’s what makes u such a good person

    89. CousinHaram

      Do a spectate video on fall guys

    90. NeonCatPlayz XD

      Did Randy just cus 4:30 @o@

    91. XXGAMER

      dont chit

    92. Melogical

      i never thought his voice could sound sicker than it already does...

    93. CUHKI

      Literally 99% won’t see this but if you do,God bless you,stay safe and have a wonderful day,read the name BTW 🍪✨

    94. 420 subs with no Videos

      Hi people I never met ( it’s rude to not say it back...)

    95. Anxiety's Friend

      So were nto gonna talk about how he said '' even gooder stuff ''

    96. Subbing to everyone who subs to me!

      The random person who likes this will become.... Famous and all their dreams will come *true*

    97. Jason Ramsay

      Hi love your vides and how can we join one percent

    98. ASTRAL_ NARZ

      Wazzam bro bro keep up the great content bro bro

    99. Gaboutzo Loves games

      Bro i love your vids I watch them every night before i go to bed thanks for the content

    100. Brady Keith

      Your lobby’s