i used FaZe Jarvis' first fortnite win guns...


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    i used FaZe Jarvis's first fortnite win guns...
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    Today, fortnite ting ting... and if you are reading this you have to like the video now... you said it.. well thought it... why are you still reading..
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    1. Levi Ackerman

      Do timthetapman 's first win weapons

    2. Omar Hunt

      U don’t play no comp mane everybody is trash in ur lobies

    3. ᴘsʏᴄʜᴏ x ɴᴏᴠᴜs

      2050 I used hitlers weapons to enslave people.

    4. Bernita Tom

      Use formulas first win loot

    5. Jade (Yagrljade:)) Cathirellsmith

      your first win guns

    6. seid

      Use fearless first gun loot 😭😭😭😭😭😭

    7. BootEpik

      How do u get bot lobbys

    8. skiesss

      Use ufirst win guns.

    9. Re-Venge

      where does he get the bots????

    10. TBH Zanex

      For the purple heavy you could have used a purple tac

    11. TBH Zanex

      Cars that are driveable actually give you alot of materials just make sure you stop hitting it at 40 health

    12. Mentos

      👊✊ 𝐟𝔲Ćᛕ Y𝑜𝓊 ♢💙

    13. Matthew M**s

      you should do your first win guns

    14. Michael Badolato

      Do the guns that bugha died off spawn with in wc game 2

    15. aunica betz

      you should do gold only:)

    16. long schlong

      your guns from your first win

    17. 123devincs yt

      Do faze kaz

    18. X2_tik

      Use your own guns

    19. Logan Barbera


      1. Logan Barbera


    20. Landon Zeno

      Drop a 20 bomb with grey guns only is arena solos

    21. Hehe Hehe

      Randumb: I’ll just use a green charge and purple charge Me: u could’ve use a purple tac shotgun cuz they’re still in the game

    22. ImSoren

      Do your 1st win load out

    23. Joshua Belbusti

      Yooo do Alia next 😂

    24. Off-White-Milk _

      He should have did purple tax for the heavy cause they both did no damage

    25. Chicken Chicken


    26. Sadaf Batla

      You should have taken a purple tac for the hEavy shotgun

    27. Braden Koepp

      Who else remembers when the 1 percent guys were still trying to get 100k?

    28. PAUL _STANLEY9506

      Randob first win loot pls

    29. Brennanbarker 123

      Your first win guns

    30. Emilio Navarrete

      Use your own loot

    31. Tim Roboski

      I wonder who won the first game of Fortnite in the game and if u can find out u should use those guns

    32. Rylanicain

      Nicks guns

    33. Vibes

      Notice in the thumbnail it’s says Jarvis is in faze he didn’t get into faze in season one so thumbnail incorrect

    34. Raider Cub

      Ребята кто в курсе, есть такой софт EnotGlobal им кто-нибудь работал ?

    35. AS Tsu

      who else heard that a lot of damage

    36. Callum Nairn

      do nickmercs

    37. Charlie Vowles


    38. AStrO games.

      Try to Win a game only using snipers

    39. Max Shane

      Laser beams 100th solo win guns

    40. Yaboiplayz Ye

      To the 1% of people who see this god bless you and have a great day🙂

    41. Mobile God

      your first one guns

    42. Dion

      Do your 1st win guns!


      Used raiz

    44. Duck Swag

      My first guns was grey burst grey burst and bandies 10 of them and a pump

    45. Musa Yasser

      Use the guns that kiwiz got his first wins in

    46. Kingsley Koh

      NickEh 30

    47. Alex Gomes

      Do this bughas world cup loot!!

    48. Darc_ Hell1x

      Only grey tactical grappler and gabbage you obly can heal once 2 100

    49. R3dsWrxd ZA


    50. LMT Jdog

      Do the guns from ur first win randumb

    51. Syhcopath

      Randumb said 2 things Fill swift:NOW THATS ALOT OF DAMAGE Randumb: I wish I had grapple kills guy with grapple😑😂

    52. TikTok rassan. fn

      That was not his first win

    53. Kassidy Alvarado

      you should do your first win guns

    54. carly nolan

      Use ure first gun

    55. PGC_koazt _

      Plz and keep up the good work lov ur vids

    56. PGC_koazt _

      Do ur loot for ur first win

    57. Isaac Mercado


    58. ErTV vlogs

      Lazer beam

    59. Lydia Rodriguez


    60. MFX Mason TEES

      My first win guns Green ar grey tac green bolt

    61. Core 34

      Ur so good how do you get into such bot lobbies

    62. Viviana Ruiz


    63. Lorenzo Channel

      Faze kay first win look

    64. puglover2000

      Jimmy neutrons loot

    65. ItsMacHere

      For the heavy u should of done the tac

    66. Braden Laity

      Im thinking u should do nick eh 30s first win loot

    67. OutLaws UnknownYT

      bughas guns

    68. yenaASF

      you should do a random number generator and use the guns of your first win of every season and do a random number of 1-10 for season 1-10

    69. Kendall Aragon

      Try your first win

    70. Jr The owl

      Your first win guns

    71. Curtis blackwell

      Use kwiz first gun

    72. SHAWN LOWE

      Use yours

    73. Goblez YT 725

      Mine first win


      Did you use his aimbot too

    75. Liam Reu

      Who noticed he forgot the green pump

    76. Jack Richards

      Your first guns

    77. GR isonfire

      It should be a purple tac over the heavy shot gun

    78. Team axZ

      Use your first win loot

    79. Its Hai

      Do urs

    80. Joe Newstead


    81. glide_ fade

      use your own first win guns

    82. Gun cactus

      Use my first win weapon its a minigun

    83. Hannan Rigsbee


    84. Alison Holt

      Do ur first win guns

    85. DOY SHOY

      I reckon you do duos with your mobile account and leave on your mobile account and your face can hide it

    86. DOY SHOY

      3:08 dont act lik your suprised you always play in bot lobbies kinda an annoying

    87. Andrew Jensen

      Do your first win lodout

    88. Ethan Roser

      He should SypherPK first win loot 99% won’t see it

    89. Whistler Diesel

      Your guns for your first game

    90. TTV muddystomper


    91. Hunter Cool cat

      Do bugha

    92. Novus


    93. Jack Bob Bill channel

      Formula do his

    94. Travis Hoang

      Soo... he doesn’t know what a purple tac is

    95. Milo Rock

      Use your first win loot

    96. Kagzy


    97. NightSZN

      He went in squads just to get bots

      1. NightSZN

        It’s true XD

      2. Zeroゼロ


    98. Hi

      2:22 i just Said ‘thats a lotta damage’ at The same time

    99. Dreamurr

      Ur first vic roy

    100. ivan cordova

      Nick eh 30