i used Bugha’s World Cup Win guns...


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    i used Bugha’s World Cup Win guns...
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    Today, fortnite ting ting... and if you are reading this you have to like the video now... you said it.. well thought it... why are you still reading..
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    1. Paulina rivera


    2. Get Me To 100k For My MoM

      use a gery pestle only aka default loot

      1. Baljeet Official1

        Pestle lol

    3. OOF OOF

      He pst the grape Er

    4. Rosemary Crisp


    5. Fortnite Gamer


    6. 604adam

      Bugah didn’t play duos so this doesn’t really work

    7. Leo Production

      No no don’t touch me there this is my no no square

    8. Zombs Iceyy

      Use your first win guns

    9. BenjaminL 28574

      Do more killing only season skins videos

    10. PringleKVDJ99

      Why not shockwave launcher for shockwaves?

    11. 123devincs yt

      Do faze kaz

    12. king of moose313

      Do gray pistols only

    13. Tommy Tygart

      rapid fire smg rainbow challenge

    14. Klout FC

      Idea: youse the aqua and nyhrox wepons

    15. HoF Astro

      Shitalki mushrooms

    16. Jordan Galantine

      Jarvis when he got banned

    17. Sand Potato

      Add me xXSand_PotatoXx please 🥺

    18. YT Trendz


    19. Rahul K

      you should have done crashpads

    20. YT Chuckles

      Sup boys

    21. It’scrisp 07

      I’m sorry random but bugha didn’t dye that many times jk

    22. Realstev11

      Randumb: We're Gonna use the grappler Instead of shockwaves Shockwave Launcher: *Crying in corner*

    23. Isaac Ortegai

      Use ur first coustums winners loot

    24. Jaxon Ensink

      Use Typical gamers first ever guns ok

    25. Noah Hyden


    26. Atticus Phipps

      jarvis loot when he got banned

    27. Jacob VR

      Formulas first win loot

    28. Nicholas V

      who else was about to come to comments when he said the only transportation thing was the grapple 😅

    29. Lilpingu 110

      Crash pad as a shockwaves

    30. Elfamous Pablo

      Use your first win guns

    31. Weebo

      Don’t worry buddy, this challenge is only over a year old, you didn’t miss anything

      1. ur autistic

        Your gay

      2. ernesto figueroa

        This is funny

    32. Ns_Playz

      Use lazarbeams loot back in season 1 when he took the chug jug

    33. Marlene Zuniga

      Use Your loot fir your first win

    34. zhif!

      You should land catty more

    35. Jarol Lopez

      It’s funny how he died to switch players so many times😂😂

    36. Synx RBLX

      Randumb why do you always plays duos?

    37. Carter Selvey

      Why does he get the biggest boy lobbies

    38. Salix

      r u ok shockwave launcher oh hoof he realized it

    39. A yt channel

      Randumb should have side graded da tac he would have saved sooooooo much mats

    40. JJ, Lucas and Andrew Garcia

      Form first game guns

    41. Foruhm Moderator

      U could of use shock wave launcher

    42. kuno

      bummer, not 10 minutes

    43. Tyle

      Ninja oh 32 bomb loot

    44. SplitzMotion

      Your first game ¿?

    45. Tanner Sean

      your first win guns

    46. Joshua Quincey

      Ninjas first games wins

    47. tamra patenaude

      I was the ninja

    48. aquaring ding

      food tier list S+:mithic shroom S: slup shroom, peper A:cabbage, coconut, corn B: apple, normal shroom D: F: F-:bananas

    49. TURTLE


    50. Hassett gaming

      use lachlans first win guns

    51. Illusez

      When he said grappler i was abt to click of the video

    52. Mboi God


    53. Silence

      Just hit 3mil keep up the good work

    54. justin the gamer

      your self

    55. Chill beat mast3r

      Yet launcher

    56. Shiloh Hambleton

      And where ghoul trooper

    57. Shiloh Hambleton

      Use your first win loot

    58. Shiloh Hambleton

      I just ordered your doodle Bandana I am so excited

    59. CartiPug

      shokwave launcher

    60. Adam Jordan

      Do your first win loot

    61. Shiloh BBK

      Do 1percent first win

    62. Jersey Davis

      Use the loot that teequo used when he dropped 45 kills in season 3

    63. Nathaniel Aites

      Use faze cloakz

    64. FT. Anox

      Bruh your barely just got this idea

    65. CooksGal

      Do yours first gun set

    66. Awesomenessgaming 1515

      Use the loot from lazetbeams 100th win

    67. Delckro Dreak

      Use whatever loot the 1% group wants it to be!

    68. Team Zodic

      Should randumb start streaming??????

    69. Wiley Michael

      Do Ceedays first fortnite video guns

    70. Landon DeSisto

      You could use shockwave luncher

    71. Ryan Solis

      Use the loot of your first win

    72. LS Fortuna

      use nicks loot

    73. SnipeZ._.Breezy

      Use you first win loot

    74. Para Sceptix

      your first win guns

    75. HC_Goliath

      ... Or use the shockwave launcher

    76. highguy 76

      do ur 1st win guns

    77. yup 23


    78. Landon Moore

      I love how he get in bot games

    79. Electivire

      Use loot 1% tells u to

    80. Fortnite Mobile Gaming

      Do your first win guns

    81. yeezy dan


    82. Shadow [Cloudz]

      Do ninja

    83. XJBear PlaysX

      0:50 shockwave launcher: *am i a joke to you*

      1. XJBear PlaysX

        Darnit he realized

    84. Jamar Mack

      You could’ve used the shockwave launcher

    85. The Vlog God

      You should do Jarvis guns when he used aimbot

    86. Avatar Aang

      use mongraals weapons when he got elimenated then complained the sword. SHING SHING SHING WHY IS IT IN THE GAME SHING SHING

    87. Synx

      Fearless's guns in the last video he upload it

    88. Lucas Grove

      Formula's first win loot

    89. Pugest

      How much times he said *Another One* 👇

    90. Asif The Beast

      Use asifthebeast loot

    91. Jace Mote

      Plz do your first win loot

    92. Super Studios


    93. Karen

      For whoever reading this have a grate day and stay safe🙏

    94. Me 12

      There was a crash pad you know

    95. Emma Castro

      It isn't called kits generated launcher it is called kits shockwave launcher

    96. frenzy_5260

      do your first win loot

    97. T1g3rn

      Me watching the start: use yeet launche Me watching randumb relasing that: cmon i wanted to post that

    98. DT diablo

      Crash pads as shock waves

    99. Nikola Stoychev

      I hate how in every vid he tries to trick shot but he can't cuz he is a bot

    100. Sponsored Is 12

      Typical gamers loot when he won 75k