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    Today, fortnite ting ting... and if you are reading this you have to like the video now... you said it.. well thought it... why are you still reading..
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    1. piggywar swamp

      I can already tell he has some knowledge on Pokémon n not doing it for views . I'm a Pokémon fan so I know what I'm saying

    2. jaxon rose

      11:47 his dog is a crack head

    3. EffeXx

      Can we get a Pokémon card binder tour plz

    4. Flashy_rr

      Randumb I have full binder of gx’s if u want them

    5. Anas Zakaria

      everyone always asks where ash and not hows ash:(

    6. Ivan Lux

      Ash chasing her tail made my day. Btw its kinda weird that her name is ash and were talking pokemon

    7. CømpaChris ???

      The show POKÉMON JOURNEYS is not that good

    8. EXT Tooth

      the music always gets me

    9. Acrylcx OnTop

      How much does a mega card Charizard go for?

    10. Qt Hunting


    11. TEM13 18


    12. Gyarados Freak

      Clickbait!!!!! Shiny Zard V only $434😂😂

    13. Alex Wilding

      I got exoder and the god cards

    14. Alex Wilding

      I got blue eyes and dark magician I have loades

    15. Alex Wilding

      Yugioh I love it

    16. OwenPlayz


    17. Staci Katkov

      I have a 50k Pokémon card it is a Chinese Pokémon card they cost so much

    18. Aron Fukuhara

      I can give my charizards I can give you them

    19. Aurelio Arroyo

      Bro im 11 and i haven’t opened a pack since i was 4 or 5

    20. Ꭵm_ᎶᎾᎪᏆᎬᎠ

      0:02 if thats a vioce crack u need go to the doctor tf? xD

    21. CompassPvP

      I have 3 ex cards

    22. Luc

      I love ash chasing her tail

    23. i am de goat


    24. Xp_ Reflex 1746

      I was wearing earbuds when he screamed...

    25. Twistie

      I didnt even realize i was smiling through this entire video

    26. Oran Ghofrani

      Randumb. Play pokemon go and bring it back

    27. BlackRaven77

      I’m trying to sell my cards and I have a few 50$ cards

    28. Josh is Cute

      #1 on trending?

    29. MabbyDream

      Rip headphone users

    30. Riley Nelson

      Why did this give me odd apology video vibes.....

    31. Dan -A

      The guy that sold this bow to him watching this😐

    32. Hank Nelson

      the dog chasing his tail in the backround 11:47

    33. Keyan Parkinson

      I'm really surprised my collection I think I might have 100 and up possibly that shows that you can get a decent amount quick. Good Luck randumb :)

    34. goku 15 san

      I'm done

    35. vxHypnotic

      I heard people get likes for saying random words so Chair

      1. crying cat


    36. Razo

      Please don’t use God’s name in vain, and I’m glad your happy

    37. Cunning Johnson

      My brother back in the 90s when he was a kid had a box full of pokemon cards, he gave em away for free to a random person. I can just imagine how much $ he gave away 😂😭. (I wasn't born at the time btw)

    38. TRIPZY NZ

      Me not having money💭😪💭

    39. Nxtro_snipes K!llz

      Last Pokémon pack I open was when xy and z evolutions

    40. Pedro Gonzalez

      I also have an eridactal ex

    41. trAnz Blank

      Bruh I want a lucario v after seeing it now

    42. Omar Haker


    43. YouTube 3xra

      did any1 notice the dog was chasing its tail on the 3rd box

    44. Jazzyww

      11:48 Spinning Dog

    45. camo


    46. SoulzOnSticks

      I recently got back into Pokemon and I think my most valuable card, probably not even that valuable, is a Mega Altaria EX 121/124 but I kind of accidentally ran it through the washing machine 😅. I also have full-holo Turtonator, Tentacruel, Heracross, and Machamp GX. I'm not a serious collector so I don't have any of the cases or anything soo.

    47. Clxsys

      No one: Randumb: Hentai Me: “My wee wee go boing boing boing”

      1. Clxsys

        @Tucker Westbay idk it’s a meme. Have you ever seen it?

      2. Tucker Westbay


    48. BudderFN

      Me collects cards See card I want See price Goes back to playing fortnite

    49. dane zancanella

      be nice to the dogey

    50. daddydog2009

      im wiling to trade a 66 $ pikachu first gen 2016 for a locario v card

    51. TSC Nicho

      10:15 h3nt1

    52. One Wish Two Days

      If Ekans is snake backward then what about Muk? 🤔

    53. Ice off 87

      LLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLOOOOOOOOOOY cause you’re a OOOUUU 00000 wow LOL lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol in all caps go in for the savage love love

    54. Ice off 87

      LLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLOOOOOOOOOOY cause you’re a OOOUUU 00000 wow LOL lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol in WE go in for the savage love love

    55. Ice off 87

      But but but but oh and we are always doing what we can’t believe but we always go to end end end end but we also have a list of each and eat and left right left right after I talk to her sister ha ha ha ha

    56. Sckoozy

      Who ever Dislikes This you Have no Heart Why Would You do that he is Expressing Himself What More do you want

    57. Jason Martin

      He needs to do Pokémon go. Blow this up so he can see it

    58. Fdf Ffg

      When I was a kid I collect these Pokémon cards

    59. Camygames pro

      randunb, zygarde is one of the rarest Pokemon to get

    60. CoZmiC DR3AM

      Charzard5567 used to be my old name on fortnite

    61. Nathan Liddell

      is the pokemon i shiny its called a holo randumb u dum dum

    62. qwixy


    63. Radgaming11 Otis

      I've been collecting Pokemon cards for 4 years, it's cool to see someone enjoy Pokemon as much as I do! Love your Fortnite and Pokemon content!

    64. Lil_Carlitos 25

      That first part had me in tears ngl

    65. shwa _

      bro i played with pokemon cards and i have been playing pokemon games since i was 8. This has made me so happy that it is getting life again. luv u and thank you randumb!

    66. Nathan Kling

      I has shiny charzard if u wanna buy it I’ll save it for u

    67. Surprise Eggs by Briella

      I love Pokémon but everyone makes crap trades😂

    68. Caden Blah

      When your favorite KGup watches hentie

    69. Lucas Rivera

      Let it out

    70. Yuri Cunha

      hey randdumb i got that charlizard that logan paul has i sent you a foto on ig along with some other cards

    71. CagyMeerkat1573

      Awwww the doggy so cute

    72. Rise Archy

      U watched the stream too!?!?!

    73. Zaxy qt

      You gotta kiss razz

    74. TheDoggyGamer 2

      11:50 Bruh what is Ash actually doing

    75. Ging if

      I had that card as a kid and someone asked 20,000 dollars for the card

    76. L0zer_Victim 2021

      U know it’s gonna happen when u get an ad before he pulls out the card

    77. Nano Mendoza

      This is different

    78. SRGIO XIV

      You shoul do pokemon go now that we can go out with masks

    79. Yeeet Skeet

      Yes Pokémon I’ve loved them since I got introduced...

    80. Amazon dog

      It's been so long when I never had touched my pokemon cards in so long

    81. Lewis Cox

      Hi randumb I have some rare card I'm down to sell them to you for 600$ aus l will be sell them on eBay no one will buy them but if you want to buy them they are up for sale man you are an inspiration to many people and you're one of my favourite KGuprs so if you were to be able to check them out then that would mean not locked but if you can't then don't worry about it are an inspiration to many people and you're one of my favourite KGuprs so if you were to be able to check them out but if you can't don't worrye about it man thanks I you want to talk more my discord is delta Ryan thank have a good day man

    82. Wyatt Kibler

      I'm ten and I have a 3,000 1995 Picahu

    83. ClapzzzLJA On 60 FPS

      11.47 the dog in the background 😂😂

      1. ClapzzzLJA On 60 FPS


    84. Dazixx

      I have a gold reshiram the real ones know

    85. David Dereeper

      Suspusupicius food XD

    86. Lcw lunatic crazy Wrestling

      I have 2of that cards and I didn't now it is worth so much

    87. mmags8 /fortnite

      I don’t have the money to buy Pokémon cards or else I would love to get into it

    88. mmags8 /fortnite

      Ash is adorable put her in more videos

    89. TMT Man Packs and Games

      11:48 get it dog

    90. Zakaria Parker

      I'm wondering why Randumb didn't say volume warning for headphone user's because right here you'll see why 29:00

    91. Diego Brando

      why sudenly pepole collect pockemon ??

    92. TXLunchbox8

      pup spinning around at 11:50

    93. Daze_JG !!!

      i remember it was my birthday and my friend bought me packets of pokemon cards and i remember the excitment when i pulled a rainbow rare lycanroc infront of all my friends

    94. BernerBaluba12

      I got a M Charizard EX, and a MVenusaur EX +Blastoise Mega and EX and three other

    95. Thiccbih Elijah

      I have a rainbow charazard GX

    96. GTG

      I dont have any pokemon cards but i felt scared how he held he's card

    97. braedan

      The true og anime...

    98. SphaZ_AStr0_L2

      Randumb: Do you you want to have a pokemon battle Me: Sherr I'm gonna beat you Randumb:Sherr you are (Pulls out his cards) (Me realizing that he has cracked cards) Me: My mom said that I have to go eat dinner Randumb: tomorrow then Me: I have plans tomorrow

    99. Celeste Falcon

      whts insane is that i had old and rabow cards and my dad threw them away

    100. Xander Tupaz

      Who is hentiy