reacting to among us tik toks and trying not to laugh... (so funny)


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    reacting to among us tik toks and trying not to laugh... (so funny)
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    1. Cullen Fotheringham


    2. Andre Bacon

      L L L

    3. Krystie Longobardi


    4. Ponchi Haponski


    5. Sxnny Gacha


    6. Monaca Towa

      Me getting that daily Swipe card in admin-

    7. brittany rivera

      Funny story I was playing Among Us and seen Cyan vent on cams and i RUSHED to the emergency button and hit it and told them cyan vented on cams AND CYAN SAID THERE WAS NO VENTS ON CAM AND I GOT VOTED OFF...and black said...OoPs.

    8. Jose Lopez


    9. Jose Lopez

      You can play with 100

    10. Markus Wallace

      Can you please react to the sockfor1 100 players video because he actually has 100 players

    11. Rocket Robot

      :。    •   ゚  。   .   .      .     。   。 .  .   。  ඞ 。  . • Blue was not an iMpOsTeR

      1. officermcsplcy

        :。    •   ゚  。   .   .      .     。   。 .  .   。  ඞ 。  . • i was an imposter

    12. Lagaurel Laga

      1 l

    13. YoutubeTurtle

      Shut up

    14. jonathan tigawon


    15. Thea Hatter

      This my first time watching him and he’s a boomer

    16. Christie Haver


    17. Jessica Laurent247

      Letter after the romantic dan

    18. Jessica Laurent247


    19. edmund balagulan

      it;s animation

    20. Prophecy LJ


    21. Orion Acs

      The last 1 tHo!!! It was the best

    22. Evan Karageorgis


    23. ꧁YOUK g꧂

      2:58 everyone was an imp except cyan that's why they got voted off

    24. bryan mendoza

      but its ok..

    25. bryan mendoza

      wow SO RUDE DUDE!

    26. Luis Rivera


    27. Hafiz Ali


    28. Winterplayz

      the one with 1 imp and 100 crewmates was stolen. original creators ThePixelKingdom

    29. FPS RAPTOR

      Who's mis Khalifa

    30. Jeep guy

      6:37 when I see that the reactor is melting down or oxygen is depleting I always run to the other side

    31. Aswad Ali

      I can make you laugh trust me... search thid video named, among us crewmate.exe has stopped working.

    32. Heath Hamilton

      He got 35k likes I'm ready to see

    33. Luca Bujor

      Im hacking i wont get hacked

    34. Pereen El-Bokle


    35. StazNaz

      。    •   ゚  。   .   .      .     。   。 .  .   。  ඞ 。  . • • pink was not An Impostor:。    •   ゚

      1. StazNaz

        @controller gaming Its ok

      2. controller gaming

        @StazNaz sorry then

      3. StazNaz

        @controller gaming You mean every one And this is hard to make on pc you know ?

      4. controller gaming

        Because ur to lazy to do it urself

      5. StazNaz

        @controller gaming Every one copy pastes this

    36. Wh1zp



      :。    •   ゚  。   .   .      .     。   。 .  .   。  ඞ 。  . • • pink was not An Impostor:。    •   ゚

    38. RaiRai Rey

      You were right ever since I watched this witch was 2 months ago I haven’t been imposter but before I was always the imposter🥺😭😭😭

    39. Bakugo Husband

      I called black sus and and people called me racist when it’s a COLOR

    40. White tiger gaming

      yo move da ace cam

    41. vork


    42. Yamaris Mercado

      How are you doing today my birthdays 🎈 today

    43. DenzeliscooL YT

      Dis gai

    44. SmAwS

      Ay yo we not gonna talk bout the end!? 😧

    45. gints markevics

      Hi I am back

    46. Jay ب

      People get pinned for saying weird stuff so here I go I eat the cheese out of the mousetrap

    47. Sam PvP

      This game isnt fall games

    48. Brook FC

      God and Jesus loves you and your family ❤️❤️❤️

    49. Peggy Cunningham

      I couldn't stop laughing I almost chocked

    50. Matthew Farinha

      wow a million views somehow this got more views than the " a million likes and i will switch to controler forever

    51. A G Egbert

      wtf are the hashtags

    52. prince naijel G. joung


    53. Ervan XGamer


    54. Justin Contreras

      🧐 yup

    55. Teddy B

      Umm why r the '#'s is fallguys and stuff!?

    56. adam BERNABE


    57. Dylie Animates

      yes very fall guys

    58. mariam barquez


    59. Evelynn

      I got an ad about among us in this vid

    60. BambooShot

      So this is why I never got imp in 40 minutes of a YT video

    61. CyanDetective Among us

      3:87 just buy them

    62. Ava McCrary


    63. Michael Thompson

      U dont even play among us

    64. Evan Johnston

      I think he is special

    65. Collin Clanen

      why is your bed so tall

    66. Jimi Lindberg

      The thumbnail video was not an tiktok

    67. Stewart Kay

      Hay man keep on making these videos they r great but u got to make ur cam smaller

    68. Ethan Lesh


    69. Slippy Da Squid

      This has to be one of the worst videos I've ever seen. A guy sitting there, reading a title and saying it is relatable. Although this would make sense seen as most of this guy's viewers can't read. Oh well, just another KGupr that steals content.

      1. Just your everyday spaceman

        @Slippy Da Squid but everyone else that does this does the same thing soo idk

      2. Slippy Da Squid

        @Just your everyday spaceman He's taking the full thing, and saying "ha ha" , "I do that too!" He's not adding anything to this video.

      3. Just your everyday spaceman

        He doesn’t steal content he’s reacting to stuff, that doesn’t means stealing content

    70. Breanna Villanueva

      0:03 I don't play among us! :/

    71. G-gameren

      weird. i just got 23 wins in a row without liking

    72. luckywolfie

      Swiping card slower is better than smashing it

    73. Paul Norris


    74. 1 sub before 2021?

      To the Early Squad Reading This: Sending Virtual hugs to anyone who needs it. Always stay safe read my name ⛱

    75. Maxamillion Inzunza

      l l l l l l l

    76. Maxamillion Inzunza


    77. Sverre Rombouts

      Facecam is way to big for a reacrion vid

    78. Kermit

      2:26 Haha gun goes brrrr

    79. Abdul Rahman Ariff Riza

      About 90 percent of these tik toks were probably stolen

    80. Real Code

      Has a 3.13M subs but... Doesnt have a verify sign

    81. Adamblox


    82. Jeuz Kervy S. Franco

      the sneak 2mil doesn't work since the report button still lights up it was set up with his/her alts or his/her friends

    83. Khimandrei Carpio

      why do evry intro is threatening is that illegal

    84. Limited-_- Star

      I only seen u and txns

    85. prohaikhgaming

      The last one is a loop

    86. TYPIC 1

      Dat boi wit da gun slap

    87. Austin Banff

      KGup vid but 1/4 of the screen is covered

    88. Justin Why

      Imagine Among us speedruns

    89. Jack T


    90. BossColin 11


    91. Christian Royal

      I guess he sleeps under his desk now

    92. hey

      Why is a KGup video on the thumbnail?

    93. Rosalinda Ambrocio

      👋 hi

    94. shrimp egg

      It’s just him sitting at a computer

    95. Rift Reaper


    96. EL45 GAMING x

      SUKA BLYAT!!!!

    97. Amira Said


    98. Stisti01

      The thumbnail was originally on youtube made by the pixel kingdom

    99. Asael rivera

      IM starting to think that he really want to get shocked

    100. ShinyPie

      Your vids on fire