i can ONLY KILL GHOSTS in Fortnite to win... (SO HARD!)


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    i can ONLY KILL GHOSTS in Fortnite to win... (SO HARD!)
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    1. Jonah Young

      New challenge: don’t have a voice crack in the first 10 seconds of the video

      1. PurketYT

        That’s gonna be so hard

      2. Hamzaplayz FORTNITE

        @Hyterior good luck yo

      3. My moms a crack head E

        @1 sub with notis before 2021? bruh stop

      4. michael schaefer

        New challenge when you are first to a vid know what to say

      5. Fe4RLess FN ツ

        @SenetForSenate hearted & pinned

    2. Aquatic Monkey

      I know you from my coach at school cause his son went to school with you

    3. AYE!MOS

      Who won the giveaway

    4. Traxxas Fix

      When is your birthday Jordan

    5. Game Kill

      New challenge if this video hit 69k likes call nick THICCS for a month

    6. Jarry _rl

      New challenge: the loot you find on the carrier is the loot you have to use

    7. nothing

      37k in a day ? 😳 randumb falling off a lil bit

    8. Eddie Escobar

      Do more Minecraft 🤘🏽

    9. josh paulson

      Challenge if you voice crack leave the game

    10. Cj Murray

      I used code

    11. Abraham Mohamed

      do a challenge where u can loot from ghost and witch huts only and dont voice crack /\/\/\/\/\/\/\//\/\/\/\

    12. TechnoClxps

      “WHO ELSE HAS BEEN A FAN OF RANDUMB BEFORE OCTOBER?” “¡ᴍ ɢɪ🄵T̶ɪɴɢ ᴇᴠᴇʀʏ🅞ꪀᴇ ᴡʜᴏ ꒒ɪᴋᴇꇙ ᴀɴᴅ sᴜʙs ᴛᴏ ᴍᴇ”🏆

    13. Jtsweet Gaming

      Is randumb dieing😢

    14. aaron matos

      Again the trickshots

    15. Mannix Mcgill

      Do a video for every voice crack you did

    16. 1 sub before 2021?

      To the Early Squad Reading This: Sending Virtual hugs to anyone who needs it. Always stay safe read my name 😊

    17. leon malas

      Randumb said I need a chopper and epic games took them out on the day fortnitemares arrived

    18. -_-TribeX OP-_-

      I want that headset. What is it? Give me

    19. Phyllis Logos


    20. Yes

      Play polaris (fortnite season 1 singleplayer) You can play on the old map with the old graphics, shoot and equip weapons, and soon there will be building.

    21. Skulli3

      Anybody wanna be friends?🙂 My epic says it’s not found for some reason I tried it on another account so on PS4 add me plz It’s YT_Skulli3

    22. XiM qt

      You should try our apex legends

    23. Sh Dw


    24. G Gutierrez

      Helis are vaulted

    25. S0L4R K1NG

      Challenge video: only use box fighting loot. Purple pump, blue AR, minis, and slurp fish for heals. I think this would be a good challenge video

    26. Raven

      This is how many people get triggered when Randumb throws the game because he wants to hit a NO-SCOPE 👇

    27. sub to tacoislife2 on yt

      U copied typical gamers video

    28. My moms a crack head E

      They got rid of heli I think?

    29. Jacob

      when are you going to announce the winners?

    30. Hello YouTube I’m dumb Conroy

      Meme Olympics with nick formula and kiwiz

    31. SF Spoons

      content 1v1 me epic: Simp for spoons

    32. Hello YouTube I’m dumb Conroy

      The one care package challenge

    33. mary monroe

      Ask your Instagram or Twitter

    34. Ovek YT

      im not going to lie i Recommended this to Fresh LMFAO

    35. Kyle Bowman

      There is no more helicopters anymore

    36. JLegends

      The new Fortnite update is broken 😳

    37. JLegends

      One of the best content creators 😳

    38. Bellz FN


    39. Konan on YouTube

      Ngl but his vids lately haven’t been doing good let’s try get his views up Cmon Guys✊

    40. Derik Gary

      Had 42 kills

    41. Chris on Keys

      New Challenge: Have 2 ghosts try to find 98 people for money

    42. Sajad Noori

      btw, they removed the helicopters.😭😢😿

    43. Rishabh Playz


    44. Cindy Wright

      Hellies are removed for fortnitemars

    45. Henry water

      This is how many people want minecraft back 👇

    46. skeptel on 60fps

      yooo favorite youtuber

    47. Sloothman

      "Oh my god this is so annoying" *shoots him and runs*


      happy dirthday

    49. Jynx Eclipse

      New Challenge: use king spectate and get 3 strait wins with him

    50. TOXIC SZN

      Try to win a game by only trickshotting

    51. Spencer McGillis

      Yo randumb what headset are you using

    52. PacysGaming

      he's looking for helicopter but there none in fortnitemares xD

    53. Heriberto Echevarria

      You should do streams

    54. Nolan C.

      Sad to see the views dropping really fast this game sucks now and no one plays anymore

    55. Brandon Sukdeo

      School work no fortnite ☹️

    56. Itz waike

      fun fac: Randumb isn't good at fortnite challenges

    57. Savageking 1188

      Challenge: win by skybasing

    58. Jack Baker

      Bring back the headbands it was in the picture of the video

    59. Jack Baker


    60. XD RYL4N

      Literally everyone watching this I hope you are having a great year and you are all healthy I’m struggling to get 30 subs😥

    61. 3,000 subscribers With 3 videos challenge

      Ur views have gone done oof

    62. Nicholas Willcutt

      Bro, you have blown up!!! I stopped watching KGup a little while ago. You were just reaching 1 million subscribers. Time is crazy😂

    63. Sub for sub?


    64. Frosted_ Aura

      Is he wearing the Bugha headset

    65. Antonia Kirkby

      Randumb can you play rocket league plz it's great content but no one will see this but it's worth a try :(

    66. Nic Sanders

      New challenge for me: try not to voice crack when talk to a female

    67. Wassi

      When did you start playing? 👍 : Season: 0 - 6 💬 : Season: 7 - 14 My videos are inspired by Ceeday’s and Fe4RLess` .

    68. aka__Dio 69

      Hey Jordan. Just that you know. Currently there are no helicopter and boats in the game

    69. Adwaya Gupta

      Idea: Only Mythics challenge - you can only use mythics to deal damage...

    70. TRL Fungi488

      You used my challenge! 😄

    71. Sam P

      Helicopters are not in the game at the moment because of fortnitemares

    72. jlb03x

      Start playing minecraft again!

    73. Saiantan Mitra

      random is one of best fortnite creator but really underrated

    74. Beast_Attack 8

      i am watching this at 1:50 in the night i got school at 8, but i love you’re videos i gotta watch them , there very addicting

    75. cleetus

      Challenge : be a ghost all game and win

    76. NRG landon

      Happy birthday bro 🍰. I love ur content ❤️ keep it up

    77. Flaze Clan

      Challenge only ghost loot

    78. Scaper Mark

      Finally dud i got my new phone whitch is a samsung galaxy s10

    79. Playboiarias s

      You should do a compilation of all your voice cracks

    80. The Acer

      Hey randumb glad to see your back to being your awesome self and new challenge try to do a give away how many kills off 40 u get

    81. Nougrt

      Video idea-go on black ops 2 and hit your dream trickshot

    82. KaChA Ha

      Why didnt you credit TG Plays on the vid idea

    83. Evelyn Pernstich

      Helis aren't in the game any more ❤

    84. Tropic

      broooo no way i did this challenge too, you posted jusssst after me lmao

    85. narrorater _

      how about u try 2 play fortnite at 3 am

    86. TOXIC Jedr3k

      Challenge: loot from ghosts only

    87. BENY PLAYS

      Chalenge idea : using ghosts loot only

    88. Eduardo _618

      They took helicopters 🚁 out

    89. Lily

      for content wear groot and go to weeping and stand near a tree the hole time and try to win

    90. Kip Leonard

      Random start videoing Among Us

    91. Kennedy Siriwatanarong

      Challenge for Randumb: Only use the loot that was added in the new update. Ex. Pumpkin launcher, broom, ghost drumgun etc. (You know what I mean)

    92. BoolithaYT

      Do we have to tell him? There is no helicopter!!!

    93. CbassYT

      Capitalize your I randumb

    94. LordKanter

      Nobody: Thumbnail: ELIMINATED NINJA 2.0

    95. Dayton Shimatsu

      I think Fortnite took our helicopters and boats

    96. Fake Drip

      so much cuts in the video

    97. Lunarwtf

      Be honest Who’s been a Fan of *Randumb * before a YEAR!?😇" "ɪ'ᴍ ɢɪғᴛɪɴɢ ᴇᴠᴇʀʏᴏɴᴇ ᴡʜᴏ ʟɪᴋᴇs ᴀɴᴅ sᴜʙ ᴛᴏ ᴍᴇ"🍇

    98. red

      This aint relevant but can i get bleach? You shouldnt know why

    99. Cryxtal

      Btw theres no more helis

    100. Priscella Crisanto

      My brithday is December 27