i used DOUBLE COMBAT SHOTGUN in Season 4... (NEW META)


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    i used DOUBLE COMBAT SHOTGUN in Season 4... (NEW META)
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    1. The Doge【ツ】


    2. golden gamer661

      Combat are trash and no one gets that

      1. golden gamer661

        3:36 the combat is garbage

    3. TRAP悪魔

      double grey pistols

    4. Douglas Decks

      Double combat in gonna become a thing now :/

    5. NRG Clix


    6. TodoThe Duck

      How come everyone in your lobby is not that good but in my lobbies they're cracked out of their minds.

    7. Kangus YT

      How com I go against so many sweats and ran dumb doesn’t even though he is much better than me

    8. Max Daly

      Please go back to cod trickshotting

    9. Jack Holloway

      Never forgot when you actually had good content

    10. Ayo Zion

      This is combat only. He just switches combats when 1 runs out of bullets in the clip

    11. Alfie Osgood

      Why do you sweat so hard on bots you just over build

    12. Erick Wilson

      Bro Randumb You only play aginst bots bruv youa re not playing no good compettion

    13. Deluxeblessxd

      Sup dud

    14. sasuke uchiha

      And there trash now

    15. sasuke uchiha

      Combats big neff

    16. Jay Ambroise

      Why are all your games filled with bots that barely shoot

    17. Mylene Ongcoy


    18. Mylene Ongcoy

      Wooooow why did you do this now everyone that watches this vid will do that!😡

    19. Ax Go

      (edit): anyone just come to the comments?

    20. Ax Go

      him: double pumps me: i'M iN daNgER

    21. Caleb keene

      can u do a doule AR challenge??? pls answer back

    22. Katherine Hinson

      not trna hate but so many boys

    23. BUTTER_ HAND

      Why he got bot lobby's lol

    24. Luv_dribbles2k -_-

      I do

    25. Jaiden Lee

      double tactical submachine gun for your next video.

    26. BonKunYT

      Bruh they spammed and started laughing

    27. jessica marshall

      Petition for randumb to play modern warfare

    28. Jennifer Smith

      Spectating vid pls!!!

    29. Rafik Hamad

      Its soooo suspicious is that new account cause u dont get that much bot in ur game🤔🤔

    30. UFOWEN 07

      Bot lobby much

    31. Gustavo Bravo

      How the hell do you get these lobbies.

    32. Sonja Walden

      u had 19 kills

    33. Lethal Blitz

      funniest part the guy jumps of and randumb says umm ok

    34. Klassyy on top

      randumb i love your merch if u did not exist KGup will be boring thx

    35. Øriffy

      Read my name 🙏🏽

    36. qwerty Bos

      The combat is trash

    37. JacketedOwl1441 am

      Hey could we play a game together randumb

    38. 1K Subs With 1 Video

      KGup is getting comfy with these double adds

    39. Brandon Blackburn

      Capitalize ur i

    40. tryhard Harb

      Do dooble revolverr pls

    41. Pamela Wazenkewitz

      ur my favorite youtuber

    42. Candace Garcia


    43. Mia Anglin

      Bro he’s trash now he’s playing on bot severs and saying there scary 😞😔😔

    44. Sush FN


    45. Frank_yt

      randumb:Duoble cobat is meta. Also randumb:only uses one

    46. Kriptic on yt

      Why in every single game you play all the kills are easy

    47. Anish Neema

      his bot lobbies are starting to piss me off

    48. landen sandlin

      he playing bots

    49. Kaiden Kehr

      All bots again 🤦🏼‍♂️

    50. xl&don:3

      Fortnite : we have temporarily vaulted the combat shotgun.

    51. Help me get subs Boi

      Tbh no hate I love random but he’s only getting bots right now your a good player

    52. spahny206

      Play solos

    53. Under Cover

      Who else noticed that he has his hoodie the wrong side😂

    54. RORO -A-

      nice clickbaitor u r litterly using 1 combat

    55. Zoinks77 Gt

      Randumb is john Sena he said u can’t see me so many times

    56. Hounds AOT

      hes on 45-50 ping but not lagging wtf

    57. Amber Jacob Alimurong

      im on a chromebook

    58. elizabeth bradshaw

      Me sees the add about Joyce Elliot My brain: I don’t give a fu

    59. Yogurt

      I love how he didn’t swap between the combats

    60. FedzFN

      U were on 19 kills not 17

    61. BlazeOnIpad

      Why does he play with so much ai

    62. The kid Skinner

      Double tack smg

    63. washyy

      Fun fact: combat shotgun sucks

    64. Cze_ Zigul

      Let me have these lobbies 👌

    65. RobbieTheGoat

      its prob faster to use one combat cuase it shoots so fast lol

    66. SolarFear YouTube

      Why do you do bot lobby glitch for your videos

    67. Eli Piper

      Two uploads in a day??? Legend says it’s not possible

    68. Kai Banco

      I had a dream I meant him

    69. Tyler Graham

      Double revolver

    70. Deno Nuggies

      Notice how everyone gets knocked? its because he plays bot lobbies :)

    71. Gabriel Keeton

      Randumb some times we all seem to not out Jordan’s is at 2 30 when he almost dies to a bot

    72. Lilian Barco

      is he falling off🤷‍♀️

    73. maria chernova

      funny how randumb said i dont know who's coming for me and who's not, then the henchman saidd ''i am'' lol🤣😂😂

    74. Tonerious Brown

      Randumb you should do double sniper challenge

    75. Aron the cool guy

      "This gun does so much *Damage*" *proceeds to do 19 damage*

      1. Ax Go

        also proceeds to do 7 damage

    76. Patrick Paleymchale

      Pump and harpoon combo

    77. Aaron Daley

      bro its not good...... it just isnt "this setup does so much damage" while hitting for 20

    78. Massive Yaseen

      So op

    79. RipFbgDuck

      He plays with Nintendo or mobile players n thinks he good 💀😂

    80. infinityFN.


    81. Zachary Quijano


    82. Ex— X

      Imagine having only bot lobbys

    83. Aztec Calen

      No hate I love randumbs video

    84. Rar lwl

      Do spectating videos

    85. Aztec Calen

      Is just me or randumb think combat are better than pumps when then combat does 50 damage and 75 for the head

    86. Bill Jan

      Dude you got 19 kills

    87. 4_lot

      Won’t be able to watch your videos daily I have school now :(

    88. blue tooth

      Do double tac smg

    89. rzv

      man stop being such a tryhard with those bots..

    90. Daniel Asermely

      Bruh double combat sucks

    91. TarikTube

      Double tac smg

    92. Tyler Day

      play competitive

    93. Icy_ Editz

      Can you stop getting in bot lobbies pls I just want more intense actions pls

    94. cody bloodworth

      Bot lobbies

    95. Daniel Greenland

      Can I try out for 1% plz. My epic is Nick_games_btw

    96. Otto Sonstabo

      I have birthday today

    97. outcast clan

      what is wrong with my screen i still see season2

    98. Yxvng_Slay

      double pistol

    99. Hirmarban

      Double tac smg

    100. Holden09 ART/games

      Alllllll bots 😂