reacting to fortnite tik toks and trying not to laugh... (so sad)


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    reacting to fortnite tik toks and trying not to laugh... (so sad)
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    1. not mavrx

      Mi to

    2. INS Chaos


    3. Wazey :

      Me just comeing to the vid because I see fe4rless

    4. source Lak


    5. ZekeFN

      One of them was sml

    6. Fishy Drew


    7. Alicia Simpson

      I’m waiting for him to over react when he gets shocked

    8. FaZe Joshyy

      Randumb: What Is This From Me: SML How Do U Not Know And Thats Kinda Sad

    9. シJᴀʏᴢ

      Randumb::I type in Fortnite and these tiktok come up::also randumb::puts fall guys in hashtags

    10. Megan Almodova

      dog and cat eat grass to make them feel better

    11. Louiz Gaming


    12. yazan games 99

      dude i am in pakistan when the pakistan tiktok played

    13. constant sniper

      Can u watch sml movie next time

    14. Blanca Corona


    15. Des Fitz

      2:30 randumb that super bowser Logan

    16. malinda fontanez

      do you know txns

    17. A.J.

      He hasn’t even made 1 thousand subs in over a month😭 ded

    18. Michelle Sexton

      I hope u see this

    19. Michelle Sexton

      You are my favorite KGupr I am on my moms account and I am 10 and ur the best

    20. Social Anxiety club

      So SAD?

    21. Rey_yt

      2:33 its from a funny KGup called super mario logan

    22. Aariz Khan

      do tfue

    23. swoop -Chan

      It’s at 40k so where’s my vid at

    24. Fatal Stx

      Why is he at the same amount of subs as he was 1 month ago?

    25. Wavy Kole


    26. Pulzify

      2:29 was from sml (supermariologan)

    27. Precarious Deify

      NOBODY: Literally Nobody: Randumb: Skipping the parts where he laughs he thought we wouldn't notice that

    28. Ryan Keely

      The wall thing is from sml

    29. Jude Porrello


    30. Jude Porrello

      Its from jeffy

    31. audiowashere

      buy it, its at 47k

    32. #1 Formula Fan

      The if you hit it one more time your grounded is from the Jeffy channel's (supermariologan) (superluigilogan) and (superbowserlogan)

    33. Jaylen Davis-Battle

      that gta not frotnite

    34. IG kalob

      When u said what is this from where he shoots the wall down every time the show is called by jeffy lol

    35. ObeyVortexYT

      If it is try not to laugh, how is it sad LOL

    36. Benjamin Dehner

      I want to tryout for your clan random and my username is BYROXplayer753

    37. FlixqFe4r

      7:22 😂😂😂😂😂

    38. Vitali Uglinitsa

      The hacker wasn’t hacking just a good gaming chair

    39. Celine Exantus

      Do the shocking you said 35 k likes we got 47 k

    40. pressxureツ

      its from sml 2:25

    41. ReddDJ76 H


    42. Minty Vertex


    43. O D H R A N M U R P H Y

      That is of sml

    44. Crossed Pokémon

      He gets shocked

    45. GdUbZ

      I love that hotdog guy

    46. KryptXc GA

      He still hasn’t went bi 😂😂😂

    47. ClapzWRLD

      Lol I had a clip at 7:23

    48. I am Touthlesss

      Hi randumb :)

    49. M3_E


    50. Jerry The suscnreen eater

      At 2:19 is a clip of Jeffy the puppet with a hammer hitting the donkey with a nail

    51. JCyian Crawford


    52. Yt6368


    53. OSM ACE

      420 dislikes

    54. ttvlooserbtw

      we got 45k likes

    55. EaCreeper

      2:30 super Mario Logan although he may have changed his name.

    56. The Absolute TANK

      That tik took was from a show on KGup just search up Jeff and from one of those videos you’ll hear that voice line

    57. Team Controlled

      Go buy that shocker

    58. omar almelegy


    59. Anthony A

      8:31 we all knew what was gonna happen

    60. Apex Tornado

      3:43 man it’s just a default

    61. Benjamin Navarro

      0:57... my question is... is how was his glasses still on after the accident lol

    62. Echo Clan

      “If you guys wanna see the shocking video give me more money” -words of wisdom randumb 2020

    63. kian machin

      the wall one when he tells him if u hit in one more time is from SML

    64. FastSloth

      When the lazer thing from the sky TikTok my brothers face went from 🙂 to 😝😝😝😝😝😝😝

    65. mason yetter

      30k Likes already done

    66. Armandas Malkov

      Ho else saw Tharp I said norsk means* Norway

    67. ZOD1AC-_-


    68. Matthew Capria

      Its from sml

    69. Shaheen Fahad


    70. FNmixy

      I did not have WiFi I am ushering a hotspot sorry random

    71. Rene Mendoza

      We all do

    72. Julian Buendia


    73. Malakai Gt


    74. Taylor's Games

      That video u asked what it was is sml Wich is supermariologan

    75. chill out buddy

      That” hit it one more time thing” is from SML or SBL

    76. Fortnite pro

      When the car flipped over at the start a car went vrrrrrrrrummmmmmmmm outside of my house vrummmmmmmmm

    77. ADClad

      It’s nice watching your vids

    78. Slime Goat

      The first one is the best thing I can think about it haha was a great time to come home to my family for the weekend so we could have dinner and we could do a little more

    79. EthansEthan

      Any one remember fe4rrrrrrrrrrr

    80. lil_tols

      quit fortnite already

    81. Codygamer360

      2:22 from jeffy

    82. Oilicec Otos


    83. It’s Rabbit485

      It’s from jeffy

    84. Trixx Phantom

      buy that thing it has 45k likes

    85. Arsany Adly

      This is cringe

    86. Supreme Swft

      hey i am subed and i have all notifications plzzzzz reply \

    87. Tristan Filipiak

      lmao when my dog has that collar

    88. Ted McCleary

      next video will be very shocking (did i just say that?)

    89. Quen


    90. Aidan nguyen

      I’m in Spain without the S😭😭😭😭

    91. Icey Clan

      Is randumb still in 1%

    92. hashim hashim

      Look randumb we won’t get the likes that u want cause we don’t want to see u hurting urself with the shocker I think yeah but I will try to get u 200k at least (That’s not happening cause of people)

    93. That one Guy

      2:30 that’s Jeffy

    94. Afton My family

      The girl one that’s so not true

    95. Kaden Tinson

      That wasn’t a hacker he just has a good gamer chair

    96. Darkknight

      I can't wait see ran dumb get shocked

    97. Huntervlogz


    98. Grayson And stuff

      idk why but i got the same hat for christmas a fews years ago

    99. Christopher Clips

      anyone else curios why he tagged fallguys?

    100. Tdub Playz

      Shock time