meet the UNLUCKIEST Fall Guys player ever... (worse than TimTheTatman)


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    meet the UNLUCKIEST Fall Guys player ever... (worse than TimTheTatman)
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    1. BigEasy 34

      Finally some fall guys I've been wanting to see this from you

    2. Card Jacker#2

      Bro he’s rocking that game ghandi

    3. Dom

      1:16 anyone else think that's an overreaction 😂

    4. Logan Lewis

      Hello JORDAN

    5. Nolan413

      I know someone even worse his name is "iAmDynami" on twitch

    6. Tony Farmand

      Lowkey when I saw this vid I thought it was Tim’s video

    7. JustInABox


    8. Lucas McCoy

      here's a tip don't full sprint slow it down

    9. Axstro Spxrk

      Where did his setup go

    10. Darksouls

      It's called glizzy

    11. JXT_Jack

      hey randumb just a little reminder that the twitch streamer in season 7 fortnite you mad a vid on is doing really well u should make another vid with him

    12. Dlightning

      Guys plz get me to 200 I’m so close if I get to 200 subs by the end of the month my mom said she would get me my dream set up plz guys make this happen.

    13. jonathan marples

      Why hasn't nicks poset in a week

    14. Bryan olivares

      Voice crack

    15. Alex Kamenarov

      Are u still in the 1 percent house

    16. Sub to The Scythes

      randumbs name is jordan? i thought it was stoopid

    17. Cy Cold

      he was using sharefactory

    18. johan torres

      1:55 says...

    19. Bigdipper3600

      Who ever reads this God has a plan for you. Stay positive and strong. Not for likes just trying to spread the word of God to you..

    20. ZealsAU

      No one Me your insane

    21. Tralz _ATK

      This is Way better content then Fortnite

    22. Controlla Vexx

      When u start swearing

    23. NotCaidenbtw

      Should I buy fall guys?

    24. Owen Videos

      Where are you

    25. Justin Burrow

      Please keep doing videos on this game

    26. Kade Jaxon

      Ear rape

      1. Kade Jaxon


    27. Nathan Curtis


    28. Kønør ツ

      u left 1% house?

    29. Simply Ace

      This this is content.

    30. Bolt

      Does anyone else get disconnected every match?

    31. Flaming Demon


    32. Fortnite Clips

      Who is he playing wth is it nicks

    33. dev clor

      ah i see you are a fall guys you tuber now I see

    34. ryatic.

      I thought i was in the video.

    35. JawzzzYT

      More Of This Pleaseee!!!!!

    36. BrokenJoshyWashy


    37. Victor Colon

      When he kicked the chair i died

    38. 2000 subs with no videos challenge

      Look at my name

    39. McDonald’s chicken nugget

      I’ve only won 2 times

    40. SleetDubs YT

      7:00 I would probably cry lol

    41. Vasili K

      Who else wishes they had fall guys :(

    42. vspr fn

      Don’t lie who else is a FAN of Randumb💈" “¡ᴍ ɢɪғ₮ɪɴɢ ᴇᴠᴇʀʏ0ɴᴇ ᴡʜᴏ ʟɪᴋᴇs ᴀɴᴅ sᴜʙs ᴛᴏ ᴍᴇ”🧿

    43. FlashFN.

      Why does he use 2 mics?

    44. WolfDen24X

      glizzy glizzy glizzy glizzy glizzy glizzy glizzy

    45. Help me get 5k subs with no vids Please

      I have 14 wins in fall guys

    46. Dozz-YT

      Randumb can you reacted to “not so developed “ KGup channels a reply would be good and if you could include mine it would make my day. DONT BE DUMB USE CODE DUMB

    47. Yoba

      Randumb: I need a new pc. Me: you have a pc?

    48. GideonArtGaming


    49. Philippos Pabst Lower Remove

      Is being worse than tim even possible thoughy

    50. Milton Chavez

      I'm not dumb i used code dumb

    51. Jo-Ann Greene

      ‘No he’s go better ping!’ Can u get ping in fall guys?

    52. Aarav Gandhi

      Do more fall guys vids

    53. Accuroe

      IM GONNA GET THAT WEINER wise words of randumb

    54. A.J Gaming

      Play this more


      Can I be your duo partner on fortnight please can I tryout my epic: the julian

    56. lliljaz

      “I Let Random Generators Choose My Loot” use a number generator from 1 to 5 to decide how many weapons you get, whatever slots are left can be used for heals. Use a color generator to decide what rarity your weapons are.

    57. xBoshi

      This is such a vibe

    58. Jaxzy

      That happened to my friend on his first final ( tail clip )

    59. Marcus Di Cicco

      How many people watched this on stream? 👇

    60. xd Kenji

      His screams are the most funniest things ever😂

    61. The Fortnite Cuh

      Can someone be nice and watch my videos no? Ok

    62. maxzy xbox

      My mon said of i get 1k I can get my dream setup

    63. Clipz riftz

      Isn't nick the short one

    64. Jaydog gaming

      I love when Nick and Randumb record together

    65. crimilk

      Ily dumb dumb 😂💪🏼❤️💯

    66. Theblueboy

      Y r your shorts so little 😭😂

    67. Rodi Ibrahim

      999 forever

    68. Krackenz

      Kinda sad u swore cause i thought u were family friendly -_-

    69. matthewΨ

      Team Yellow: *Wins* Me: Impossible

    70. AWaKen Sydney

      randumb and nick are the best duo 🥴

    71. TTV_Trxxy

      i spent 20 dollars on this game to download it without ps plus then find out after i download it for 20$ u also have to buy ps plus to even play😒

    72. Maxi

      Me: Grabs a person but doesn't get get the tail The person behind me: YOINK

      1. Logan Gamings 〤

        Hey guys! My mom said that if I get 2k subs and 50like on my most recent video she would buy me my 🤩DREAM🤩 setup! Thanks 🙏

    73. RGK Dripz


    74. David Woodson

      he called out tim lol

    75. Team Uplxft

      meet the unluckiest fall guys player ever (worst than timthetatman

      1. Hi Hi

        Team Uplxft wow

    76. CP_ Clashy

      Is it just me or I watch R&N dumb more

    77. Røgue

      This game is so fun dude

    78. Bloquy

      I'm worst then randumb I only got 1 win and it was because my friend and I were the last alive so he gave me the win 😌

    79. Røgue

      still haven’t won 😔

    80. Jamie T

      I guess randumb swears

    81. Trigonzz

      Fall guys is so goood

    82. Kerxi

      so good

    83. Elizabeth Balderas

      Can you do more of these instead of fortnite

    84. IG_Cxlzz

      You were using controlla

    85. Burnt Nug

      So who’s the unluckiest person?

    86. Balin Miller

      If you read this you gay 👌

    87. Galaxy Edog

      Or no

    88. MrsBeast

      Who else thinks this game is funny?!

    89. 10k subs with random videos

      To literally the 1% who's Reading this, Stay safe,God Bless you and have a good day! 💙🌃

    90. 10k subs with random videos

      To literally the 1% who's Reading this, Stay safe,God Bless you and have a good day! 💙🌃

      1. Hi Hi

        U too

      2. Hi Hi

        10k subs with 3 videos thx

    91. Berryz is spooky

      I need the boys to help!! My mom said if I can get 1k subs then she will help me buy my dream gaming setup. I know the boys got me so im not worried. But if everyone could help I would love it

    92. Rx

      To the 1% who see this You're amazing, stay blessed, & have a wonderful day ✨

    93. Carly Egan

      Yes embrace the death of fortnite

    94. shane morgan

      This video would be ok if it didn't have nick voice in it.

    95. Soccerflea4

      “Feels good to be the greatest Jordan! ......... jordan?

    96. ClippedKid 01

      Why is nicks not uploading

    97. AGM Mqnty.

      Randumbs voice cracks give me L I F E lol

    98. LV Trigger

      Check me out, I’m insane, just a kid tryna grow

    99. Box-no-there

      Excuse me?

    100. MistyZ