found FLOATING HACKER in fortnite... (what?)


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    found FLOATING HACKER in fortnite... (what?)
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    1. Kilo Vectorr

      He died in storm his username was NeMo_TooseDasha


      I know this passed but I have a suggestion on a name it should be Redheaduhhhhh daddddy🤓

    3. ProsimonYT

      Its a glichts

    4. Tropic

      7:50 thats a rlly op glitch lol. he can only move with vehicles, hes not hacking

    5. J S

      No cheats it's just a glitch

    6. Thankful Three


    7. Roberts Kauliņš


    8. 1kspexz-

      You got to do the emote to turn green

    9. 1kspexz-

      You didn’t mess up

    10. Michael Barnhart


    11. Doggolivesmatter

      Jenifer walters is she hulk

    12. CALEBGAMER 769

      That was me you 1v1

    13. Jay Productions

      Not gonna lie to you you were right

    14. Andrew Moise

      At 2:04 no superheroes at the supply drop but they were two Jennifer Walters

    15. Chris Barber

      you got the first win rite

    16. Joshua Schroeder

      He’s not cheating it’s a glitch in the game and you Do you die by the storm

    17. Roberto Groot

      IT IS JUST A GLITCH MY MAN sorry caps

    18. Emmett Fishwild

      He wasn’t cheating he just has a really good gaming chaor

    19. logicspecialist

      not to hate why do u get bot lobby

    20. AmanKhanGamin

      6:52 is what you came for

    21. Carly Egan

      this game is WHACKKKKKKKKKKKK now DAMN

    22. PkPlaysGames

      He not cheating it's a glitch Put a hay bay to 20 health then build up and jump on the Bush at the same time you shoot it then get in a car drive around then your invincible

    23. Telaxtra

      thats a glitch

    24. clips

      its a glich

    25. Kristy Mehrtens

      There is a glitch

    26. Andreas Bergdahl

      Its a glitch

    27. WC

      We were both the jenifer walters

    28. uglyninjaman

      He knows that he can watch unsaved replays right?

    29. Masked Frankie

      Let your dog play a game

    30. Yvette Foster

      its a glitch not hacking

    31. Yeetz

      You did it right

    32. Zack Wilkinson

      it was a glitch that you only take damage to the storm

    33. Mirrors Of Death

      ya they are the she hulk

    34. Abeer baluja

      it is a glitch that mrtop5 trolled lox with godmode glitch

    35. YT SoLo

      btw the guy does take storm damage

    36. ToXin sins

      Omg a floating hacker had a I'm not and 360 so fast headshot then I build but omg wtf

    37. LT SuperChris


    38. Flux FN

      6:53 is what you came for 😁😁😁 read my name

    39. Keith Pabers

      It's a glich

    40. Nizmox


    41. Christian Pulliam

      He's not hacking it's a glitch

    42. Yaquelin boys

      It's a God mode glitch

    43. Lonl3yKil3r

      How are there so many bots and his game he is a season one player I’ve been playing since season three is so many sweets in my game🤣🤣

      1. Senethagoat _yt

        U mean “sweats” 😂😂

      2. Senethagoat _yt

        He said sweets 😂😂

      3. Bot 5997

        It’s duos and he gets easy lobby’s because the leader of the group is low leveled and it’s not him it’s him in another acc

    44. LK Ghost

      Ran dumb you goos

    45. SJ Millard

      Jennifer Walters is she hulk

    46. Ted Sparks

      ur dumb its a glich

    47. TTV_Ctx


    48. Bennyzegurn

      Sweats: I’m GoInG tO mAkE a FoRtNiTe MoNtAgE wItH 0 pInG aNd 250 FpS wItH a SoNg ThAt HaS PeRfEcTlY tImEs BeAts. Me: I’m going to play fortnite on 600+ ping and 40 fps with my sister saying I want to play race with Ryan

    49. Baylie Fleck

      Go to the bottom of a page of settings and there's an option to go in replays

    50. Lucas Perdue


    51. Alexander Tabor

      u forget the blue ar

    52. Joseph Woodrum

      I know how to do that glitch

    53. 001 grinder duckwrth

      9:25, that’s a jules, my guy.

    54. Sionyx Slicezzyy

      It wasn’t a cheater it was just a good shake afloat and you don’t take damage

    55. AzemFN

      epic is taking ur SAC lmao

    56. Aansh Khampria

      u did it right first time

    57. Deonite Akhri

      I too found a guy who was floating

    58. KyRan Tompkins

      no u didn't mess up cause when u dance she turns into she hulk

    59. Revil xLSTERx Yt

      He did the glitch when you hide in the thing in frenzy and the hop on the car so he might of have done the glitch

    60. ZA ETHAN

      You did it right

    61. Evaluation Milk

      I ran into one of this hackers no cap I was in a squad fill match and he didn’t take damage and he was floating and he could move and shoot not fake btw

    62. Ultimate Warri

      It’s just a glitch

    63. Wraith

      It’s a new glitch you have to destroy a hay stash right when you jump on it at the same exact time and it does the glitch, and the reason he wasn’t coming to you was because the only way to move is by a vehicle

    64. Woof Ruff

      2:03 I think that’s Jennifer Walters (she hulk)

    65. an7r3w trujillo

      thats crazy i got in your game if you want you could add me and we could do a video dm me on Instagram@an7r3w for my epic name be quick before i get banned

    66. Sharky

      He wasn’t hacking it is a glitch

    67. Swirly

      Its not a cheater it happens to me

    68. Edge 808

      Bro I saw a cheater with the same hacks as him

    69. Ω Tai

      That happened to me but the only way he could move was with a truck

    70. Eli207best dlc10000

      what the?

    71. Carson outdoors

      That happened to me today he got from storm though and we got the dub


      He wasn’t cheating it was a glitch

    73. E Squared

      It’s not a cheater, he just did a new flying glitch

    74. Ææ Ææ

      The tree above razz face cam disappears in the next couple seconds 9:02

    75. Benito Burrito

      He wasn’t cheating he just had a good chair 🪑 and had 12000 ping 😂

    76. Sebzzy

      Video idea: every zone you change loadout

    77. Lightning 63

      Its a glitch mccreamy did it and mau

    78. 1cy lit

      Are you dumb it is a glitch go to risky get a car drop from higher then crash pad you can fly and be so no one can hit you

    79. 901 studios

      who else is msd at randumb for not knowing about the glitch

    80. MrJLi

      He either had a good gaming chair or he did the glitch me and my friend found

    81. Secret _George GAMING

      it was a glitch that mau did

    82. Saif otibi

      it is an easy glitch

    83. Live Day

      people who just skiped to see the hacker part are fake fans

    84. Connor Kesterton

      It’s a glitch

    85. flymzey

      I got the same glitch

    86. Luis Ramirez

      It’s a glitch

    87. Jamie Maldonado

      It was a glitch mau did a video on it

    88. Rosa Rodriguez flores


    89. Yo cleeth

      To the squad reading this: God bless you, stay safe, and have a great day

    90. Yo cleeth

      To the squad reading this: God bless you, stay safe, and have a great day

    91. gottem


    92. kuno

      Nobody ran dumb getting bot lobbies

    93. Tristan Boatwright

      Pls pin this message:i think ur a really good KGupr:)

    94. Tristan Boatwright

      Randumb:that’s SO dumb lol ur name is randumb

    95. Dutch Vlogs

      why do you get bot lobbies ,tell me your secrets!!!!!!

    96. jackspoon 11


    97. Metro 2389

      He’s not cheating it’s a glitch

    98. DrunkShooky

      it was a glich he can die from strom

    99. Aaron Lewis

      This happend to me too I thinks it’s a glitch

    100. Amanda C Reiser

      Storytime: I was in creative fills, and I was in a scrim/1v1/team pvp game. Of course, There was this one guy- And he headshot sniped me with a hunting rifle (this is all legendary guns except the extra guns you can get in your base), so I died. Next round- he headshot sniped me, but I saw him and was watching him play. He hit EVERY shot on everybody. Never missed. Sooo- After some time he became my teammate after the teams were filled. He was just about to go and attack people- (mind you the round before this I was skeptical.), But he randomly died. I checked the chat- and it said: *(Enter name here) was struck by the banhammer* So long story short he was banned.