Fortnite added Glider Redeploy BACK!!


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    Fortnite added Glider Redeploy BACK!!
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    1. Rylan Stewart

      Me: Who likes on every video Wait, If I stack all years of luck, how much years of luck will I have?

    2. Mason Pierce

      andeh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WWWWWASSUPP BBBRRRHHHH

    3. Breydon Doherty

      Mr. Dumb u had sypherpks editor in ur game

    4. Alyssa Single

      I jumped offa build fight and there was ⁿᵒᵗ repeploy

    5. Buck T


    6. Dominique Branham

      Don’t be dum use code dum

    7. Franky l

      What is this gamemode

    8. Franky l

      I looked if glider redeploy is back and jumped off a ramp and died with legendary pump and 999 mates and 13 kills while it was a 2v2

    9. Kevin Melvin

      I’m the coolest out of all of yall

    10. Ttv_- Getgood-Yt

      Happy late birthday 🎉🥳

    11. Bryson Pfeifer

      Not in pubs

    12. Jesus Heredia

      What game mode was this in

    13. Max Henry

      You use the same sound as Trayten at the start he plays on redline RP(roll play) and something you have in common I love both of your guys content.🥰

    14. Brent Cessna

      thanks for ze luck dumb

    15. Backyard Wiffle Ball League


    16. Nicholas Torres

      Randumb: "I need heals!" Sees medkit right in front of him and doesnt take it

      1. Valor_erupt

        @lux is Garbo tf?

      2. lux is Garbo

        I’m really boutta get yo pickle chin aa boa pickle chin aa boa

      3. LMan Freeze

        ayy boi botta get tha pickle chin abua abua

      4. Nicholas Torres

        @Valor_erupt thanks

      5. Valor_erupt

        i love ur pfp lool

    17. jocopoco1234quic

      what's the sweatiest game mode??

    18. Ghost _Atomic20

      Why aren't you on og account

    19. SF_FISHY 99

      Its my birthday

    20. Quarran Mcintosh

      is it real dude

    21. Chris09


    22. cxterfied

      your beginning to b a clickbaiter smh

    23. Isaac Billescas

      what game mode was is

    24. TTV_kadenplays gamez

      I have to go to bed but you know these titles

    25. Night reeper

      How is he using REDEPLOY?

    26. Ghastify

      Bet justin Y. Won’t reply. 100%

    27. YK Zynx

      Hehe 6.9

    28. The Carrera Clan

      ✔︎ Hello my momies

    29. SiR Froggo III


    30. Judah Martin-Jordan

      u miss ze llaryy I AM TRIGGGERRREDDD

    31. Gavin Smith

      title: epic added glider redoploy back randumb: never does anything related to it

    32. Eron Johnson

      Did u know that if u throw a crash dow it fallow you on the way down. Just a little fun fact

    33. PlubzYT

      Rip the people saw this and saw this and built up and try this but you die with a golden pump and scar

    34. Gavin's Flips

      please play cold war

    35. Eron Johnson

      "I wish the people had a mic these days,and I dont know how to communicate with the." Well if I am not dumb( us code dumb) I think you have a headset mr.dumb

    36. the tikooo

      who fell asleep when they heard redeploy was back

    37. ?clueless ¿

      Happy B-Day Randumb!!!! :D

    38. lvcid_scrrtz *

      Nobody: Read more

    39. OC Swifty

      Who else got 6.9 years of good luck

    40. Linky Boi

      What ltm is it

    41. Ben Moran

      Mans high af

    42. Libby Cohen

      I’m liking randumbs new editing style

    43. TTV Gosty on YT


    44. Clyde Theglyde

      Pretty sure theres no sbmm in any LTMs. You also think a sweat is someone who builds one wall..

    45. Nytrofn

      remember that streamer that you donated 250 dollars to fix his tooth that was heartwarming..

    46. TaZe_iDrxp 2

      I would probably pass out if I got in a random duo with you. Love the vids 😍👍❤️

    47. Cheesy

      I suggest doing what kiwiz did. Get good and pubs will be easy

    48. World of Facts

      look at the title lol Fortnite added Glider Redeploy BACK!! does that makes sense

    49. Qt Quacky

      What mode is that

    50. Genevive Yabaluri

      who else thought that glider redeploy was actually back

    51. Pqnxt FN

      Get hit one time “this game mode is sweaty”😂😂

    52. 1 Suß With Notis Before 2021?

      *To the Early Squad Reading This: sending Virtual hugs to everyone who needs it. Always stay safe read my name⚱️*

    53. BlazeOnIpad

      Happy birfday wandumb

    54. Ttv_salty_chicken _BTW

      What up bro

    55. PoeTry Poetry

      He says everybody a sweat plays bots

    56. Acceptance

      Is he NEVER GONNA TELL ME WHAT GAMEMODE IT IS??? *I didnt know for the entire video*

    57. Infurnes Spaiidz


    58. Michael Schultz

      Can I play with you my user name is PTG_claps I am on PS4

    59. Bagel

      Why you still play fn

    60. Natasha Seltzer

      Klick baiter

    61. Brayden Hinzy

      I was excited until I realized it was clickbait

    62. sxctions.

      Literally 99% of you won’t see this but who ever is reading I strongly hope your parents live longer than 100 years with awesome health✅ I am struggling to reach 20 subs I just started KGup and any help is appreciated

      1. Natasha Seltzer

        I will sud to you

    63. Anakin skywalker

      Happy b day

    64. Jayden Slocombe

      Randumb: I Need Heals Also Randumb: Doesnt See MedKit

      1. ItzD4rr1us

        @Jayden Slocombe o well that’s the one I seen

      2. Jayden Slocombe

        @ItzD4rr1us no he wasnt

      3. ItzD4rr1us

        He didn’t take it because he was full health

    65. Aquino Christopher Jac

      Hey anybody else knew that electivire the pokemon had randumb's logo on his back.

    66. DragonFire 1

      I love your vids

    67. ItscoroYt

      4:52 best position for grenades

    68. Twistie

      Happy Birthday Jordan.

    69. Fx Glorious

      Randumb: I hope I don't hit this cause my face cam isn't working. Also Randumb: No, Hit marker no. LOL

    70. Supa_SizzlerYT

      Did somebody say spectating video

    71. Levi Herrera

      What headset your rocking Randumb?

    72. Flame YT


    73. Dreamyy

      Whoever reads this good bless you and all your family 🤟🥰

    74. Razo

      Please don’t use God’s name in vain. Yes

    75. hi i’m Sara

      omg i just realized happy birthdayyyyy

    76. Itz waike


    77. ItzKay-Z

      day 3 of asking randumb to 1v1

    78. Mr Mucho

      1:35 kinda sick shot tho

    79. Plexiic-

      No hate but i still don’t understand why content creators have to use bots,or make accts because players are too good. Simply just get better

    80. Logan Losiniecki

      why don’t you do handcams anymore

    81. Fluid Hypexjay

      I knew it was a ltm oh wait it isn’t this time

    82. Lil Mouse

      Can I play with you randumb *smiley face* my name is XjitoXYT, and im not a youtuber I put that for fun.

    83. dark Krystal rb

      Happy birthday

    84. Aryan Kassam

      Gets dinked once “he’s a sweat”

    85. 8S Envasion

      Who knew it was blitz as soon as you saw the title?

    86. Anoob

      What happened to champions league arena

    87. Wendy Zierer


    88. Angel ‘.’

      Happy birthday

    89. Matt Raynor

      Happy bday

    90. Matt

      Randumb: aw he’s so cute Also his aim: ...

      1. Pacey Collins

        Omg it’s Matt

    91. Jose Melendez

      Bruh its in a gamemode it is not back but anyway i enjoy yur content

    92. Faze slow 2.0 L

      Guys he left a llama behind again

    93. 1kjosh -

      The Xbox one series x commercial makes no sense

    94. bc24711

      I’m that bullfrog guy I had 13 kills I was so mad

    95. Kael Hughes

      Bro keep up the grind u will hit 4 mill soon I know it.., u have been grinding so hard for the past few months... and btw that was a sick hit marker 😧😲😄

    96. Keaton Bickle

      How is the sweatiest game mode not arena

    97. -Major Dolphin835-

      Hey, randumb can you please reply bc I’ve been having some hard times lately my kitten just died not even a hour ago and I’m very very sad it would mean the world!

    98. Blitz cam123 456

      Could you please play arena

    99. Astro SZN

      8:54 My we never forget that moment. RIP

    100. Roger Lopez jr

      I use to watch him all the time but now his vids been getting boring after a while.. is it just me?