why i'm not at the 1% house...


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    why i'm not at the 1% house...
    @One Percent
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    Today, fortnite ting ting... and if you are reading this you have to like the video now... you said it.. well thought it... why are you still reading..
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    1. Michael Malmstrom

      Texas houston

    2. lord_Forty

      its dumb

    3. Stud22

      As long as your happy I’m a happy!!! Love you man!!!! I’m not lying I wish I could Help you!!!!!! The work that you put in you’ll get good things!!!!!

    4. Power Ize

      Did he leave 1%

    5. Rade1x

      Causally buys a new house

    6. AcTiv_Wolf

      I've always wanted to meet you since 100k subs and u have been always so far but now you live in my state and I hope i run into u one day it's always Been my dream to meet you

    7. SkorpionGaming

      Hahahahaha it's amazing that's where I live Randumb!! ( Imagine if I somehow get to meet u face to face that would be so awesome

    8. Alpha Porto

      Miss the podcast 😔

    9. ツDark ĴЖĆЖ

      Title : why I’m not at the 1% house: the hashtags: fallguys is funny:

    10. KorziSZN kortan

      I thought he moved because of his ping

    11. Pls help me in math Lol

      This man literally got the best bedroom in the 1% house and chose not to live there

    12. NateXGlizzyy

      Im a member now lets go favorite KGupr keep doing your thing😁

    13. Murpns

      i fr love his mentality

    14. Meesix

      I knew it. Someone has left the 1% house

    15. Jakeyr55

      i am an editor plz man

    16. whoyouagain ?

      This guy deserves way more subs "check Vexotiex gaming BTW*

    17. YXNG PAIN

      random im pretty shore u have a monor brow (srry about the spelling) U NeeD TO WAX DAT BBY

    18. Habib Atallah

      This so boring now,cz your always splitting up and getting back together,it’s so boring now

    19. AJS WORLD

      Damn thought u had coronavirus

    20. Bryan Ramirez

      Wonder who has the master room in the 1% house??

    21. 3illy


    22. Pulse_chaos

      This kid can stay in a clan for 2 months

    23. ElSerr

      I Pray For Whoever Reads.This Is Successful 🤩🙏 (Small KGupr With a Dream🥺

    24. Dillon Buran

      Look up Denver he edited for other youtubers and his stuff is really good

    25. just jovan here

      i am a decent at editing not really

    26. xaet

      Can u check out my new montage

    27. Fishy Brudda Zinx

      Maybe disc can move in.....

    28. Lukey Boy3

      # don’t ban tiko

    29. flix fps


    30. Sandeep Dhariwal

      Here before a million views

    31. Haydyn Howland

      man this is sad can we just have season one back

    32. Ghost Kylo

      play apex ledgends

    33. CYB3R JᎪY9ᏞᎪYᏃ

      Wait I live in Florida

    34. Jacob Hutchins

      Randumb: “My videos are not perfect, not great, and sometimes not even good” Me:” If u have 3.11 mil subs, your videos r pretty damn good”

    35. Banana does stuff

      It’s funny how ash is just hopping around in the back lol

    36. Cheater Joebtw

      Yo randumb can u put 2nd yt in description

    37. NouxX8

      Yo im really good editor i can help u but i live in saudi arabia i have a macbook ill help u

    38. Johnny Ortega

      Fortnite trash now

    39. Yash Meetu

      Finally pump came back in season 4

    40. Mohammed Alshezawi

      Its ok bro ;-)

    41. Lego Man115

      Claim your your "here before a million view" ticket

    42. Jay on 5 FPS Tho

      Bro ur a god your better than me

    43. Mbsaens619_Yt

      Hand over the likes ᡕᠵ᠊ᡃ່࡚ࠢ࠘ ⸝່ࠡࠣ᠊߯᠆ࠣ࠘ᡁࠣ࠘᠊᠊ࠢ࠘𐡏

    44. PINK Ten

      @random u should try to do save the world

    45. Alfonso Corona

      The title should say why i didnt get a hair cut lol

    46. Adiel Yebra-Higuera

      Me Trying so hard to not look at the comments while I'm stil in the Ad🙃😳😳😂

    47. SF

      im from texas

    48. NotLegend_

      The hashtags tho

    49. Feo Mayo

      Hey random I’m a photographer

    50. SECRET popguy

      ru u ok if the editor is 17

    51. SECRET popguy

      ru u ok if the editor is 17

    52. wintrr

      Look up my bud Tyler

    53. Miracle MILI

      who remembers when randumb was asking for 1 mil or had purple hair damn good old days or when the strucid series started

    54. Austin Lindberg

      Do a editing contest

    55. Crit_killz

      Just ask flea he is good at it

    56. Champion 28

      Go to flea

    57. FIERCE

      I can help you I’m really good at you saying so if you wanna pick me just text me

    58. Austin Knight

      Why not switch back to cod. That's where you began!

    59. 9S nastyyFN

      Um I can edit your videos for $10 k don’t edit mine but I will edit yours

    60. WolfieAnna YT

      Wait- Does Randumb have a uni-brow?

    61. Hunter Ayscue

      How many times is this man gonna move

    62. Dmac said Ur sus

      Randumb you should try valorant

    63. Bolt

      New fortnite season will be make it or break it

    64. A1rxw

      hit up NorCal Cudi

    65. Raingo SwAyVy

      Bruh Ash had took an ash took an sh!t

    66. rare miggy

      I would edit for you but I got a shitty pc:/

    67. Salsarito 09

      I can edit I can add songs and a lot more plz let me edit for u

    68. Saxton Romero-Worth

      I miss Fe4rless so much

    69. Arrkzzy

      Ash so cute

    70. Alfie Morgan

      randumb has a mullet LOOOL

    71. Lead dog AK

      Random uploads every day me can’t upload every month

    72. Trix Krazy

      I’m an editor

    73. April Dligosh

      There gose 1 percent hit by a hurricane

    74. Naz YT

      Claim you “ here before 1 million views” ticket here 👇🏾

    75. Unknown



      why do u do this for bruh dang

    77. Dhan Parla

      I got the same shirt from walmart

    78. arcticz60fps

      Ya 100k likes for a girl friend

    79. Chase Vlogs

      You get hit by hurricane because I sure did I live in Orange Texas


      release it on Sept 14 that's my birth

    81. uwot-clipzz

      in fl wherever u go ur getting ass ping

    82. TopBOT_Gaming

      Ur gay........jk

    83. Pizza Malone

      I can help you with editing

    84. Avery Fleck-Lawrence

      Bro it’s okay u don’t have to do daily uploads we viewed will understand that ur getting tired and are struggling it’s okay take ur time

    85. AceFN BTW

      Thought he should play strucid again

    86. invade_pray

      Ill be a disginer for you

    87. BungieBros

      He just left and made a new team

    88. Master_gucc.i

      Oh yeah noah

    89. BungieBros

      Make other content

    90. BungieBros

      Stop bro sorry

    91. Alex Grosu

      Then don’t come back to the one percent house u lonely freak

    92. clarkey

      I recommend a very fun br called hyperscape it’s a hyper fast battle Royale focused on movement and smart gun play and it’s so fun

    93. Woodland Boys

      In Texas ✊🏿

    94. Reaper Gaming

      I feel the same way mr. Random

    95. IIF O R E V E RII LzZ

      Why im not in the 1% house Him: i have covid

      1. I RoseVxツ I


    96. isaac cervantes

      i mean hey. i could help. i have school and stuff. but i live in texas. maybe i could be your editer. i’m not looking for money i just want to help and realize stress

    97. Sherman_myth :


    98. Sherman_myth :

      Same I’m a loaner

    99. Shoe Star ツ

      I know your a good KGupr but STOP WITH THE CLICKBAIT

    100. Landencool3

      cut yo dam hair 😂